Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 266

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When Huang Ya learned that the female spider had successfully evolved to the Lord-tier, he felt like he was dreaming. I’ve actually become a monster trainer with a Lord-tier familiar?

He was still in a daze.

“Train it well. If you want, you can go to the areas near Yuzhou City,” Gao Peng said with a smile. He could understand what Huang Ya was feeling. He hadn’t been able to sleep the night Dumby had evolved to Lord-tier.

“I understand.” Huang Ya nodded towards Gao Peng in gratitude.

Being given a Lord-tier familiar was akin to being gifted a new car. One would definitely want to take it out for a spin.

Gao Peng had thought about taking a break from school and just studying at home.

If a person had the desire to learn, he or she could do so anywhere. The advantage of a school was the learning atmosphere.

Perhaps he could apply to graduate early or complete a few courses early.

Gao Peng called out to his familiars, “I’m going to school today. Who wants to come with me?”

Dumby looked at Gao Peng apologetically. “Master, I want to spend more time with Xiao Hua.”

Xiao Hua was the nickname of the red jellyfish. This time, it wasn’t Gao Peng who had given it its name. It was Dumby’s daughter, so it was only appropriate for Dumby to name it.

However, Dumby’s skill at giving names had really exceeded his expectations. Dumby was even worse at it than Gao Peng!

“That’s fine, but you need to remember to go to the slaughterhouse to absorb some spirits. Although it doesn’t help in helping you level up as much as it did, it will still help if you do it enough. Leveling up has never been an easy thing anyway,” Gao Peng said patiently. He knew that Dumby was very mature. He had never needed to worry about it.

“Three thousand six hundred ninety-five, three thousand six hundred ninety-six” Goldie did squats while lifting a heavy piece of metal with its wings.

Gao Peng was very satisfied with what he saw, so he decided not to interrupt Goldie.

“One, three, five” Stripey looked at Gao Peng surreptitiously. No one knew when Stripey had come over to start training.

This fella…

Gao Peng didn’t even want to bother with this creature. If it wanted to pretend, it didn’t need to start at one, right?

“I’ll go! I’ll go!” Da Zi quickly flew over and kept flying around Gao Peng.

“You can’t. You need to stay at home and train, understand?” Gao Peng patted Da Zi’s small head to comfort it.

Gao Peng had learned a whole new way to train his familiars from Zhou Tianmin while he was in the capital.

Every group, company, laboratory, and research institute was frantically trying to figure out the fastest way to make a monster evolve faster.

Nowadays, the evolution of monsters could be compared to a race track. The monsters were the cars on the track, and evolving was akin to improving the capabilities of the car. From a bicycle to a motorcycle. From a motorcycle to a sedan. From a sedan to a truck, and from a truck to a sports car.

And the further in the monsters traveled on this track, the longer it would take for a monster to evolve.

Finding a way for the monsters to evolve faster would be like finding a shortcut on the track. The monsters would be able to overtake other monsters that were ahead of them.

Someday, somewhere, a random genius would discover a way to drastically increase the speed of evolution for monsters.

Gao Peng held the key to improving a monster’s grade. In other words, Gao Peng had the key to improving the capabilities of a car. However, he didn’t know how to increase the speed of evolution for monsters.

Even though Gao Peng was a genius, he still needed time to conduct experiments before he could find out ways to increase the speed of monsters’ evolution.

In one of the Monster Trainer League’s laboratories in the capital, the researchers had found a way to speed up the rate of evolution for certain Electric-type monsters.

It was still kept a secret and not offered commercially to the public. Put more accurately, it was still an unproven science.

Naturally, as Zhou Tianmin was one of the twelve founding members of the Monster Trainer League, it wasn’t a secret to him. He had taught this to Gao Peng as a gift and told him to only use it himself or for his grandpa, and never to share it with anyone else.

A strange looking building was built on the other side of the lake. Black electric rings were deployed three feet above the ground. Below the electric rings were spears.

The installation covered an area larger than dozens of square yards. There were also several high-powered generators next to it.

The generators had just been turned on, causing bright blue lights to appear on the electric rings.

The electric rings started to absorb the electricity from the air around them. The electricity turned the black rings into a translucent blue, so it looked like electricity was being funneled through a tube.

The Thunder Shell Lord was located nearby, absorbing the electrical elements into its body. Thunder and lightning were coming out of Its huge spiral shell, as it was communicating with the electrical device nearby.

According to Zhou Tianmin, this device would be able to increase the speed of evolution of an electric type monster by 50 percent.

As Da Zi was the first familiar Gao Peng had signed a Blood Contract with, he would naturally want Da Zi to become stronger. It didn’t have to become the strongest of all his familiars, but it had to be one of the stronger ones, at least.

“Don’t just always complain about me not being the same anymore. I’ve created all the right conditions for you. You need to quickly become stronger, understand? Look at Goldie. It came much later than you, but it has already surpassed you. Goldie trains for 16 hours a day. Besides sleeping and eating, all it ever does is train. You need to learn from Goldie.” Gao Peng patted Da Zi on its head.

Da Zi nodded, feeling a bit wronged. “I understand.”

“Pu zi, pu zi. Lazy Da Zi, very lazy,” Silly came out from nowhere, clearly taking joy in Da Zi’s misery.

Gao Peng looked at Silly with an indifferent gaze. “Grandpa bought a bunch of expensive space metals to build you that nest! Even my house isn’t as expensive as that nest! But you still act so naughtily every day! Have you no shame? Go back and train immediately!”

When it heard Gao Peng’s scolding, Silly felt so wrong that it almost cried. It wanted to leave quickly, but in its haste, it accidentally tangled all of its tentacles. Thankfully, it didn’t fall down.

Chirp! A fat, happy crane was relaxing on the lake in leisure. Gao Peng suddenly had a thought. “Flamy, come over here,” Gao Peng said as he waved his hands towards Flamy.

Flamy flew over and landed on the grass in front of Gao Peng, its feathers shining brightly. There was a faint hint of cyan color on its feathers.

Gao Peng patted Flamy on its fat tummy and started to praise it. “Good crane! I should definitely bring this handsome crane to show off to my classmates.”

Flamy thought that Gao Peng was genuinely praising it, so it lifted up its head proudly. “Chirp, chirp, chirp. Gao Peng, I’m not fat, just big boned.”

Flamy had grown to be very tall. When it stood up, it was almost seven feet tall. Its wingspan was about fifteen feet wide.

“Hahaha, fine. You’re big boned.” Gao Peng laughed heartily, then climbed on Flamy’s back. “We’ll be flying to school today.”

Flamy started to flap its wings and flew Gao Peng into the air.

“Traveling west on a crane Hmm, this reminds me of an old saying Something feels off for some reason.”

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