My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2419

Chapter 2419 Rainbow Vortex

Without blinking, Qingfeng Li looked at the Chaos Spirit Fruit and a grim look entered his eyes.

His fine hairs stood up on end since he felt a danger instinctively.

In the past, Qingfeng Li’s fine hairs would stand up whenever he was in danger and now his instinct told him that the Chaos Spirit Fruit still contained dangers.

Although it had sucked dry the energy in Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead and turned them into wastrels, Qingfeng Li found the Chaos Spirit Fruit was obviously not full; it still needed food and energy.

Kicking lightly on the ground with his toes, Qingfeng Li retreated swiftly to the edge of the mountain top, keeping a good distance from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Meanwhile, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse also retreated swiftly with Qingfeng Li.

Although the Chaos Spirit Fruit intoxicated the people with its great attraction, Black Puppy and others trusted Qingfeng Li.

They knew that Qingfeng Li would have grabbed it if he had found no danger in it.

With their low cultivation strengths, the nearby ten thousand self-cultivators didn’t sense the danger in the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

When they saw the Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead were turned into ordinary people, they were excited and thought it was time for them to fight for the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Immediately, ten thousand self-cultivators took out their dharma treasures, launched all kinds of techniques and circulated the immortal vitalities in their bodies while they got closer to the Chaos Spirit Fruit, trying to take it into their hands.

Swoosh! Swoosh…

Suddenly, lots of light beams shot out from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

Black, white, purple, blue and green, more than ten colors of light beams mingled with each other and formed an aura, engulfing the foremost self-cultivators running toward it.

Then the Chaos Spirit Fruit began to suck their energy with great speed.


The self-cultivators let out painful screams.

They felt their immortal vitality, Saint energy, dharma treasure energy and their essence blood, flesh, muscles, meridians, bones, and hairs were swiftly absorbed by the aura released from the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

They tried to resist it with their attacks of fists, feet, sabers, and swords, but all were in vain.

Even the Saint devices, long sabers, and swords were turned into energy and sucked by the aura.

Like an invincible devouring monster, the Chaos Spirit Fruit swallowed the life essence of the surrounding self-cultivators continuously.

Shortly, over eight thousand of the ten thousand self-cultivators died.

It was a huge casualty.

After all, only two thousand died on their journey into the wasteland of the universe and no one had imagined so many more would die just by getting close to the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The remaining self-cultivators retreated swiftly while some of them rolled down from the mountain top with fear, not daring to get close to the Chaos Spirit Fruit any more.

For them, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was a monster and wasn’t like a treasure at all.

Astonished, the Treasure-Seeking Mouse said, “Master, we were lucky to have followed you and retreated, otherwise we would have been engulfed by the aura and lost our energies to it. I think there’s something wrong with the Chaos Spirit Fruit and there must be something covering the surface of the fruit.”

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake nodded since they were quite knowledgeable as animal ancestors.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was just an ultimate treasure.

Although it needed to absorb some energy at the last stage of maturity, it didn’t need so much of it.

Obviously, something was concealed near the Chaos Spirit Fruit and swallowed the energy of the nearby people.

With a slight frown, Qingfeng Li said, “If I’m right, something must be concealed in the void near the Chaos Spirit Fruit. It’s probably the Void Godly Beast which can easily hide in the mysterious void. I can swallow people’s energy and turn it into its own once people get close to it.”

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and Treasure-Seeking Mouse all looked startled.

However, after some careful considerations, they thought Qingfeng Li was right.

After all, the Chaos Spirit Fruit must touch the hands of the Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead to suck their energy. However, the self-cultivators had not even touched the Chaos Spirit Fruit and their energies had been absorbed.

Obviously, there must be something hiding near the Chaotic Spirit Fruit.


Suddenly, in the air above the Chaos Spirit Fruit appeared a vortex.

Different from a black vortex, this vortex had more than ten colors of light beams in it, but the sucking force released from was extremely strong.

It didn’t follow those fleeing self-cultivators but turned its gaze toward White Crane Demon Immortal.

The Rainbow Vortex released a powerful sucking force toward White Crane Demon Immortal.

The expression of White Crane Demon Immortal changed drastically since she knew the great power of this Rainbow Vortex.

She waved her Demon Immortal Bell, trying to block the sucking force.

However, the moment the attack from the Demon Immortal Bell reached the Rainbow Vortex, it was easily broken by the Rainbow Vortex.

Alarmed, White Crane Demon Immoral launched other techniques each of which contained such great power that it even broke the chaotic mists.

However, these attacks sank uselessly into the Rainbow Vortex like a stone dropping into the ocean.

Meanwhile, a vortex black hole appeared above the Rainbow Vortex, pulling White Crane Demon Immortal toward it, trying to devour her and refine her.

After all, as a pinnacle stage master of Demon Immortal Realm, White Crane Demon Immortal contained violent energy in her body and the Rainbow Vortex would get more dazzling after swallowing her.

The Treasure-Seeking Mouse said, “Master, it’s not good. The Rainbow Vortex must come from the Flying Snake. In the Chaos Era of the Universe, it had appeared several times and its attacking method was Rainbow Vortex which was the force of space and could easily swallow and refine self-cultivators before absorbing their energy.”

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed, and he said, “You stay here while I help White Crane Demon Immortal.”

He had a good impression of White Crane Demon Immortal and naturally wouldn’t stand by and watch her die.

Kicking on the ground with his toes, Qingfeng Li leaped into the air and flew toward the Rainbow Vortex at great speed.

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