Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Rebirth

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“What the heck, doesn’t that mean it’ll keep occupying my Divine Artifact?” Fatty Big Sea was speechless.

“That’s how it has to be for now.” Gao Peng couldn’t help it either. “Unless you want to go in and kill it?”

Fatty Big Sea hesitated for two seconds, then said righteously, “It’s fine, having one less Divine Artifact doesn’t affect my capabilities at all.”

The righteous Fatty Big Sea shook its head, and bounced off into the distance.

Gao Peng picked up the Labyrinth and put it into Moneymaker’s portable space. Moneymaker’s aura grew immensely. It tested its speed and found it has increased by a lot.

The ghouls are inexhaustible, because they are only remains. They can fight endlessly….Naturally, now they can work endlessly.

“Ghouls are great,” Da Zi said with admiration, “They’re not tired at all.”

Goldie was a little wistful. It was no longer the headman. Without laborers to command, it could no longer collect the 3000 yuan headman wage from Gao Peng.

Of course, Goldie would never do something so below itself as participate in the digging.

Even if Gao Peng offers a whopping 2000 yuan daily wage for it.

I, Goldie, will never succumb to mere money.

And Gao Peng, don’t you think about insulting me with money either.

A real man doesn’t take handouts.

“Someone come and massage my back, I’m offering 20,000 yuan,” Gao Peng’s voice came from the distance.

“Ay~ I’m coming, Gao Peng!” Goldie raised its head, putting on a beaming expression, and dashing off in a single breath.

“Gao Peng, how’s this strength, is it alright? Do you want to add a little tip?”

A couple days later, some people came looking for Gao Peng, but none of them got to see his face. Each time, a malicious-looking duck who stopped everyone at the door.

“What the hell do you want to see? If you sneak in again, I’m going to pluck all your feathers,” Goldie said viciously to the person before it, setting its right foot on a rock.

“Your Highness, it’s being absurd. Even his duck is so arrogant.” A Monster Trainer’s expression changed. This Gao Peng was too smug. His Highness came personally three times, yet he hasn’t been able to see Gao Peng once.

This was the second prince of Shengtuo Empire, one of the four super Empires.

“Okay.” The second prince took a long look at Goldie, and said cooly, “It’s fine, I’ll come again tomorrow then. Please let your master know.”

Goldie waved its hand impatiently, “No need, there’s no way Gao Peng would want to see an outsider.”

The second prince gave a signal. A man behind him came up and secretly handed something to Goldie.

After they left, Goldie peered left and right, making sure no one noticed it before taking out the item. It was a wooden box. In the box were dozens of core crystals, their auras were all Overlord Tier and Saint Tier.

“Geez.” Goldie rolled its eyes. It’s just worthless trash.

Gao Peng buys them for 900 yuan a piece, not even as high as my daily wage.

What a prick!


Goldie suddenly knitted its brows. Why was it suddenly uneasy?

Raising its head to look to the east, the sunset was red as blood.

Scorching flames flared up from the bronze red lava. The surging lava lapped against the walls of the volcano, raising waves of heat.

Many had gathered on the edge of the crater.

They were all Bi Fang. But these Bi Fang were all enormous in size. The taller ones were 50 meters, and the shorter ones were at least 30 meters. They were all giants of the Bi Fang Clan, and they were all antiques.

But at this moment, these Bi Fang were all huddled around the edge of the volcano, anxiously studying the boiling lava below.

This volcano was very large, as big as Lake Baikal from the previous era.

Looking down from the crater, it was an ocean of gold.

But in this moment, this sea was boiling. The bubbling golden sea radiated.

The radiance was dense and torrid.

The sea gives birth to life. A lava sea can give birth to the extraordinary.

Sparks flew up from the surface of the lava and floated in the air. The grain-sized bronze red speckles were crystal clear. At this moment, it was as if the world were upside down, and they lifted from the surface of the lava sea into the sky.

They merged into a great dragon in the sky. The lava was celebrating, the heat waves were cheering, the flames were dancing!

“Could it be….” An old Bi Fang had burning eyes, its voice was quivering.

“She’s going to succeed.” A 50-meter tall, hill-sized Bi Fang stood out among the crowd of Bi Fang. Its sharp cheekbones jutted out of its face, its eyes had a keen look.

The heat waves distorted the air. The lava sea below seemed to sway in the refracted space.

“Hahahaha,” an excited Bi Fang cried into the air, spreading its wings to soar into the sky, dancing excitedly in midair.

Other Bi Fang were not so flamboyant, but they were all nodding as well.

The aura in the volcano grew stronger and stronger. Anomalies appeared continuously in the air.

At the far-off southern end, red feathers hung down like a waterfall.

As if sensing something, two red stars lit up at the source of the waterfall. Above the stars shot out two red arcs that pierced billions of kilometers.

A long while later, a feather red as blood fell from the arc into the volcano.

The moment the feather fell into the volcano, the entire volcano was set ablaze!


A red pillar shot out from the volcano into the sky.

The clouds were dyed red, rings of ripples spread out from the point of impact.


A sharp cry resonated throughout the land.

A green and red silhouette flew out of the volcano, its wings were spread and graceful.

“This….” The 50-meter tall Bi Fang blanked for a moment, but having witnessed many extraordinary things, it soon calmed down.

The silhouette was nearly 10 meters in length. With a spread of its wings, flames flared up around it.

Its green feathers were dotted with oval red spots; its blood-like beak was long as a spear; its single leg was drawn into the feathers below its stomach.

This giant bird’s mind had a red mark, a mark shaped like a flame that didn’t belong to any written language.

The giant bird looked down. The volcano that was close to eruption calmed immediately.

The surface of the lava sea became smooth as a mirror, flat enough to reflect the shape of the giant bird in the sky.

“It yielded…. This generation, us Bi Fang must strive for it!”

“Yes, even if our whole clan goes all out, haha.”

The Bi Fang below all discussed excitedly.

They whispered to one another, stretching their necks out to converse.

The giant bird in the sky looked all around. The scent in the air pleased her, and her body was full to the brim with power, but she still felt awful.

No one knows she nearly died several times at the bottom of the volcano. She hurt so much she wanted to end her life. Even she herself is surprised that she actually made it to the end.

“Gao Peng, where are you….”

“You stupid baldy, I miss you….”

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