My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2422

Chapter 2422 The Clone Of Flying Snake

Chapter 2422: The Clone of Flying Snake

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Hearing that the old man wanted to eat her, the White Crane Demon Immortal was frightened.

They were all humans, so why did he want to eat her?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed slightly, too, and his right foot took a step backward involuntarily, feeling the fine hairs shivering all over his body.

He had been totally unaware of how the old man appeared. Coming out of the thin air, the old man looked to be at home, with everything under his control.

Qingfeng Li suddenly remembered what the soul of the Fire Dragon had told him.

The soul of the Fire Dragon told Qingfeng Li that the Flying Snake had cultivated a second clone which was a new human.

The creepy old man standing before them must be the clone of the Flying Snake.


Without hesitation, Qingfeng Li drew out his Thunder Immortal Sword.

The Thunder Immortal Sword released radiant golden light and the nine-colored sword aura appeared in the space around them with huge cracking sounds.

Looking at the Thunder Immortal Sword, the creepy old man exclaimed with appreciation, saying, “This is the sword of the Thunder Immortal in the Desolation Era of the Universe. Young man, you are good that you inherited from Thunder Immortal. I’m sure your flesh is very delicious, too. I’ll eat you after I eat the little girl.”

The creepy old man who had appeared suddenly was so overbearing that he looked unimpressed although he had recognized the Thunder Immortal Sword in Qingfeng Li’s hand.

Looking at the creepy old man, Qingfeng Li said, “You must be the second clone of the Flying Snake. You transformed into an old man trying to trick us. Today, I shall kill you.”

The creepy old man frowned slightly and a trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

The creepy old man said, “Little guy, your eyes are sharp. I killed countless master many of which were masters of Immortal King Realm, but none of them recognized me as the clone of the Flying Snake. How did you recognize me?”

Qingfeng Li snorted and said, “You must have killed those immortal king realm masters in the Chaos Era of the Universe when you were not wounded. But now you are wounded so severely you don’t even have a heart. Although you are still alive, you are dying and I’m afraid you don’t have the power to kill me.”

The creepy old man’s face changed finally since Qingfeng Li was correct about him.

If he could kill Qingfeng Li, he would have done it already. He showed himself to bring terror to Qingfeng Li’s mind but Qingfeng Li waw through his tricks.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, White Crane Demon Immortal glanced at him with admiration.

The old man in the colorful space must be the clone of the Flying Snake, otherwise he wouldn’t be here. After all, this was the stomach of the Flying Snake and no outsider was allowed in here.

Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal came here, and the creepy old man took them as his food.


The creepy old man let out ear-piercing sounds like those of the pythons in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

Of course, the Flying Snake was totally different from pythons since it was a godly beast in the same category as the godly dragon.


The creepy old man’s body lengthened swiftly returning to the original form of the Flying Snake with a length of hundreds of thousands of meters. They couldn’t see the end of it.

Its scales looked like the scales of true dragons. Each dragon-shaped scale blinked the Chaotic Laws and circulated Great Dao Sealed Scripts of Order, emitting heaven-suppressing presence.

However, they were surprised to see a black hole in the place of the Flying Snake’s heart which had been dug out by something.

Qingfeng Li inhaled sharply, astonished at the great power of the Flying Snake and horrified at the loss of its heart.

As one of the ten godly beasts in the Chaos Era of the Universe, the Flying Snake was in the same category as True Dragon, Kun Roc and Phoenix.

However, its heart had been taken out by someone. The person who took its heart must be a master of at least Immortal Monarch Realm; anyone lower than this realm couldn’t have done such a task.

The Flying Snake opened its mouth and spat out a surge of black liquid which was like a big river falling from the sky, dashing toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s face changed slightly.

Without hesitation, he circulated the Golden Flame in his body and threw the flame forward with force. It was as hot as 50,000 degrees.

The Golden Flame was so hot that it melted the air wherever it went.

The Golden Flame and the black river of the Flying Snake entangled with each other and the Golden Flame was distinguished.

Qingfeng Li’s face changed drastically since he had never seen such a thing before.

Ever since he refined the Golden Flame, it melted anything it met including immortals. But now it encountered its match and was distinguished upon its appearance.

Alarmed, Qingfeng Li hurriedly took out the Thunder Immortal Sword and launched Thunder Immortal Sword Techniques, releasing nine-colored sword aura.

However, the sword aura sank into the black river and vanished instantly.

Not wanting to admit defeat, Qingfeng Li launched other techniques such as Golden Age Energy, Yin-Yang Immortal Aura, Conqueror’s Finger, etc. but they were all useless.

Flying out from the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, the soul of the Fire Dragon said, “Little guy, don’t waste your energy. This is the original form of the Flying Snake. Although it was severely wounded and lost its heart, you are no match for it. Let me deal with it.’

At the sight of the soul of the Fire Dragon, the Flying Snake’s expression changed drastically, saying, “Fire Dragon, you are still alive. I thought your soul had scattered and disappeared in the world.”

With a light smile, the soul of the Fire Dragon said, “Flying Snake, you traitor. With you still alive, how can I die? You betrayed the Primitive Immortal Monarch and joined the camp of the Chaos Fiend Celestial. You got what you deserved when you were wounded severely.”

The Flying Snake laughed and said, “Many people wanted me dead, but I’m still good and alive. Look at you! You are only a thread of soul and I can kill you with ease.”

The soul of the Fire Dragon shook its head and didn’t answer; instead, it spat out a red flame.

As one of the top ten godly flames in the world, it was so powerful that it collided with the black river in the sky with cracking sounds, instantly evaporating the big black river.

The big black river was condensed by the Laws of the Great Dao and Heavenly Dao Orders and it returned to its origin after vanishing.

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