My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2414

Chapter 2414 Another Purpose

Chapter 2414: Another Purpose

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Devil Race Monarch lowered his head, and saw that some sword marks has appeared on his Nine Devil Saber.

His expressions changed dramatically, and hints of shock appeared in his eyes.

The Devil Race Monarch knew that his Nine Devil Saber was made from the Devil Immortal’s bones, and was extremely strong, not even the Thunder Immortal Sword could destroy it before.

However now, the Thunder Immortal Sword left marks on the Nine Devil Saber’s surface, so how could he not be shocked?

The Devil Race Monarch looked at Qingfeng before him, and said with shocked expressions, “What sort of sword technique is this? Why is it this powerful? This shouldn’t be the Thunder Immortal Sword technique, I’ve never heard of it before, and has never seen it before.”

Qingfeng lightly smiled, and said, “You’re right, this is called Thunder-quake Sword, and it’s the fourth sword technique I just created myself.”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

After the nearby self-cultivators heard Qingfeng’s words, they all breathed in a breath of cold air, and their eyes filled with shock.

“This is truly unbelievable, Qingfeng could create his own sword technique, it’s truly too powerful.”

“Self-created sword technique, only those extremely talented old demons, and powers above immortal king level could create their own techniques.”

“Haven’t you noticed? Qingfeng has created the fourth Thunder Immortal Sword. You’ve to know that the Thunder Immortal has trained for several million years, and he has only created the first three swords of the thunder technique that has ruled over the whole universal era, and he still hasn’t created the fourth sword.”

“This Qingfeng is truly too demon-like, I feel that his talents are much higher than the Thunder Immortal’s talents several million years ago.”

The self-cultivators nearby all discussed, as their eyes filled with shock.

Even though they knew of Qingfeng’s powers before, but now they were still shocked by Qingfeng.

The walking dead breathed in a breath of cold air, as he was from the universal Saint Realm, and clearly knew of Qingfeng’s powers.

Now that the walking dead witnessed Qingfeng’s self-created sword technique, his entire body trembled a bit.

The walking dead felt a bit fortunate, and luckily, he didn’t voluntarily attack Qingfeng, or else he wouldn’t have an advantage.

The walking dead only had one ancient light in his hand, and he didn’t have any other powerful dharma treasure other than that one ancient light.

Not only was walking dead shocked, the several self-cultivators he brought along were shocked as well. Even White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch, and those super powers were shocked as well.

They felt a rush of threat from Qingfeng’s previous fourth Thunder-quake Sword and knew that this word could wound them as well.

White Crane Demon Immortal looked at the Mutated Monarch beside her, and said, “Didn’t you say that the Devil Race Monarch will win? He’s now already defeated by Qingfeng.”

The Mutated Monarch coldly smiled, and he said with disdain, “I admit that this Qingfeng really is powerful, and could create his own Thunder Immortal Sword technique. His understanding is above all average, but don’t you forget that there are other mysterious treasures on the Devil Race Monarch. However, he hasn’t unleashed it yet, and the Devil Race Monarch would definitely win in the end.”

The White Crane Demon Immortal laughed mockingly, and instead she quietly watched the battle in front of them.

She naturally knew that the Devil Race Monarch had mysterious treasures, but Qingfeng had treasures as well.

She wanted to see which of those two would win in the end.

White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Emperors and walking dead all wanted to watch the fight without joining in it, since it was to their advantage that those nearby powers wasted their energy.

The Devil Race Monarch was still in a dazed state, as he never knew that his Nine Devil Saber would be slightly damaged.

The Nine Devil Saber was the half-immortal kingly devilish device his master Nine Devil Immortal King gave him. It once ruled the entire universe, and was invincible.

The Devil Race Monarch looked at Qingfeng before him, as he said with a cold expression, “You asshole, how dare you damage my Nine Devil Saber? I must kill you today.”

“Sky Devil Phantom,” shouted the Devil Race Monarch loudly, and directly unleashed his powerful technique.

He took one step out, and immediately disappeared once he entered into the void.

The Treasure Hunting Rat recognized this technique from behind, and it loudly said, “Be careful master, this is a half-step immortal king technique called Sky Devil Phantom. It’s extremely fast, and it couldn’t be blocked by anything, anywhere it passes.”

Qingfeng nodded, and before he said anything, the Devil Race Monarch appeared from behind him, and suddenly waved the Nine Devil Saber to pierce towards the back of his heart.

Qingfeng didn’t hesitate at all, and he didn’t dodge it either, as he directly slashed back, and his Thunder Immortal Sword clashed onto the opponent’s Nine Devil Saber, and a loud ‘bang’ sound was made.


Qingfeng used his Immortal Roc in Flight technique and he completely turned into a roc that waved above, and immediately disappeared on the spot, as he now appeared in another direction.

In the next moment, Qingfeng waved the Thunder Immortal Sword in his hand, as he pierced towards the void.

Even though nothing could be seen on this void surface, but Qingfeng knew that the Devil Race Monarch hid inside.


In the next moment, Qingfeng’s Thunder Immortal Sword clashed onto the Nine Devil Saber, and a shockingly loud sound was made. It immediately pierced another sword print onto the Nine Devil Saber once again, and this put Devil Race Monarch in pain once again.

Qingfeng coldly smiled, and said, “Devil Race Monarch, you’ve got Sky Devil Phantom, but I’ve got Immortal Roc in Flight, which isn’t any slower than you speed.”

Swoosh, swoosh…

Qingfeng and Devil Race Monarch’s shadows passed through the top of the Primitive Mountain nonstop.

The two entered into the void for a bit, and then returned to the ground surface, and then west, then east, and then north, and south, as it interchanged nonstop.

The Nine Devil Saber and Thunder Immortal Sword also clashed nonstop, as it made loud ‘bang, bang, bang’ sounds, and the wild energy blew up the nine heavens and ten grounds, as it spread all around, and made a crack after another in the space around.

Some wild sword energy and blade energy rushed towards the chaotic ancient tree far away, but in the next moment, a rush of chaotic defensive light beam was released on top of the chaotic ancient tree.

The blurry light gleam contained the force of the beginning of time, and creation of all, as it directly bounced the sword light and blade light back.

Suddenly, Qingfeng’s eyebrows slightly frowned, as he noticed something. The Devil Race Monarch stepped back nonstop when they fought, but the Devil Race Monarch just happened to step back towards where the chaotic ancient tree was.

A sense of crisis rose in Qingfeng’s heart, as he secretly thought to himself, oh no this Devil Race Monarch is using the fight with me as an opportunity to intentionally approach the chaotic ancient tree. He wants to get the Chaos Spirit Fruit, and he has fooled everyone.

The others around, White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch, walking dead, and other self-cultivators all thought that the Devil Race Monarch wanted to take revenge for the death of his follower, and that was why Qingfeng fought him to death.

No one knew that the Devil Race Monarch was an extremely sneaky schemer. He seemed to be taking revenge on his follower on the surface, as he fought with Qingfeng to death, but deep down he was trying to approach the chaotic ancient tree step by step.

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