My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2415

Chapter 2415 Chaos Spirit Fruit

Now, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was almost mature and ready to be plucked. The reason why the people didn’t try to pluck it yet was that they were waiting Qingfeng Li and the Monarch of Devil Race to wound each other, so they would encounter less trouble while they fought for the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Unfortunately, they were all wrong in their calculations. The Monarch of Devil Race was purposefully provoking Qingfeng Li while he used his Sky Devil Phantom to get within one hundred meters from the chaotic ancient tree.

Qingfeng Li saw through the scheme of the Monarch of Devil Race and of course would stop him.

Launching Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, Qingfeng Li turned into a huge Kun Roc dashing toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit at great speed.

Qingfeng Li wouldn’t allow the Monarch of Devil Race to get the fruit, otherwise he would have come here in vain.

He was very fast, but the Monarch of Devil Race was too close to the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Monarch of Devil Race shifted and instantly came before the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

He channeled the devil energy in his body and released the earth-suppressing presence before reaching out his hand for the fruit.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed drastically, and a cold glint entered his eyes.

He slashed out his Thunder Immortal Sword which shot out a nine-colored sword aura hacking toward the Monarch of Devil Race.

Fearless, the Monarch of Devil Race took out a devil garment and put it on.

The devil garment was pitch-black with the size of a human garment except the style. It was wide in the upper body and slim in the lower part and many weird devil patterns were engraved on it, emitting overwhelming devil presence.

Called Nine Devils Immortal Garment, this devil garment was a half-immortal king realm defense devil garment with awe-inspiring defense power.

Putting on the Nine Devils Immoral Garment, the whole body of the Monarch of Devil Race was under the protection of the devil garment.

Qingfeng Li’s nine-colored sword aura hacked on his Nine Devils Immortal Garment, but the garment was intact despite some huge sounds.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed at the great power of the half immortal king realm devil garment his rival was wearing.

On the other side, White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead had also seen through the scheme of the Monarch of Devil Race and got furious that they had been tricked.

The Mutated Monarch said angrily, “Monarch of Devil Race, you are a jerk! You said you would partner with me and let me suppress the walking dead! But you lied to me and want to take the Chaos Spirit Fruit for yourself.”

Boom! Boom…

The Mutated Monarch channeled the mutated energy in his body. Different from the immortal vitality energy, devil energy and demon energy, the mutated energy was a special energy of the mutated race.

The Mutated Monarch released an overwhelming energy which shot up into the sky and down into the earth, leaving cracks in the surrounding space.

It must be noted that even the chaotic presence permeating in the air couldn’t suppress the Mutated Monarch, which showed his great power.

Blocking the sky and the sun, the Mutated Monarch’s palm crashed toward the Monarch of Devil Race.

The White Crane Demon Immortal also took out a bell.

As big as a palm and made with immortal beast bones, the snow-white bell released mana runes which exploded the space.

Some people in the crowd recognized the bell and their expressions changed, saying, “Demon Immortal Bell! It’s surprising that the White Crane Demon Immortal even takes out this half immortal king realm treasure.”

The White Crane Demon Immortal flicked her finger lightly on the Demon Immortal Bell, and instantly the bell let out crisp and melodious sounds.

Despite the melody, the sounds contained great terror and great power.

The sound waves exploded everything in the surrounding area and released many fireworks illuminating the whole mountain top.

Meanwhile in another direction, the walking dead took out the ancient lamp without hesitation.

The ancient lamp was a mysterious dharma treasure and upon its appearance, its soft light immediately drove away the surrounding chaotic mists.

The walking dead plucked a small portion of flame as big as a fingertip.

He flicked it forward and as fast as a lightning flash, the flame shot toward the heart of the Monarch of Devil Race.

Having angered everyone around him, the Monarch of Devil Race was attacked by the people around him simultaneously.

Although the Monarch of Devil Race was wearing a half immortal realm devil garment, his expression changed drastically at the sight of the many attacks launching at him.

However, thinking of the Chaos Spirit fruit before him, he didn’t want to give up; instead, he decided to take the fruit at the risk of being wounded.

It was because the Chaos Spirit Fruit could not only extend life and increase cultivation strength but also cleanse meridians and bring back the dying with only a thread of soul remained, no matter how severe the wounds were.

Regardless of the wounds he would get, the Monarch of Devil Race reached out and grabbed the Chaos Spirit Fruit before him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Simultaneously, the attacks of White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch and walking dead hit on the body of the Monarch of Devil Race.

Containing weird runes which could penetrate everything, the Mutated Monarch’s palm shattered the Nine Devils Immortal Garment the Monarch of Devil Race was wearing.

Containing mysterious attacks on both mentality and physical body, the White Crane Demon Immortal’s Demon Immortal Bell pierced a big hole in the belly of the Monarch of Devil Race.

The Monarch of Devil Race let out a shrill scream while his spirit energy was also severely wounded. Pale-faced, he spat out a big mouthful of blood and looked listless.

The flame shot from the walking dead’s ancient lamp was so terrifying it burned off the Nine Devils Immortal Garment and pierced a big hole in the heart of the Monarch of Devil Race.

The Monarch of Devil Race let out shrill screams which resonated in the whole mountain top, clear to everyone’s ears.

Qingfeng Li had been observing the movements of White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead, especially the latter two who were his enemies.

From the Mutated Monarch’s palm, Qingfeng Li sensed a terrifying power as if some special force was sealed in the palm, as in the case with Qingfeng Li whose finger had a dragon bone and dragon blood sealed in it.

Of course, Qingfeng Li found the ancient lamp in the walking dead’s hand was the most terrifying thing since the flames shot from it were even hotter, weirder and more terrifying than his Golden Flames.

Astonished, Qingfeng Li congratulated himself for creating the fourth Thunder Immortal Sword Technique, otherwise, he would be no match for these demons and devils.

Crack! Crack…

They heard the huge cracking sounds from the Monarch of Devil Race while his Nine Devils Immortal Garment shattered into pieces under the people’s attacks and vanished.

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