My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2425

Chapter 2425 The Original Form Of The Flying Snake

“Master, you are awesome! You killed the clone of the Flying Snake, which is one of the chaotic godly beasts,” Treasure-Seeking Mouse said in astonishment.

When it looked at its master, there were little golden stars in its eyes.

Roar! Roar…

Behind Qingfeng Li came huge roars that resonated with the whole Primitive Mountain.

They saw the original form of the Flying Snake slowly appeared in the air above the mountain and it was glaring at Qingfeng Li with viciousness and blood-lust.

Looking at the Flying Snake, Qingfeng Li was stunned.

The original form of the Flying Snake was many times stronger than its clone he had just killed, and its body was millions of meters long, running across the whole space of the wasteland.

The scales on its body were harder and they emitted black metal-like luster while the chaotic runes on them were more powerful with Chaotic Dao flowing continuously on them.

On its body surface was a void vortex which even frightened off the chaotic presence.

The expressions of more than 1,000 nearby cultivators who were still alive changed at the sight.

It was their first time seeing the Flying Snake, a legendary existence in the whole world of cultivators; it existed only in the Chaos Era and no one had ever seen it in the Desolation Era and the Ancient Era of the Universe.

“I’ve never imagined that I would see the Flying Snake in my life.”

“As one of the ten godly beasts in the Chaos Era of the Universe, it’s in the same category of the Green Dragon, the Black Tortoise, the Vermilion Bird, and the Phoenix.”

“Yeah. I can die without regrets after seeing the Flying Snake.”

“Look! The Flying Snake is attacking Qingfeng Li. I’m sure he can’t escape it this time.”

All the cultivators were talking among themselves, stunned and excited at the sight of the Flying Snake.

However, they didn’t know that the Flying Snake was a fierce and cruel godly beast which enjoyed eating humans and had betrayed the human cultivators and the demon world by joining the camp of the Chaos Fiend Celestial.

On the ground, the Monarch of the Devil Race, the Mutated Monarch and the walking dead all were horrified since they knew the Flying Snake was a fierce and cruel godly beast.

Sure enough, in the next moment the Flying Snake spotted the Monarch of the Devil Race, Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead.

At the sight of the three guys, displeasure appeared in the Flying Snake’s eyes and it opened its mouth and swallowed them into its belly.

With three shrill screams, the Monarch of the Devil Race, Mutated Monarch and the walking dead all died and disappeared from the mountain top.

The cultivators who had been praising the Flying Snake were horrified at the sight and they began to retreat.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t the Flying Snake a godly beast that belongs to us humans and protects the humans? Why did it swallow the Monarch of the Devil Race, Mutated Monarch, and the walking dead?”

“Didn’t you see the Flying Snake had changed? It looks at us as if we are its food; it’s no longer our godly beast.”

“I heard a legend passed down from my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather, and it says that the Flying Snake betrayed the humans and the God Race by joining the camp of the Chaos Fiend Celestial. Is the legend true, then?”

All the cultivators were shocked with horror in their eyes.

They knew that if the legend was true, then in the next instant the Flying Snake would eat them all.

At this moment, some cultivators remembered that over 8,000 cultivators among the 10,000 plus cultivators who had rushed up to take the Chaos Spirit Fruit had been swallowed by the Rainbow Vortex, which they then guessed must have been released by the Flying Snake.

Instantly, all of them looked toward Qingfeng Li with hope and eagerness in their eyes, hoping he would defeat the Flying Snake.

Qingfeng Li said, “Flying Snake, you finally appeared. I’ve just killed your clone and now I’ll kill you.”

The Flying Snake said furiously, “Despicable human, you just killed my second clone in the space of my stomach. But you’ll die this time since I’m ten times more powerful than my second clone and can kill you with ease.”

The Flying Snake whipped out its tail which shot across the high space, shattered the world and tore open the sky with black light before crashing toward Qingfeng Li viciously.

Hurriedly, Qingfeng Li circulated the Mortal Purgatory Body and swung out his fist, forming the Ninth Fist Suppresses Hell.

However, the moment his fist appeared, it was broken by the tail of the Flying Snake which had absolutely no regard for its rival.

Then he unleashed the Strangle Hell Fist but failed, too. He quickly used the Golden Flame and the Killing God Law but they bounced off from the body of the Flying Snake.

Qingfeng Li knew that only the devourer bloodline he had might have a chance.

He activated the bloodline in his body and again formed a black hole which turned into a huge devourer vortex.

However, the Flying Snake was at least one hundred times stronger than the clone he had killed and even the black devourer vortex couldn’t swallow the original form of the Flying Snake.

The Flying Snake opened its mouth and spat out a huge Rainbow Vortex.

The Rainbow Vortex engulfed everything around it and stood face to face with the black devourer vortex.

The two vortexes collided with each other continuously with banging sounds, and neither could gain the upper hand.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the soul of the Fire Dragon flew out from the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind and said, “Little guy, we’re facing the original form of the Flying Snake which is ten times more powerful than the clone we killed. The swallowing bloodline can’t defeat it alone and we must fight it with our own strengths.”

The soul of the Fire Dragon leapt into the air and rushed toward the Flying Snake.

However, the Flying Snake was mad, and its attacking force increased by more than ten times. It opened its mouth and spat out a huge black river.

It was the River of the Ultimate Yin. Containing horrifying chilling presence, it sent the soul of the Fire Dragon flying backward.

The soul of the Fire Dragon opened its mouth and spat out a red flame which was instantly extinguished by the huge black river.

The soul of the Fire Dragon laughed bitterly, knowing the fire attack force launched by its soul was too weak to destroy the black River of Ultimate Yin.

If it had recovered its pinnacle state, its flames could have evaporated the huge black river.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Flying Snake’s eyes shot out two black beams which were the Light of Ultimate Yin.

The Light of Ultimate Yin originated in the chaos and was the original light contained in the world after the separation of the sky and the earth. Tearing open the void and breaking everything in the sky, it shot onto the soul of the Fire Dragon.

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