My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2420

Chapter 2420 Void Godly Beast

In the moment before the White Crane Demon Immortal was sucked into the Rainbow Vortex, Qingfeng Li reached the place below her.

He reached out his right hand and grabbed her right foot.

As a middle-grade immortal, Qingfeng Li’s strength was very powerful, and his grip contained a strength of 500 million pounds.

He caught the White Crane Demon Immortal’s foot and pulled.

With her head already in the Rainbow Vortex, the White Crane Demon Immortal was dragged out by Qingfeng Li with pure force.

The White Crane Demon Immortal’s beautiful face was pale, and her eyes were full of horror while big drops of sweat slid from her snow-white forehead.

In the past moment, she had smelled the presence of death.

She knew that if she had been sucked into the Rainbow Vortex, she would have died.

Although her strength was great, the Rainbow Vortex contained the chaotic strength which was a force that appeared after the separation of the sky and the earth.

According to the legends, only the chaotic godly beast Flying Snake could release the Rainbow Vortex and the Flying Snake was an existence in the same category as the True Dragon, Phoenix, Black Tortoise, Kun Roc and Vermilion Bird.

The Flying Snake was very mysterious and could unleash space techniques.

It was said that the space techniques that the Flying Snake mastered were more mysterious than Three-dimensional Space and Four-dimensional Space; it mastered the fifth-dimensional space.

Reaching out her snow-white palm, the White Crane Demon Immortal wiped the sweat off her forehead and said to Qingfeng Li, “Thank you. If not for you, I would have been swallowed by the Rainbow Vortex.”

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, “You must be careful. If I’m right, the creature releasing the Rainbow Vortex is the Flying Snake, a godly beast of the Chaos Era of the Universe.”

Hearing the name Flying Snake, White Crane Demon Immortal was startled.

She knew the Flying Snake was one of the most powerful godly beasts in the world and it was supposed to have died in the universe.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, there had been a war between different races.

During the war, the sky and the earth shattered, the sun and the moon dimmed, while the Chaotic Universe was shattered and sank into the Desolation Era of the Universe.

During the war in the Chaos Era of the Universe, the godly beasts such as True Dragon, Black Tortoise, Phoenix, Kun Roc, Vermilion Bird and Flying Snake, superheroes of the demon race and superheroes of the human race all vanished.

Some died; some were injured; some fell into the Hell and some disappeared in the depth of the universe, entering the black hole.

The universe suffered an unfathomable loss.

Since then many species vanished including the Flying Snake.

It had lived in the myths and legends which said that it could swallow and spit out colorful lights to form a Rainbow Vortex.

Like the universe black hole vortex, the Rainbow Vortex had a powerful sucking force and could swallow and refine everything.

However, it was the opposite existence of the black hole vortex.

With a grim expression, White Crane Demon Immortal said, “In the Chaos Era of the Universe, the Primitive Immortal Monarch once cultivated in the Primitive Mountain. The Primitive Immortal Monarch ruled the whole world and according to the legends, he had tamed a godly beast Flying Snake. If I’m right, the attack was launched by the godly beast Flying Snake that he had tamed.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and his face turned grim, too.

By now, the mountain top was covered by bodies of more than five thousand self-cultivators and only one to two thousand survived.

Fearful, many of them had fled to the foot of the mountain and only a few self-cultivators with great forces and superpowers remained at the mountain top.

Hearing the conversation between Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal, their expressions changed.

Although they had become wastrels, Monarch of Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead in the distance had horrors in their eyes when they heard that the legendary godly beast Flying Snake was lurking nearby.

Qingfeng Li channeled the clairvoyance ability in his right eye and shot a dazzling golden light beam into the void before him.

He could clearly see everything in the real space, three-dimensional space and four-dimensional space.

However, he found nothing in the voids around him.

Qingfeng Li was even more astonished the more he couldn’t find anything

He clearly sensed a powerful existence around him, but he just couldn’t see it.

He felt like an ant on the ground who couldn’t see the eagle flying around in the sky.


Suddenly, a Rainbow Vortex appeared behind him.

The sudden appearance of the Rainbow Vortex caught Qingfeng Li unguarded.

Immediately, he launched Immortal Roc Spreading Wings and dodged to the left as a traveling light beam.

However, a claw looked like a godly dragon claw appeared in the Rainbow Vortex. Emitting mysterious chaotic runes, the huge claw instantly grabbed Qingfeng Li’s arm and dragged him inside.

At this sight, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse changed expressions drastically and dashed over to help him.

Qingfeng Li yelled, “Stay where you are! Protect the Chaos Spirit Fruit and don’t let other people take it.”

The moment he said the words, his body was swallowed by the Rainbow Vortex and vanished.

Together with him, White Crane Demon Immortal was also swallowed.

She stood very close to Qingfeng Li and the two of them disappeared in the Rainbow Vortex together.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, they looked grim and horrified.

Although they were equipped with superpowers and great cultivation strengths, they were easily swallowed by the Rainbow Vortex and faced deadly danger.

Qingfeng Li and the White Crane Demon Immortal exchanged a look before looking around carefully, trying to find out where they were.

They saw colorful lights including red, orange, yellow, green, veal, blue, purple, black, white and golden, etc.

Each light beam glittered miraculous luster while the chaotic presence permeated everywhere. Shortly, the Rainbow Vortex delivered them into a mysterious space.

This is a colorful space filled with the Laws of Great Dao and Heavenly Dao orders.

It was a wilderness without humans.

Flowing in the big river was red blood which looked as if it would never dry up.

From the blood and bones, Qingfeng Li sensed overwhelming energy which was the same as that of the masters of Immortal King Realm.

Having met the Longevity Immortal, Qingfeng Li knew about the presence released from masters of Immortal King Realm.

It meant that masters of Immortal King Realm had died in the colorful space and their blood formed a flowing river.

On both sides of the big river were piles of white bones.

Each bone emitted Great Dao Talisman scripts of Order most of which were scripts of the Chaos Era of the Universe. The owners of the bones had died 100 million years ago.

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