Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 91

Mu Chenyan, Yan Jun, and Tian Qi were silent as they looked at Yuan Xuan's pitch-black shadow that seemed as though it was growing longer inside the stifling office.

The deep noise was still echoing from a distance.

Regarding this matter, who would dare to suspect Old Mistress unless Yuan Xuan had said it again on his own?

However, aside from Old Mistress, who would dare to step foot into Yuan Xuan's domain and made changes there?

Although Yuan Xuan had already arranged to prevent Mu Chenyan from suffering inconveniences, the other party had simply abused her as pleased.

The incident with Shu Qinger was a sore spot for Old Mistress.

Old Mistress had even fallen ill a few times when Qinger died.

How could Old Mistress willingly accept that a child whom she had raised on her own and loved for more than a decade would suffer a horrible death before her one day?

When Yuan Xuan refused to get a divorce, did Old Mistress send people to do those things because she was certain that he would not part with Mu Chenyan?

"Previously, when you made clear arrangements for Miss Mu to be protected from harm and trouble, we'd never even dare to inconvenience her! However, when we were later told of the Yuan Family's Old Mistress' intentions, we were merely prompted to act in accordance with that..."

The prison guard stuttered.

Since the monthly wages that an auxiliary police officer earned were inadequate, they became obsessed with the money that the Yuan Family gave them because they could never earn it in ten years.

However, they nearly collapsed from fright after experiencing this today. Had they exchanged their lives for money?

"How did you torture her?"

Yuan Xuan suddenly asked.

The expression on Mu Chenyan's face changed.

Those unimaginable scenes flashed in her mind again.

Clearly too afraid to speak, the female prisoners and prison guards merely glanced at each other and attempted to use silence to get away with it.

Slightly annoyed, Yuan Xuan said, "All of you refused to be convinced before you were faced with terrible consequences!"

Frightened, the women howled and cried, making a chaotic scene.

Mu Chenyan's indifferent face became even more emotionless before she opened her mouth and coldly said, "Why do you need to know?"

Yuan Xuan did not know how ruthless or vicious a human heart could be.

During a period when he had previously not come into contact with his woman, she had struggled through murky waters. What kind of inhumane individuals had tortured her to the point to become the person she was today?

Mu Chenyan was certain that they were too scared to speak because of Yuan Xuan's fatally oppressive aura. Who would dare to test their luck with him during this critical moment?

"Let me tell you then."

Yuan Xuan was suddenly stunned when he saw the devilish smile on Mu Chenyan's face that appeared amidst the tense atmosphere.

"It's a norm to get slapped!"

"Haven't you seen the burn wounds on my body?"

Mu Chenyan said slowly, "Those were just a small part of it. After the burn injuries appeared, scabs would form on the old wounds. Then they would pick the scabs off and scald the bloody crusty remains again..."

On the side, Yan Jun inhaled a breath of cold air when he heard this.

He winced from listening to this process and could not even imagine the extreme brutality of the scene.

Yan Jun suddenly realized that these women would not meet a happy ending today.

After spending numerous years by Yuan Xuan's side, he had pretty much understood that although she was indeed the Old Mistress, this powerful woman still would not dare to directly trespass into Yuan Xuan's domain. Thus, it was inevitable that these women would meet a sorry fate for treating Miss Mu this way.

Even a rough and stubborn person like Tian Qi could not help but furrowed his eyebrows.

Tian Qi, a man with a special forces background who had decapitated and killed people and had even experienced bloodied battlefields, could not even imagine that women could be worse than the Devil when they became ruthless.

Yuan Xuan's face turned pale as he looked at Mu Chenyan's smile. He wanted to reach out and embrace her in his arms; he wanted to use his lips to kiss her wounds and tell her how much he was hurting too...

However, Mu Chenyan's aura refused him. She resembled an injured hedgehog that could not be easily approached.

Sister Scar wished she could find a hole to hide inside now.

The brutal actions that she had carried out were far more than this.

"In the winter, they took turns to take away the only blanket that I have to warm myself on the thin mattress. I was so cold that I couldn't sleep. Occasionally when I was managed to doze off, they would splash cold water on me in the middle of the night..."

"I suffered from high fever and could not move, and was only sent to be saved and woken up after I fainted. They were worried that I would actually die..."

Mu Chenyan's smile was strangely wretched.

"Since I never resisted, they would let me rest once they were tired of beating me. If I showed the slightest bit of resistance, they would strip me naked and make me kneel beside the toilet bowl in the bathroom..."

Mu Chenyan actually smiled describing the tragic scenes.

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