My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2418

Chapter 2418 Sucking Them Dry

Dumbfounded, the Monarch of the Devil Race was stupefied.

He couldn’t believe that the skin of the Chaos Spirit Fruit would be countless times harder than meteorite rocks and even his half immortal realm devil device couldn’t hack it open.

By his side, Mutated Monarch circulated the mutated energy in his body and formed blood-colored devil patterns on his palm.

Containing terrifying presence, the blood-colored devil patterns on the palm exploded a black hole in the void before hitting on the Chaos Spirit Fruit but his palm was bounced back, too.

Seeing their failures, a trace of shock appeared in the walking dead’s eyes.

Although Mutated Monarch and the Monarch of Devil Race were his enemies, he knew their great powers were no less than his but even they couldn’t get off from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The walking dead felt the strength in his body was flowing into the Chaos Spirit Fruit continuously.

If it went on, all his strength would disappear in a short while and he would die eventually.

“No, I must leave the Chaos Spirit Fruit and I can’t wait for my death here,” the walking dead thought while a vicious look appeared in his eyes.

With the other hand he took out the ancient lamp and chanted a passage of sutra.

The ancient curses came from the Chaos Era of the Universe and contained the chaotic presence; gradually, the Laws of Great Dao formed while runes appeared like dancing phoenixes and flying Kun Roc.

From the distance, Qingfeng Li saw clearly that these characters came from the distant Chaos Era since he had stayed with the Black-and-White Millstone for a long time and had seen them before.

Qingfeng Li was startled at the sight of the chaotic characters.

He had suspected the ancient lamp in the walking dead’s hand was extraordinary and now his suspicion was proved. It was an ultimate chaotic treasure that could even burn off the Nine Devils Immortal Garment with ease.

The sutra floated from the walking dead’s mouth into the ancient lamp, giving the lamp a mysterious luster.

The luster emitted black mists and laws which engulfed the whole mountain top, mingling with the chaotic presence in this place.

The black flames in the black mists burned the void and rushed toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The Chaos Spirit Fruit had sensed the black mists released from the ancient lamp, especially the flames in the black mists. The flames contained terrifying high heat and was called one of the top ten godly flames.

Upon appearance, the flames burned up everything including time and space; nothing could stop them.

The black flames instantly reached the Chaos Spirit Fruit and burned up the mists and spirit essence above the fruit with huge cracking sounds.

At this critical time, above the Chaos Spirit Fruit, the three boundary walls including human world boundary wall, demon world boundary wall and the devil world boundary wall emitted overwhelming energy of boundary walls.

This was an energy from the Chaotic World and while it rotated above the fruit, everything was born again after destruction in endless cycles, blocking the attack from the ancient lamp.

At this sight, the walking dead was totally hopeless.

He had not expected that the ancient lamp, which was condensed with a Chaos Era immortal king corpse and absorbed one of the ten godly flames in the Chaos Era of the Universe, was no match for the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

As one of the most miraculous spirit fruits in the world, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was in the same category with Immortal Peach and Longevity Spirit Fruit, which explained its great power.

Meanwhile, Mutated Monarch and Monarch of Devil Race were desperate; they had launched the forbidden techniques but got no effects on the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Energy flew from the three of them into the Chaotic Sporit Fruit continuously.

In the distance, White Crane Demon Immortal, Qingfeng Li and other self-cultivators were horrified at the sight.

Including Qingfeng Li, all of them were terrified of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Qingfeng Li had a feeling that if he was glued to the Chaos Spirit Fruit, he couldn’t get rid of it, either, even with his Thunder Immortal Sword and the strength of the dragon blood.


The walking dead, Monarch of Devil Race and Mutated Monarch were still screaming pathetically.

They strengths, essence blood and cultivation techniques were all sucked dry.

They aged quickly and became old men with white hair, wrinkled skin and bent backs as if they would die any moment with old age.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Finally, the Chaos Spirit Fruit bounced them off after absorbing all their strengths.

Without a trace of strength in their bodies, Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead looked like three pathetic old men.

With their cultivation techniques, super powers, vitalities, immortal energy and devil energy sucked dry by the Chaos Spirit Fruit, they were left with only skin and bones and would die any moment.

Right now, even an ordinary person could kill them easily.

Not only their energy, but their dharma treasures such as Nine Devils Saber, Nine Devils Immortal Garment, the ancient lamp and mutated runes as well were all absorbed by the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Although the Chaos Spirit Fruit was an ultimate treasure, it was also a monster which devoured energy and dharma treasures.

The Monarch of Devil Race roared with deep regrets, “Hahaha! I deserve it! I left my throne of the Monarch of the Devil World and experienced great hardships to search for the ultimate treasure in the wasteland of the universe. Now I’ll even die here! How I regret it!”

By his side, Mutated Monarch let out maniac laughs with great regrets and reluctance.

As the Monarch of the Mutated Human Race, he controlled the life and death of many mutated humans. With great power, he had been called the blessed one of the generations with the greatest potential to reach the mutated immortal king realm.

This time, he had entered the Universe Limo to get the ultimate treasure to advance his cultivation; however, he lost everything in this pace and would even die here.

The walking dead was also venting his anger before death.

After great hardships, he had reincarnated with a new soul and even acquired the ancient lamp from the Chaos Era at the price of half of his life, but he would die here in his efforts to get the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Ignoring everything around him, Qingfeng Li stared at the Chaos Spirit Fruit, feeling it was still emitting Chaotic Laws of Great Dao and order runes.

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