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Mutagen summary:

A normal morning as it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, the foreshadows had gone unnoticed and Mark who just wanted to pay his electricity bill which was already by its due date was caught unprepared. Fortunately, or unfortunate for most people, the world started to plunge into chaos as zombies, infected, mutants, undead, messengers of hell, bringer of judgement, or whatever...

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Mutagen Chapters

Time uploaded
177 Mysteries4 months ago
174 Incompetence4 months ago
160 Meis Ability4 months ago
157 Future Plans4 months ago
146 A Sudden Twis4 months ago
144 The Black Ca4 months ago
138 The Aftermath4 months ago
129 A Small World4 months ago
126 Rollans Home4 months ago
119 A Dilemma4 months ago
112 The Unknown4 months ago
99 Citta Italia4 months ago
92 A Short Break4 months ago
87 Abbygale4 months ago
77 The Woodmen4 months ago
75 Found Her4 months ago
65 Waking Up4 months ago
63 Six Years Ago4 months ago
62 Mutagen4 months ago
59 More Problems4 months ago
54 Marks Plans4 months ago
53 Venting Anger4 months ago
47 Emergency4 months ago
45 Empath4 months ago
43 Mark4 months ago
41 Blame Game4 months ago
39 The Origin4 months ago
35 Blunder4 months ago
34 Cheer Up4 months ago
30 Marks Notes4 months ago
18 Battle Ready4 months ago
3 The Third Floor4 months ago
2 Zombies?4 months ago
1 Characters4 months ago
2 The Infected4 months ago
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