My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2417

Chapter 2417 Appreciation From White Crane Demon Immortal

The Monarch of the Devil Race was on the verge of crying and he said in astonishment, “Have you noticed that the devil energy in my body is being sucked into the Chaos Spirit Fruit?”

Hearing the words of the Monarch of Devil Race, the Mutated Monarch and the walking dead immediately checked on their own strengths and found their strengths were also being sucked into the Chaos Spirit Fruits continuously.

The Chaos Spirit Fruit was not at all an ultimate treasure; instead, like a fierce men-eating beast, it devoured their strengths continuously.

Mutated Monarch said, “The Chaos Spirit Fruit is about to mature, and it needs great amounts of energy. Since the Primitive Mountain has lost lots of energy, it has taken us as its nutrients. We must leave this fruit and stop it from sucking more energy from us, otherwise we’ll surely die.”

The walking dead nodded and remembered the ancient legend.

According to the legend, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was an ultimate treasure born in the chaos and one of the earliest spirit herbs after the birth of the universe, possessing world energy.

People could refine spirit herbs and absorb energy in them while the spirit herbs could also feed on human’s energy.

During its growth, the spirit herbs needed not only Heavenly Dao rules, Great Dao energy, nature essence, but nutrients from the human self-cultivators as well.

For example, the energy from blood, flesh and meridians of the human self-cultivators could provide continuous energy to the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Obviously, while it was reaching its maturity, the Chaos Spirit Fruit had taken these people as its food.

Livid-faced, Mutated Monarch and Monarch of Devil Race remembered that Qingfeng Li had gotten close to the Chaos Spirit Fruit, but he then retreated.

Obviously, Qingfeng Li had discovered the secret but didn’t tell them, putting them in great trouble.

Mutated Monarch, Monarch of Devil Race and the walking dead unleashed all their forces, waving their hands and hitting the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get off this small Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Although the Chaos Spirit Fruit was only as big as a fist, it released the runes of the demon world, the devil world and the human world.

Three worlds were engraved on the three miraculous runes as if they were demonstrating everything in the universe.

Although he was dead, the walking dead came from the Universe’s Saint Realm representing the humans, while Mutated Monarch represented mutated humans.

With the Monarch of Devil Race representing the devil world, the energy in their bodies provided the best nutrients to the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Not far from them, the other human self-cultivators were dumbfounded.

They had tried to rush over but due to their slow speed, they were overtaken by the Monarch of Devil Race and Mutated Monarch. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise for them.

“It’s surprising that the Chaos Spirit Fruit is sucking energy from the walking dead, Mutated Monarch and the Monarch of Devil Race.”

“It’s great! After the Monarch of Devil Race, the walking dead and the Mutated Monarch die, we can go get the Chaos Spirit Fruit.”

“Are you stupid? Didn’t you see that Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal has stayed behind? Obviously, they found out the secret of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.”

“It doesn’t matter. There are ten thousand of us self-cultivators while Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal are only two people. Do you think we’ll be afraid of them?”

The nearby ten thousand self-cultivators were talking in low voices while glancing at Qingfeng Li with caution and grimness in their eyes.

White Crane Demon Immortal had naturally heard their talks and was fearful of what could have happened to her if not for Qingfeng Li’s warning.

If she hadn’t listened to Qingfeng Li, she would have touched the Chaos Spirit Fruit and be glued to the fruit like Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead, providing continuous energy to the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Glancing at Qingfeng Li, White Crane Demon Immortal had appreciation on her face when she said, “Thank you, Qingfeng Li.”

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said, “You’re welcome. But we still need to be careful since I found the Primitive Mountain is quite extraordinary.

“Just think about it, the Primitive Mountain has existed since the Chaos Era of the Universe and the Primitive Immortal Monarch once cultivated here. Although the Primitive Immortal Monarch is gone, I wonder why there are no guarding fierce beasts and spirit beasts here. You know, wherever ultimate treasures and spirit herbs grow, there are ultimate fierce beasts or spirit beasts to guard them.”

The White Crane Demon Immortal nodded and said, “I also find it unusual. Since we came to the mountain top, we sat cross-legged there and observed the Chaos Spirit Fruit but didn’t find any fierce beasts.”

With a grim face, Qingfeng Li said, “You not seeing them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We are in a real space and if the fierce beast conceals in the void, naturally we can’t see it.”

Alarmed, White Crane Demon Immortal thought Qingfeng Li was right. After all, in the Desolation Era of the Universe, there had been a fierce beast named Flying Snake which could travel in the void and thus was also named Void Godly Beast.

As animal ancestors, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and Treasure-Seeking Mouse were very sensitive to presence of godly beasts and demon beasts; they had sensed that some force hidden in the mountain top had been watching them all the time.


From the Chaos Spirit Fruit came shrill screams; they came from Mutated Monarch, Monarch of Devil Race and the walking dead.

Although they had reached the pinnacle stage of the Immortal Realm and were equipped with powerful dharma treasures, they were useless against the Chaos Spirit Fruit, an ultimate treasure of the Chaos Era of the Universe.

By now, most of their strengths were absorbed by the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

They were getting old visibly at a great speed: hair turned white and fell; skin wrinkled; faces were all skin and bones.

With horror in his eyes, Monarch of Devil Race was desperate, and he swung his Nine Devils Saber toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit, trying to destroy it.

For him, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was sucking his energy like a devil and he would become a dry corpse if he didn’t destroy it.

Boom! Boom…

Wherever the Nine Devils Saber went, the sky and the earth shattered while huge cracks appeared in the space before spreading outward. The saber shattered everything into nothing before hacking onto the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Chaos Spirit Fruit was intact, but the Nine Devils Saber got a chip in the blade with a cracking sound.

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