Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Willing To Gamble

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Unity Street and Central Street were separated by one alleyway. Wang Yu was most familiar with this route.

According to the location provided by Divine Soldier, Wang Yu and the others crossed the alleyway and arrived on the side of Central Street. They made another turn and entered another alleyway before reaching their destination.

Even before entering Divine Soldier’s chosen house, Fearless and the others had a feeling of dread as they entered the narrow alleyway.

“This place… If you were to ambush a team here, probably no one will be able to escape unscathed.” Ming Du surveyed the alleyway and rubbed his chin in contemplation.

Quan Zhen Sect was accustomed to situations where they were being chased and killed. Their sensitivity to danger was unmatched by others. Facing such narrow terrain, this bunch felt a heavy murderous aura to it.

“Hey! Close your stinky mouth!” Hearing Ming Du words, Vainglory sent a kick in his direction. The others also followed up and chided Ming Du with playful kicks to his body.

It was taboo to speak such inauspicious words in an already dangerous situation.

One had to know Quan Zhen Sect were carrying a lot of equipment. In the event whatever Ming Du predicted came into fruition…

This was also the reason that it is often the case that the seller determines the dealing location. If the buyer was ambushed in such a situation, he does not lose anything other than his life. However, if the seller were to be ambushed, he would stand to lose the equipment on him that was supposed to be sold. That would be simply catastrophic.

Quan Zhen Sect was willing to gamble and risk the deal this time because they had a fearsome reputation in Twilight City. Even big guilds like Sanguine Alliance and Void Blade did not dare to provoke the Quan Zhen Sect. Much less needed to be said about the smaller guilds.

Everyone inadvertently raised their vigilance upon the stark reminder from Ming Du’s words. Although they had the assurance that no one in Twilight City dared to provoke them, there was still the chance that some party did not know who they were and had thoughts to ambush them.

As the reached the front door, Wang Yu sent a message to Divine Soldier and the door clicked open.

Within the game, a house also acted as a safe house where no battles could occur. Quan Zhen Sect clamoured to enter the house one after another as they did not want to spend an additional moment in the alleyway.

Divine Soldier’s house was quite spacious and it doubled up as a conference room. It seemed that this guy was flushed with money. There were two men in the house at this moment. Other than Divine Soldier, there was a companion of his which was dressed pretty similar to Wang Yu.

That person was also a Pugilist, lightly garbed in cloth armour. He was in a corner holding a teacup but drinking wine…

In <>, there were tea sets but no actual tea. For those that like to put on a front, they could only use wine as a substitute for tea.

Divine Soldier was momentarily shocked at the number of people. He did not expect that the whole Sect had mobilised to conduct the deal.

“Didn’t I ask you to come alone?” Divine Soldier’s face twitched slightly.

Wang Yu threw his hands up in exasperation, “They want to help protect the equipment.”

“…” Divine Soldier glanced towards his companion and asked privately, “What do we do now?”

The middle-aged man replied simply, “It’s no big deal. It saves me the effort to look for them one by one.”

“Hehe!” Upon assessing the situation, the man stood up and smiled, “There are only two of us here. You guys probably don’t need so many people to protect the equipment, isn’t it?”

The middle-aged man was clearly wrong about the situation. The bunch from Quan Zhen Sect wanted to protect the equipment because they did not want Wang Yu to be short-changed from any deal.

Fearless chuckled, “Hehe, that’s what I said too, but they still insisted on coming.”

“Hmm…” The middle-aged man took another look at the Quan Zhen Sect and sneered.

At this point, Fearless broke the impasse and said, “If I have not guessed wrongly, is this Divine Martial Guild’s Martial Yin Yang?”

“Oh? How did you guess that?” The middle-aged man was taken aback and quickly shot a question.

Fearless pointed at the guild badge plastered on his armour and replied, “Such an important matter, surely no other people can make this decision.”

The guild badge on the middle-aged man’s chest was the same as that on Lucifer. It was a single word of “Martial”. Furthermore, this amount of money involved in the deal clearly required the guild leader to be present to make any decision. Also, it was rumoured that Martial Yin Yang was a Pugilist, With this confluence of factors, it was easy to guess the identity of this middle-aged man.

“Haha!” Martial Yin Yang let out a slight grin and said, “I have long heard that Fearless is a wise and intelligent leader. Today I have seen those traits firsthand. Let’s not beat around the bush, you should know what I am here for today.”

“Of course.” Fearless smiled back, “Buying equipment… How about you give an opening price, if my brothers here are satisfied, we can just close the deal.”

Fearless already anticipated all the tricks that Martial Yin Yang could pull in advance. When he saw that Martial Yin Yang exposed his identity, his intention was to try and suppress Fearless into returning his equipment in fear of the Divine Martial Guild potential retaliation.

This was Twilight City after all. It was inconvenient to deploy any drastic actions to deal with the Quan Zhen Sect. Therefore, Martial Yin Yang’s plan was for Wang Yu to bring all the equipment on him and he can deal with Wang Yu individually. He had also stationed a whole team at the resurrection point to take down Wang Yu repeatedly until all their equipment were recovered.

This plan required much fewer people than a full-frontal assault on Quan Zhen Sect. The most important thing was that such an operation was covert and kept their potential exposure to a minimum. As for the other grievances that Divine Martial Guild suffered, these things could be slowly settled in the future…

Martial Yin Yang deserved credit for this ingenious plan but he somehow failed to take into account a crucial factor. It was that how could one judge the Quan Zhen Sect based on normal conventions…

Fearless words were clear. We have a numerical advantage over you now, so the terms are decided by us.

“An offer?” Martial Yin Yang frowned deeply and snicked, “Are you joking around with me Fearless? This equipment is ours to begin with.”

“Martial Boss, is this your first time playing a game?” Fearless retorted.

“At my age, do you think it looks like my first time?” People in the gaming circle were often easily triggered when people joked about them being naive and amateurish. Fearless’ words made Martial Yin Yang extremely displeased.

“Then that’s not a problem already…” Fearless said, “Since you have been playing for so long, don’t you know that after a PK, the spoils of the battle belongs to the victor. Which loser is so shameless to demand his equipment back after a loss?”


His words sent a jolt of realisation to Martial Yin Yang. After playing the game for so long, Martial Yin Yang clearly knew the rules in the game but he was always on the side of the victor taking other players’ equipment. Martial Yin Yang was wavering on what he was to feel about his actions.

Martial Yin Yang face turned red as he finally justified himself. He replied self-righteously, “I heard that the equipment was stolen from my brothers!”

Fearless nodded in affirmation, “Well, there is also nothing wrong with that! However, the rules of the game for plundering equipment are clear. If one lost his equipment, they should just accept their loss.”

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