Mmorpg: The Almighty Ring Chapter 85

With Ice Burst, Jiang Fei froze the newly hatched bunch.

He had only needed Rosette Dazzledance's help in drawing all the little critters to them as he could not reach them all himself... If this bunch of more than 20 small monsters surrounded Rosette Dazzledance, this female Tank would definitely die!

Ice Burst was not exactly a Battle Cry when it came to drawing in crowds. It only took the form of a conical shape in front of its caster. Anyway, with Rosette Dazzledance drawing them all in, Jiang Fei's job became much simpler.

Ice Burst dealt more than 700 damage to the monsters. One skill had torn all the monsters from Rosette Dazzledance to Jiang Fei. Upon thawing, they immediately rushed towards Jiang Fei!

"Get the Chambermaid!"

Jiang Fei could not be any less bothered about the critters. Instead, he targeted the remaining Chambermaid!

"All of you will pay for this"

"Wake up, kids it is time to awaken"

The last Chambermaid gave a final croak before she expired.


The moment she fell, all the Mutated Hatchlings let out horrifying screeches. They stopped attacking the players and actually turned against each other!



The Evolving Mutants were sinking claws and fangs into each other in a frenzy. Flesh was ripped apart with teeth and quickly tossed into their stomachs.

More and more monsters slid into the stomachs of their siblings -- in pieces. All that was left were some disembodied, residual limbs, strewn in a pool of blood. Jiang Fei and the others were now knee-deep in a thick layer of plasma.

"My God! That is just messed up!" Rosette Miaomiao groaned.

"Exactly!" Sun Mengmeng nodded. The girls of Rosette Knighthood were cringing as one. It was a most distasteful sight.

"Sss roar!"

The strongest of the Evolving Mutants rose to its feet, standing among body parts.

"That doesn't look good! Watch out, people!" Jiang Fei felt a chill running up his spine.


With a roar, the final Evolving Mutant quickly recovered from its wounds, and its lion-sized body rapidly swelled in size. In the blink of an eye, it became a three-meter-tall behemoth!

"Shing! Shing! Shing!"

The behemoth stretched, fully extending its claws. They were now a foot-long each and shimmered in the cold, blue light. If one did not tremble in fear at that, nothing else could possibly frighten them.

"Drip! Drop!"

Saliva constantly dripped down the behemoth's bloody mouth. Whenever it made contact with the ground, the surface sizzled and burned away.

Evolved Mutant (Mutant, Advance Elite)

Level: 20

Health Points: 22,000

Attack Power: 925

Skills: Laceration, Corrosion, Howl, Claw, Super Smash!

Remarks: Enhanced Advanced Elite, Special monster. Combat effectiveness is far better than any other Advanced Elite monster of the same level, extremely dangerous!

"Be careful, this monster's quite powerful!" Jiang Fei shouted as he edged his way between the team and the beast.


The Evolved Mutant did not give Jiang Fei and the others time to prepare one bit. It bowled towards them without hesitating.


The behemoth's claws sunk into Jiang Fei's body,


-50 (Laceration!)

Laceration: Inflicts a bleeding effect which causes 50 damage per second!

"Holy f*ck! This shit is powerful!"

One hit was enough to startle Jiang Fei into drinking another Medium Recovery Potion.


The behemoth lunged again.


-125 (Corrosion!)

Corrosion: Deals 125 damage per second while reducing Defense by 20%!

Already, Jiang Fei had two debuffs hanging above his head! Moreover, his Defense had been reduced, and his Health Points was pouring out.

"Ah Fei! Do something! You won't last!" Rosette Rose called out.

"I'm out of ideas! Let's just try to kill it before it kills me!"

Jiang Fei could not come up with anything. Other than using Battle Cry to slightly reduce the damage of the Evolved Mutant, he could only count on his party members.

"Fatty, if you have any more surprises, now is a good time!" Jiang Fei turned to Zhao Feng.

"I can't protect you, brother. My Air Shield is only at a basic level, but I can do something about our DPS!" Zhao Feng shouted back.

Fire Art: Scorch!

Scorch: Imbues the attacks of your teammates that are within the range of ten meters from you with 20% extra Fire damage!

"That's pretty sweet!" Jiang Fei was once again impressed. This skill was built for bosses. The whole party's Attack Power had increased by 20%!

"Healers, keep up the good work! Attackers, go all out! We're in a sprint to the finish!"

Jiang Fei could only desperately hope for the best.

As the battle continued, both sides started incurring more damage. Although Jiang Fei had Healers supporting him, he was on the losing end.

When the Evolved Mutant had 50% of its Health Points left, Jiang Fei was only left with 20% of his Health Points!


At that moment, the Evolved Mutant let out a shrill screech!

"Oh no! Ah Fei! We've got Silent!" Rosette Rose shouted anxiously.

"It's over!" Jiang Fei's heart sank. Skills were on lockdown. This meant that the Sorceress could not attack, and the Healers could not heal. At this crucial moment, Jiang Fei could not afford to live without healing for even a second!

After the Evolved Mutant silenced all the mages with Howl, it immediately got to work. Super Smash!

Jiang Fei answered.

Claret Aegis!

Armored Bulwark!

Without any healing from his party, this was all he could do.

-1121 (Absorbed!)

-221 (215 Absorbed!)


Three blows later, the Healers were finally back in the battle. Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

However, this did not solve the crisis. Jiang Fei's Health Points were still slowly being hacked away. No matter how you looked at it, he would fall before the Evolved Mutant!

"Dazzledance, take over when I die!" Jiang Fei knew that he was not going to survive this.

Jiang Fei's Health Points closed in on the bottom. His party sensed the urgency and attacked like no tomorrow.

Jiang Fei chugged an Instant Recovery Potion down to buy some time. Each Recovery Potion cost two gold coins -- expensive even for Jiang Fei. It hurt his pockets, but it was better than losing an entire level! With one Recovery Potion, he had recovered more than 500 Health Points while gaining immunity to the next attack of the boss. He was safe -- for now.


As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. The Evolved Mutant used Howl again and silenced all the mages. Once again, Jiang Fei had to make do without Healers!

"Dazzledance, get ready to take over This is it for me"

Jiang Fei was out of options. He could only wait for certain death.

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