My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2421

Chapter 2421 Creepy Old Man

Looking at the colorful space, Qingfeng Li inhaled sharply, feeling as if they had come to the Chaos Era.

Everything they saw here was creepy and horrible.

They had never seen such creatures and blood before.

By his side, the White Crane Demon Immortal’s charming faced looked stunned and unsettled.

They were powerful masters in the universe of the self-cultivators and had even met immortal kings.

But now, the things they saw in this mysterious space surpassed their imagination.

“What a surprise! I am in this place again.” Suddenly, a mysterious voice sounded in Qingfeng Li’s mind.

Hearing the voice, Qingfeng Li was pleased and a trace of excitement entered his eyes. It was the voice of the soul of the Fire Dragon.

He held very high regard for the soul of the Fire Dragon, knowing it was one of the most powerful godly dragons in the world and that it came from the Chaos Era of the Universe as a godly dragon in charge of the flames of the world.

Although the Fire Dragon’s physical body was destroyed, its soul still knew the past and the future.

Excited, Qingfeng Li asked, “Senior Fire Dragon, do you know this place? Is it the unknown five-dimensional space?”

The soul of the Fire Dragon said in the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, “This is not five-dimensional space. You’ve entered the inside of the Flying Snake.”

“What?! We’re in the belly of the Flying Snake, which means that we have been swallowed by the Flying Snake, right?” Qingfeng Li was astonished.

He had thought they were in the legendary five-dimensional space and thus was astonished to find that they were actually inside the body of the Flying Snake, a mysterious place.

The soul of the Fire Dragon continued to transmit messages to him, “Little guy, you must be careful. The belly of the Flying Snake conceals huge dangers since it has refined a second soul and body which is equivalent to a human doppelganger who can easily kill you.”

Nodding, Qingfeng Li thanked the soul of the Fire Dragon and told White Crane Demon Immortal what he had just heard.

Hearing his words, White Crane Demon Immortal was stunned since she had never imagined they would be swallowed into the body of the Flying Snake.

The stomach of the Flying Snake was so huge that they couldn’t see the end of it. Piles of white bones were everywhere and many of them belonged to masters of Immortal King Realm or chaotic fierce beasts.

Qingfeng Li even saw a true dragon not far from them; it was a young dragon which was hundreds of meters long with black dragon scales.

The dragon scales shone a dazzling luster of iron and steel.

The pure-blooded black dragon had been eaten by the Flying Snake in the Chaos Era of the Universe while many immortal kings were also eaten and refined by the Flying Snake, which explained the great power and horror of the Flying Snake.

Surprised, White Crane Demon Immortal asked Qingfeng Li, “If it’s indeed the stomach of the Flying Snake, it can refine us immediately with its godly beast abilities. How come we are still here?”

Qingfeng Li thought for a moment and said, “If I’m right, the Flying Snake must have been wounded severely in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

“You know, in the chaotic war, even the Green Dragon, Kun Roc, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, Peacock disappeared in the universe. As one of the godly beasts, the Flying Snake must have also been fatally wounded and it was fortunate that it survived at all.

“It must have not recovered from its severe wounds yet and thus needed great amounts of energy to replenish the energy it had lost.

“As an enclave, the wasteland of the universe is invisible to the gates of the human world, the demon world, and the devil world. With the ultimate natural spirit herbs, it lured the human self-cultivators to here, so the Flying Snake could swallow them.”

Qingfeng Li’s analysis was correct and White Crane Demon Immortal nodded her agreement.

They continued to search for some clues in the colorful space, but all they could see was the white bones and the flowing river.

They searched for a long time and couldn’t find a path or an exit; seeing no end of it, they felt dizzy.

In the end, they consumed lots of their physical strength but couldn’t find any food here.

As self-cultivators, they didn’t need food, but they must replenish the natural energy in their bodies.

The natural energy here was colorful energy but they couldn’t absorb it since they hadn’t cultivated the chaotic cultivation techniques.

Cough! Cough…

Suddenly, from the back of them came soft coughing sounds.

Hearing the sounds, Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal’s expressions changed.

They had been watching around with spirit energy and had found nothing in it. Where did the sounds come from?

Qingfeng Li turned his head abruptly and saw an old man standing behind him.

With white hair and white mustache, the old man’s face and body looked withered with age and there was a hole in the place of his heart as if his heart had been eaten by something.

However, he still lived.

The old man’s eyes emitted radiant golden light and in his eyes, they saw the stars and the moon died, time and space shattered and the land sank.

In his hand the old man held a white walking stick which emitted crystal-like dazzling golden light with godly dragon moans coming from it.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed instantly since he found that the white walking stick was made of a dragon bone.

He himself had a dragon bone in his right forefinger and that was why he was instinctively sensitive to the strength of dragon bones.

The fact that the old man was using a walking stick made with a dragon bone showed that he was an almighty figure with an awe-inspiring background.

Arching his white eyebrows, the old man smiled at Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal and asked, “Are you guys looking for food?”

The expression on White Crane Demon Immortal’s charming face changed slightly and her right foot took a step backward while she answered in a low voice, “Yes, Senior. Why are you here?”

With a smile, the old man said, “I’ve been without food for a long time and I’m starving, too. Can I eat the two of you?”

Although the old man was smiling, the words he said contained such cold killing intent that they terrified and shocked anyone who heard them.

Shaking all over, White Crane Demon Immortal said in horror, “What did you say? You want to eat us?”

Nodding, the old man said, “Little girl, you are delicate and tender; you must taste very good.”

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