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  • Mother Of All Systems

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Mother Of All Systems summary:

So basically our MC is an unlucky fellow his whole life is a mess.Orphan at the age of 3 when his parents got involve in some accidents. Growing up with no friends. Grades are so-soDon't even mention a girlfriend Well basically everything he does nothing comes good. And then he start watching animes reading novels and Mangas he really got addicted and decided to commit suicide in...

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Mother Of All Systems Chapters

Time uploaded
27 Blank3 weeks ago
15 Preparation3 weeks ago
14 Profession 23 weeks ago
13 Profession3 weeks ago
11 Kidnap??3 weeks ago
7 Tutor3 weeks ago
6 1 Year Later3 weeks ago
4 Hello World3 weeks ago
3 Rebirth 23 weeks ago
2 Rebirth 13 weeks ago
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