My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2423

Chapter 2423 Battle Between Godly Beasts


The soul of the Fire Dragon rushed up into the sky and fought with the Flying Snake.

Bang! Bang…

Huge sounds rang out from the colorful space as it exploded.

The stomach of the Flying Snake had been an independent space, but now, it exploded.

The battle between the Flying Snake and the soul of the Fire Dragon was very fierce. Although they were in the stomach of the Flying Snake, they left big holes in the surrounding dimensional walls as if they would destroy this space.

The soul of the Fire Dragon had been resting in the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind while Qingfeng Li provided it with large amounts of soul spirit herbs, helping it recover much of its spirit energy.

Despite the lack of its physical body, the soul of the Fire Dragon was a chaotic godly beast and could unleash unrivaled strength, leaving black holes in the surrounding space.

Qingfeng Li and the White Crane Demon Immortal retreated continuously since their physical bodies couldn’t withstand such overwhelming energy and their skins had begun to crack.

They crazily channeled the strengths in their bodies and formed defense shields. After retreating to a place far enough for them, they felt a bit better.

White Crane Demon Immortal walked to Qingfeng Li’s side and asked, “Who do you think will win, the Flying Snake or the soul of the Fire Dragon?”

With a grim expression, Qingfeng Li said, “Of course, I hope the soul of the Fire Dragon will win. But the Flying Snake is one of the chaotic godly beasts and more importantly, it has its original from, which is why I’m worried about the soul of the Fire Dragon.”

Activating the clairvoyance ability in his right eye, he shot out radiant golden light and saw the routes of the Flying Snake and the soul of the Fire Dragon in the battle.

Both godly beasts, each of their attacks was full of the Laws of Chaos and Great Dao presences while they shattered the time and the space.

Although they were in the Flying Snake’s stomach, they were battling with full forces and the whole space was on the verge of collapse.

However, Qingfeng Li found the light on the soul of the Fire Dragon began to dim while the battle continued.

The soul of the Fire Dragon was only a soul while the Flying Snake was the second clone of the original form. With physical body, the Flying Snake was much more powerful.

A moment later, White Crane Demon Immortal also saw the problem and she said in a low voice, “Qingfeng Li, you were right. Since this place is not the home space of the soul of the Fire Dragon, it can’t replenish its soul power and of course it’s in the disadvantage. We must help it.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Of course, we’ll help it. Since this place is the stomach of the Flying Snake, I’m sure its internal organs are here. We can attack this place and do damage to it.”

White Crane Demon Immortal’s eyes lit up and she said, “You’re right. Let’s launch our super powers and attack this place.”

White Crane Demon Immortal took out the Demon Immortal Bell and chanted a passage of curses.

The curses entered the Demon Immortal Bell which released powerful waves of mana attacks.

The waves rushed toward the ground and cut open a crack on the ground.

But in the next moment, the crack closed.

It meant that the Flying Sky had powerful self-healing ability and the little damage they inflicted on it had no effects on it. After all, they were in the inner space of the original body of the Flying Snake and they couldn’t see the end of it.

White Crane Demon Immortal launched other attacks each of which was so powerful that it could shatter the earth. But they were useless against the Flying Snake.

In the end, White Crane Demon Immortal was covered in sweat, but she couldn’t do any damage to the stomach of the Flying Snake. Finally, she sighed and said, “Qingfeng Li, it’s all yours. I can’t do it.”

Qingfeng Li first launched the ninth fist of the Strangle Hell Fist, shattering everything and even left a crack in the Hell.

However, to Qingfeng Li’s astonishment, this mysterious space closed the crack in the Hell.

As the ancient godly beast, the Flying Snake was one of the most powerful enemies Qingfeng Li had ever encountered.

He then launched Golden Flame, Mortal Purgatory Body and Thunder Immortal Sword, but none of them was useful.

“Let me try the Killing God Lance.” A vicious look entered his eyes while he decided to use his hidden trick.

Circulating the God-killing chant, Qingfeng Li formed two black light columns in the air above his head.

The two black light columns condensed into two huge black lances which pierced the void and stabbed forward viciously.

Crack! Crack!

With two huge sounds, they pierced two big holes in the ground.

But in the next moment, the two big holes healed fast under their eyes and in the blink of an eye, the ground was intact again.

Qingfeng Li was pale in the face since the attack with the Killing God Lances had consumed a lot of his energy. He was so weak he swayed.

Despite his efforts, he still couldn’t break the defense space of the Flying Snake, which filled him with resentment and fury.

Taking out two elixir pills from his interspatial ring, Qingfeng Li gave one to White Crane Demon Immortal and took one himself to replenish the lost energy.

On the other side, the Flying Snake and the soul of the Fire Dragon were still fighting fiercely in the void.

However, they could clearly see that the soul of the Fire Dragon was retreating continuously while its light got dimmer. Obviously, it was no match for the Flying Snake.

Flying Snake laughed and said, “Soul of the Fire Dragon, this is my original form and this space is my home base from which I can draw endless energy. Without energy source and restricted by the space, you are not my match. Today, I’ll destroy your soul and suck it dry, so you’ll never reincarnate again.”

The soul of the Fire Dragon’s huge tail lashed out continuously and each lash shattered the sky and the earth, and sank the Sun and the Moon, but still it couldn’t defeat the Flying Snake.

While the battle continued, the soul of the Fire Dragon got uneasy, knowing that if the situation continued, the energy in its body would run out and eventually it would die.

The soul of the Fire Dragon glanced at Qingfeng Li and White Crane Demon Immortal and was astonished to see that they couldn’t do any damage to the space inside the Flying Snake.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to the soul of the Fire Dragon and it transmitted a message to Qingfeng Li, “Don’t launch physical or mana attacks since they are useless against the Flying Snake who is one of the ten godly beasts and can resist anything.

“You have only one thing effective to it and that is the black vortex formed by your Devourer Bloodline. Opposite to the Laws of the Universe, it can absorb the energy of the colorful space and weaken its original form, and then I can defeat it.”

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