Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 569

Chapter 569 An Ambush in the Forest
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There was a wide road from Berserk Thunder City to Ironcliff Fortress. It was the main transportation route for resources when the two factions were at war. It was also known as the Official Road.

Official Road was flanked by hills densely filled with trees on both sides. Occasionally, a monster would appear and was also the low-level practice region for the Ironcliff Fortress area.

As at the end of the hills were steep mountain walls, there was no second way out of this place. Hence, it was possible to hide there but it was definitely not suitable for escaping.

However, to Fearless, this high ground which had trees to camouflage them was easy to defend but tough to attack. Hence, it was extremely suitable to be a spot for ambush.

More importantly, it was far from the main citys range and had been locked up by Berserk Heavenlaw. With its dense forests, even if they tore the sky down, no one would notice.

Move up!

After entering the forest, Fearless put on his precious glasses which instantly increased his eyesight. With his vision, he could see everything in front. Fearless brought Quan Zhen Sect deep into the forest and stopped only right at the end, below the mountain wall.

If Im not wrong, this is a dead end Ming Du observed the surroundings and said as everyone arrived below the mountain rock.

Yes, this is the road to death! Fearless said, But we will live while they die!

You must be kidding. The total number of people the two guilds have in total is at least a thousand. It is impossible to defeat them Ming Du reacted in shock. He thought that Fearless wanted everyone to be trapped.

Tsk! Fearless snickered and pointed at a giant rock at one side and said, Who said I want to trap them? Everyone, hide behind that giant rock!

Ming Du heard him and retreated a few steps back. He tiptoed to analyse the rock and realised that it was about the height of a person. Its outer layer was taller than the inside and hence, at first glance, no one could see what was above. It was indeed suitable for hiding.

However, if others look at it in detail, they would realised that there was something amiss up there. If they were surrounded there, they would be in greater danger.

At this thought, Ming Du said, What if we get spotted?

Fearless said in extreme confidence, Just go up. They will not realise as long as Im around

Having spoken, Fearless told Wang Yu, Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher, You guys hide somewhere else. Later if you see the fight start, go all out and interrupt them, just dont get caught!

Got it!

Wang Yu nodded and in a leap, he stepped on one branch then jumped to another tree. Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher also went into [Stealth] mode.

Others listened to Fearless order and climbed onto the gigantic rock and hid there.

At the same time, on the Official Road, Berserk Heavenlaw lead by Wild Thunderheart and the United Alliance led by Mercy Hand met.

Wild Thunderheart was arrogant but Mercy Hand was not to be trifled with. These two of them usually did not get along. When they met, Wild Thunderheart did not see Quan Zhen Sect so he asked with a frown, Where is Quan Zhen Sect?

Berserk Heavenlaws people were behind them while the United Alliances people were in front of them. Quan Zhen Sect should have been trapped in the middle.

I was about to ask you guys! Didnt they head backwards? Mercy Hands asked equally offensively.

Rubbish. Did you guys see Quan Zhen Sect? Wild Thunderheart asked his guild players who were behind him.

Berserk Heavenlaws players shook their heads, We did not see anyone on the way here.

Oh? Could they have entered the forests? Mercy Hands looked around and mumbled.

Obviously. Since they are not on the Official Road, they obviously have entered the forests. Hurry, search! Wild Thunderheart said as he condescendingly scolded, What a useless bunch. How can they lose sight of them while going after them?

Mercy Hands face was flushed red and he tried to calmly say, Then do you know if they are at the left or right forest?

Wild Thunderheart said, We go left, you guys go right. Whoever catches them will get the credit. No tricks!

Ok! Whoever plays tricks isnt a man. After the two of them agreed on this, they left half of their people there to guard the road then respectively brought their own people towards the two hills.

At that time, Wang Yu was hiding on a tree with a birds eye view. He roughly saw a group of players entering the forest so he sent a message into the guild chat, They are here.

Berserk Heavenlaw or United Alliance? Fearless asked.

After they moved closer, Wang Yu said, Their equipment looks quite normal. They should be from the United Alliance

Although in Berserk Thunder City, the United Alliance was comparable to Berserk Heavenlaw, it was largely due to Nian Liuyun. The average abilities of the United Alliances players were still a lot weaker than the top-tier guild, Berserk Heavenlaws.

In terms of both equipment and domineering charisma

Ok, without Hidden Lurkers command, these group of idiots are useless. Later on we can just attack however we wish. Fearless told the few Quan Zhen Sect players on the huge rock.

Berserk Heavenlaws players not only had impressive equipments, they also had the great enlightenment large guilds players had. Once they were attacked, they would immediately react in the most appropriate way. In comparison, the weaklings of United Alliance seemed extremely dumb.

The rest worriedly said, Fearless, are you confident? The United Alliance has a lot of people. We are in such a small area. Once they spot us, none of us would be able to escape their [Chain Lightnings]. Once we enter the resurrection location, we will only be able to fight alone.

The top of the huge rock was only five to size square metres which was within the range of [Chain Lightning] As both United Alliance and Berserk Heavenlaw had majority Magicians, they did not even need to go all out. The amount of lightnings they sent in quantities could kill Quan Zhen Sect multiple times.

They were not afraid of being killed instantly. They were more afraid that the two guilds had set up an ambush at the resurrection location. If Quan Zhen Sect were attacked in it, only insanely capable players like Wang Yu would be able to escape.

Fearless said, Dont worry. I never fight a losing battle

Hearing what Fearless said, everyone was worried. Even if he was only one percent confident, he would dare to say that he was extremely sure.

Stay quiet, they are here!

Just as they were speaking, Mercy Hands had already brought his people towards them.

Not counting those at the road entrance and the Official Road, Mercy Hands brought a total of three hundred subordinates.

United Alliances people were extremely disunited. To look for people under such circumstances, they had to ensure their own safety while increasing the battle front as much as possible. However, they had no organisation. They were so scattered that they were even more casual than the monsters in the forest.

Seeing how the United Alliances players stood randomly, Fearless was in shock, This mob is so much weaker than the Termination Manor. I wonder who gave Hidden Lurker the courage to start trouble?

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