My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2416

Chapter 2416 Spirit Fruit Of Mystery

After his Nine Devils Immortal Garment was shattered, the physical body of the Monarch of the Devil Race couldn’t withstand the attacks from the White Crane Demon Immortal, the Mutated Monarch and the walking dead.

He was wounded severely. Blood gushed out from the big hole in his belly, revealing his bones while his muscles and bones were broken all over his body.

As a king in the Devil Race, the Monarch of Devil Race had reached the pinnacle stage of the devil immortal realm and he swept across the whole devil world unrivaled except the Devil Immortal King.

He had not expected he would be wounded so severely at the Primitive Mountain, which showed the great powers of White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead.

Each of them had a powerful dharma treasure which was half immortal king realm dharma treasure.

If an ordinary self-cultivator got such serious wounds as the Monarch of Devil Race had received, he/she would have died. However, as the Monarch of the devil race, he had powerful cultivation strength; besides, his right hand was touching the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Large amounts of chaotic energy released from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Chaos Spirit Fruit contained the Energy of the Beginning, which was the original energy appeared after the creation of the world and possessed great healing power.

This energy entered the body of the Monarch of Devil Race and instantly healed all his wounds.

The Monarch of Devil Race laughed and said overbearingly, “The Chaos Spirit Fruit is in my hand and it belongs to me. None of you can take it from me.”

The expressions of White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead changed drastically, and they had not expected the Monarch of Devil Race would be so despicable that he would grab the fruit despite his wounds.

Standing not far from him, Qingfeng Li was also anxious.

He had come here for the Chaos Spirit Fruit and would never allow the Monarch of Devil Race to have it.

Launching the Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, he turned into a light beam and appeared before the Monarch of Devil Race instantly; reaching out his right hand, he was about to take the Chaotic Spirit Fruit by force.

But in the next moment, the voice of Fire Dragon’s soul sounded in his mind, “Little guy, don’t grab the Chaos Spirit Fruit. Retreat immediately.”

Qingfeng Li frowned with surprise and asked, “Senior Fire Dragon, why do you stop me from taking the Chaos Spirit Fruit?”

With a grim face, the Dragon Fire’s soul said, “Little guy, when the Chaos Spirit Fruit matures, it needs to absorb large amounts of energy. It will suck energy from whoever touches it. You mustn’t touch it now and should retreat immediately.”

Nodding, Qingfeng Li decided to listen to the Fire Dragon’s soul.

After all, the Fire Dragon was a godly dragon in the Chaos Era of the Universe. As one of the first five original godly dragons after the chaos, it controlled the most original fires in the world.

Although the Fire Dragon’s physical body was gone, its soul still remembered all the stuff in his previous life.

As for the Monarch of Devil Race, White Crane Demon Immortal, Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead, they were all born in the Desolation Era of the Universe and thus was not familiar with the secrets in the Chaos Era.

Kicking lightly with his toes on the ground, Qingfeng Li backed off swiftly, keeping a good distance from the Chaos Spirit Fruit and the Monarch of the Devil Race.

The White Crane Demon Immortal, the Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead rushed toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit, not knowing about the ancient secret.

Glancing at the White Crane Demon Immortal, Qingfeng Li transmitted a message to her silently, “White Crane Demon Immortal, don’t grab the Chaos Spirit Fruit. It’s not mature yet and it needs great amounts of energy when it reaches maturity; anyone touches now will surely die. If you trust me, you back off for now and wait for a while.”

Qingfeng Li had a good impression of the White Crane Demon Immortal who had spoken for him when he was in danger.

Besides, he had many enemies around him, including the Mutated Monarch, the walking dead and the Monarch of Devil Race and he wanted her to be his friend instead of his enemy.

He had sensed from the White Crane Demon Immortal a familiar presence which reminded him of Linger Yao.

Back on the Earth, Qingfeng Li had had a history with Linger Yao, but he had never seen her again after he left the Earth.

The White Crane Demon Immortal’s charming and cold face looked surprised and she glanced at Qingfeng Li in bafflement, not understanding why he had backed off and tried to persuade her to do the same.

It was her first time to see Qingfeng Li, but from him, she sensed a familiar presence as if they had met a long time ago.

The White Crane Demon Immortal nodded finally and backed off from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Although the Chaos Spirit Fruit was releasing a great attractive force while the runes of the demon world, devil world, and human world blinked continuously, her instincts told her to believe Qingfeng Li’s judgement.

The Mutated Monarch and the walking dead were very fast and in the blink of an eye, they reached the side of the Monarch of Devil Race and reached out their hands at the same time for the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Monarch of the Devil Race’s expression changed and when he tried to put the Chaos Spirit Fruit into his interspatial ring, he found he couldn’t pluck if off the Chaotic Fruit Tree.

Besides, his right hand couldn’t leave the Chaos Spirit Fruit as if it was glued onto it.

His expression changed slightly as he sensed something was not right, wondering what great secret was hidden within the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Clap! Clap!

In the next moment, the walking dead and Mutated Monarch had also grabbed the Chaos Spirit Fruit; the hands of the three masters were all struggling on the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Monarch of the Devil Race frowned slightly and said, “Mutated Monarch, something’s not right. Release the fruit. It seems I can’t let go of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.”

The Mutated Monarch curled his lips and said, “You can’t trick me anymore. Do you still want to keep the Chaos Spirit Fruit to yourself?”

However, the walking dead’s fine hairs stood on end, sensing danger.

Immediately, he tried to let go the Chaos Spirit Fruit and back off, but he found his palm was glued to the fruit and couldn’t move.

Seeing the weird expressions on the faces of the Monarch of the Devil Race and the walking dead, the Mutated Monarch also tried to withdraw his hand from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

But in the next moment, the Mutated Monarch was astonished to see that his palm had been tightly glued to the Chaos Spirit Fruit and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get off it.

The Mutated Monarch said loudly, “Monarch of the Devil Race, what’s the matter? How come the Chaos Spirit Fruit is stuck to our hands? Isn’t it a treasure from the Chaos Era?”

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