Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 265

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“Do you want to eat it?” Gao Peng asked.

The Horrifying Violent Female Spider nodded. It drooled so much that it created a river.

After teasing the Horrifying Violent Female Spider for a while, Gao Peng moved the beaker in his hands upwards.

The spider took a big bite with its enormous mouth. The movement from its body created a strong wind. The grass nearby was all flattened by the wind.

The spider moved its body around. The grass it stepped over was squashed into flatlands.

Perhaps this was one of the disadvantages of having big familiars.

Such problems would often arise if a familiar was a huge size. It was like if a human lived in a house built for dwarves. No matter how careful the human was, it was still easy to cause accidents due to the human’s size.

The Horrifying Violent Female Spider took one big gulp and drank the contents of the beaker. Immediately after, it started to swerve around like it was drunk. After swerving around for a while, it finally fell down on the ground.

The female spider fell asleep very quickly. It would even lick its mouth with its tongue from time to time.

“So ugly.” Stripey looked at the female spider in disdain.

*It actually snores when it sleeps! I’ve never seen such an ugly spider before. Even Da Zi is cuter than this female spider!

Stripey then quickly left. Nobody knew where it went off to.

Of all of Gao Peng’s familiars, Stripey was the laziest. It was also the one who knew how to enjoy life the most.

The other familiars had to work hard to improve both their physical strength and their control over their elemental abilities, but Stripey didn’t need to.

It only had to improve its hit points and its physical condition.

In its mind, the reason Gao Peng wanted him to train was because he wanted Stripey to be able to run away faster in a fight.

In the mountainous area at the outskirts of Yuzhou City.

There was a group of people gathered at the mountain peak. They were all wearing white head scarves on their heads.

They removed their headscarves, revealing that the one leading them was blonde. His wavy hair stopped at his shoulders, and he also had a tiny mustache above his lips. He looked down towards the foot of the mountain. The entire place was extremely dark. The surface of the mountains were dotted with holes. The mountains looked very strange.

“It’s here.” The blonde spoke in the Jinsha language.

The Jinsha region was a large region in Eastern Europe. Religion played a big part in the lives of the people there. Most of the people there were adherents of the Holy Lotian religion.

The Holy Lotian religion was a religion that believed the world had been created by the Holy Lotian. They believed that when the world was created, it was clean, but it had since been corrupted by mankind. Only the Holy Lotian could cleanse the world of corruption. Cleansing the earth was the main goal of the religion. In addition, they would also be returned to the Holy Lotian’s embrace when they died.

Of course, this was just a short description of the entire religion. Religions always had their own stories, backgrounds, and various other commandments.

For the most part, people of the Jinsha region were followers of the Holy Lotian. As with every other religion, there were those who were just casual believers, those who were moderate believers, and those who were extremists.

“We’ve finally found it.” A few of the people at the back removed their head scarves. They looked down at the Mountain Spirit and let out sighs of relief.

“These are the Mountain Spirits that were mentioned in the Lotian Bible, right?” a red-haired freckled face girl said joyously.

“It should be. Who knew the mythical Mountain Spirits would appear.”

“There’s nothing to be shocked about. Haven’t you guys seen Uncle Jerry’s Griffin?” said a short and pasty skinned blonde-haired boy calmly.

“It isn’t the same. Griffins are mythological creatures, whereas the Mountain Spirits are monsters that have been recorded in the Lotian Bible.”

“That’s enough!” the leader of the group shouted, frowning.

He looked down at the Mountain Spirit at the foot of the mountain, and his excitement grew. *If the Mountain Spirits are real, does that mean all the other creatures recorded in the Lotian Bible are also real?”

There was a Lotian Bible in the headquarters of the Holy Lotian religion that was different from other bibles. It had extensive records of many different things, the Mountain Spirits being one of them. The man had learned something very interesting about the Mountain Spirits in that bible.

“Let’s go down and have a talk with this Mountain Spirit.” The blonde haired man waved his hands, and a familiar came flying over. It had a blue body with purple wings and was 13 feet tall.

The blonde haired man got on the beast’s back, and the beast let out a growl, then opened its wings and flew down the mountain.

The Horrifying Violent Female Spider had gone into a deep sleep.

A grayish white Lord aura slowly started to emerge underneath it. The aura was extremely big, but it was incomplete. There were some rough edges at the edge of it that made it look like a big grayish-white rock.

The female spider started to toss and turn on the ground. After a while, its aura had completely engulfed the female spider.

“The evolution will take some time. If you feel worried, you can just wait here until its evolution finishes.”

Huang Ya nodded gratefully towards Gao Peng. “Thank you Master Gao!”

If Huang Ya had held any reservations towards Gao Peng before, he wouldn’t now.

He had received a Lord-tier familiar right after he became Gao Peng’s subordinate.

It was a Lord-tier familiar!

Even the head of the security department, Xu Heti, only had a high-level Commander-tier monster.

Gao Peng asked Huang Ya to stay for lunch at the villa.

In the afternoon, Huang Ya stayed beside the evolving female spider.

At night, he erected a small tent beside the female spider so he could sleep beside it.

After one night, the aura engulfing the female spider started to crack. The cracks became more and more obvious, like an egg that was about to be hatched.

Gao Peng was about to go to school but decided to stay for a while. He wanted to personally witness the successful evolution of the female spider.

Some more time passed…


A long, silver, spear-like object pierced out of the aura. The rock-like aura crumbled as easily as tofu.

Then a second one came out, then a third…

All of its legs emerged. It had no trouble cracking open the aura. Its newly evolved body bathed in the early morning light.

Its body was a silver color. It gave off a very metallic feeling. Its legs were sharp as spears, and its top was covered with sharp crescent barbs. It was slender and elegant. If its pre-evolved body had been that of a lady running around with a butcher knife, its evolved form was a professional assassin.

[Monster Name]: Horrifying Murderous Female Spider (Lord-tier)

[Monster Level]: Level 41

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Rock

[Monster State]: Healthy (Happy)

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Wood type monsters. 2. Platinum King Radish

[Monster Skills]: Spider Silk Strengthening Level 2, Harden Skin Level 2, Sharpen Spider Claws Level 1

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