Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 267

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A single-legged white figure with faint hints of cyan was flying through the air along the clouds above the city.

Gao Peng’s legs were squeezing against Flamy’s throat tightly, as he was holding on with all his might. His hair had become messy from the wind. He didn’t look like any sort of nobleman.

Gao Peng suddenly remembered that he had two abilities he hadn’t tried out yet.

He slapped himself in the forehead. He had been so busy that he had forgotten such an important thing!

When a monster trainer got their first Commander-tier familiar, they would gain a life-saving ability themselves.

When a monster trainer got their first Lord-tier familiar, they would gain their second life-saving ability. The abilities built up.

The first life-saving ability he had gained when he received his first Command-tier familiar was the Elemental Barrier. This was an ability that was common among monster trainers, and Gao Peng had tried out this ability before.

TheElemental Barrier was an ability that used the elemental energy of the familiars to form a barrier around the monster trainer. The more energy the familiar used, the stronger the barrier would be.

When Dumby evolved to the Lord-tier, Gao Peng had gained another new life-saving ability, Soul Chain.

The Soul Chain ability allowed Gao Peng to chain his soul to a familiar that he had signed a Blood Contract with. The contract could not be changed within the first month of it being signed.

If an enemy wanted to attack Gao Peng’s soul, the Soul Chain would be activated. The enemy would then be facing the combined Soul Strength of both Gao Peng and the familiar he had cast the Soul Chain ability on.

After a period of time, it would also increase Gao Peng’s own personal Soul Strength. It was akin to feeding Gao Peng’s soul to help it grow.

This was quite a strong ability. As for other abilities that monster trainers received with their first Lord-tier monsters, Gao Peng was unsure. This was, after all, a personal secret for all monster trainers. It wasn’t something they would share with anyone.

Gao Peng was quite satisfied with this ability, not for its defensive capabilities, but for its ability to grow his own Soul Strength.

Gao Peng took a look at Flamy and decided to try the Soul Chain on it.

“Ow!” Flamy suddenly trembled. It almost fell from the sky and gave Gao Peng a fright.

“What the hell happened? It felt like I was suddenly hit in the head by someone while I was flying.”


“Gao Peng, why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t do it on purpose. It felt like some idiot suddenly punched me in the head. I felt a sharp pain,” Flamy explained frantically.

Gao Peng didn’t show any expression on his face. “Okay, I understand.”

There were tons of people going in and out of Yuzhou University. Once in a while, students brought their familiars in and out of the school. This had become a common sight.

Four years had passed since the Cataclysm. People couldn’t accept the change at first, but eventually, everyone came around to it. The adaptability of humans was amazing, especially after something big happened.

Two years earlier, there had been many people who were anti-monster. They insisted on believing it had been the monsters who brought about the Cataclysm, so they refused to sign Blood Contracts.

However, one could easily find the same people posing for selfies with their beloved familiars on the internet nowadays…

Screech A long, sharp cry cut through the air.

A shadow appeared on the ground right in front of the Yuzhou University gates. Then a large one-legged crane appeared. Seated on it was a blurry figure.

The figure of the person was blurry because his body was covered by a light red barrier. The red barrier only started to disappear when the crane landed.

Gao Peng jumped off the crane’s back and wiped the sweat off of his face. He had formed an elemental barrier around him to keep the winds from his body.

Flamy’s fire element had been used to create the barrier so Gao Peng would be able to keep warm within the barrier. He hadn’t felt cold at all, even though he was hundreds of feet in the sky.

“Wow, he’s riding a crane. That’s just too cool,” a passing student said in envy.

“It’s actually a single-legged crane. It isn’t Bi Fang, is it?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Bi Fang isn’t real. That’s just a mythological creature.”

“Just because it doesn’t exist now doesn’t mean it won’t exist in the future!”

Passing students started to argue among themselves.

Gao Peng ordered Flamy to go to the guard post to register before entering the school.

“Gao Peng,” someone called from behind him.

Gao Peng turned around and saw a girl in a white dress looking at him in surprise. After thinking for a few seconds, Gao Peng still couldn’t figure out who she was.

“Hello. I saw you at the competition. You looked super cool in the ring.”

“You’re just exaggerating. It was normal,” Gao Peng smiled shyly.

“Yo, boss. You finally came to school.” Xu Qingzhi happened to pass by just then and saw Gao Peng. She walked over and gave the girl in the white dress a smile.

Gao Peng would ask Xu Qingzhi to help him feed his familiars from time to time, since he would sometimes forget to feed his familiars when he was doing his experiments. After a while, Xu Qingzhi had become familiar with Gao Peng’s familiars.

Oh it’s this girl Flamy glanced at her. Why is this girl acting like she’s so familiar with master? But she has helped me clean the toilets a few times, so I guess I’ll forgive her.

The girl in the white dress wanted to continue to speak, but Xu Qingzhi turned her head to Gao Peng and said, “Boss, you might not know this, but after the competition ended, a lot of your juniors became your fans. A lot of the female juniors in my department are asking me to give them your contact information.”

Do they want me to help train their familiars? Gao Peng frowned. “You didn’t just give my number to anyone, right?”

“No, no. I wouldn’t dare give out your number without your consent.” Xu Qingzhi was smiling. They both started to leave while chatting.

“That’s good.” Gao Peng’s expression became calm again. He said goodbye to the girl in the white dress and walked towards the monster trainer department.

“Oh yeah, one of my good friends wants me to introduce her to you. She’s also in the monster trainer department”

“Lin Xinrui?”

Xu Qingzhi was shocked, “You know her?”


Xu Qingzhi let out a sigh of relief. She glanced at Gao Peng’s face secretly and admitted, “She knows that my family is in the Southern Sky Group, and she also knows your identity, so she asked me to introduce the two of you.”

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