Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 92

Without saying anything, Yuan Xuan rushed over and embraced the woman tightly. Her entire body was chilly and trembling.

"Chenyan... I'm sorry. I was wrong. I didn't protect you well!"

This was the first time that Yuan Xuan was repented from his heart.

He initially wanted to bring down the Mu Family but chose this cruel way to keep Mu Chenyan away from it.

Shao Yibai was right when he said that he would feel remorse over his own selfishness sooner or later.

Wu Ze was right as well to say that he had no right to love Mu Chenyan.

He had really been too selfish.

"Yuan Xuan, don't you feel that these events aren't important anymore when you look at them now?"

Mu Chenyan did not reject his embrace but leaned her head against his shoulder instead. Her voice was as soft as a kitten's but her body was as cold as the winter snow.

"I'm standing properly before you now. My appearance is still the same as it was that year, and I'm still stirringly beautiful. Moreover, I still possess my talents and bountiful knowledge and I still have the qualities and character of a young lady of an aristocratic family that was cultivated from the illustrious Mu Family..."

"But I'm telling you I am no longer the previous Mu Chenyan! She had already died in this place."

When Yuan Xuan heard Mu Chenyan's choking and sobbing voice, he held her tighter as if he was worried that he would lose her or she would gradually grow more distant.

He quietly murmured, "Chenyan, I'm sorry. Everything is in the past now."

Mu Chenyan forced a smile and said, "Is it all in the past? Yuan Xuan, you can't act as if you personally experienced it in this life too!"

"You merely saw the ending but I experienced the entire process. You wouldn't understand this pain because you weren't the one who went through it!"

"At that time, I didn't know when I'd be released."

"My future was too uncertain then. It seemed as though I couldn't even see a ray of hope. I couldn't even harbor any illusions."

"If I wanted to survive, the Mu Chenyan of the past had to die!"

As he listened to Mu Chenyan, he could feel that woman trembling non-stop in his arms.

Only now did he realize why the woman he was looking at could be hopelessly apathetic and indifferent.

Those dark days were like devastating attacks to this woman whose heart was filled with love.


Yuan Xuan slowly released Mu Chenyan but continued to keep her beside him. He suddenly opened his mouth and said, "There is always a guilty party for every misdoing. Since you're already here today, we must bring this to an end."

When the several trembling individuals who had carried out this atrocity heard the extremely arrogant man declaring this in a deep voice, they profusely begged him in a grieving tone, "We were also instigated by someone else... Sir, you should seek the Yuan Family if you want revenge..."

"Shut up!"

When Yan Jun saw the few women behaving in a reckless manner and bringing up the Yuan Family, he angrily kicked and stomped on their leader Sister Scar until she collapsed on the ground.

"You blind fools, do you know who he is?"

The women blankly stared at each other. People like them would never come into contact with the proud and aloof Third Young Master of one of Luo Hai's aristocratic families because they did not even deserve to kiss Yuan Xuan's feet.

"Take a good look, this is the Third Young Master of the Yuan Family! You kept saying that the Yuan Family incited you to do those things but did you know that Miss Mu is Third Young Master Yuan's wife?"

Yan Jun's words were like a sudden bolt of lighting to these women.

"We... we... didn't know! Right from the start, someone told us that the Yuan Family had already disowned Miss Mu from the family... Moreover, the Mu Family had never come over to clear things up... Thus, we assumed that the Yuan Family wanted us to get rid of this useless young woman!"

Both of the auxiliary police officers felt paralyzed and revealed their darkest story.

Since the Mu Family had not cleared things up but the Yuan Family had arrived, these women instantly accepted the task without caring about their statuses or the mission itself.

The few women around Sister Scar felt they were treated unfairly.

They had not even used their brains to think before doing what their 'leader' had instructed them to do. They simply assaulted whoever she told them to.

Would these petty lowlifes who did not even recognize Mu Chenyan's status receive their retribution today?

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