My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2426

Chapter 2426 Suppressing The Flying Snake

Puchi! Puchi!

Instantly, the Light of Ultimate Yin pierced two big holes in the soul of the Fire Dragon which looked so dim as if it would scatter at any moment.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed drastically and he said, “Senior Fire Dragon, enter my mind immediately! Don’t force yourself to fight it.”

He was afraid something would happen to the soul of the Fire Dragon and it would die.

The eyes of the soul of Fire Dragon dimmed and it eventually turned into a red light beam, entering the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind.

At this moment, the Flying Snake said coldly, “Fire Dragon, even you are hiding from me. After I kill Qingfeng Li, I’ll drag you out from the depths of his mind and kill you, too.”

Again, it whipped out its huge tail which was millions of meters long; it shook the Gang Wind and changed the starry clouds while crashing toward Qingfeng Li with vicious force.

Qingfeng Li unleashed his full force and most powerful techniques, emanating overwhelming energy that collided with the Flying Snake’s tail.

However, in the next moment, Qingfeng Li was sent flying by the force of the collision. With dozens of his ribs broken, he spat out blood while blood gushed out from his wounds.

Qingfeng Li cultivated the Mortal Purgatory Body which was invincible to sabers and spears and even immortals couldn’t break his defense.

But now, when he faced the Flying Snake, the legendary chaotic godly beast, he absolutely couldn’t withstand its attack and was almost broken into two halves.

By his side, the expressions of Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse all changed drastically.

They all circulated the demon vitalities in their bodies and emitted vibrant forces to fight with the Flying Snake.


In the next moment, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, and White Crane Demon Immortal were all sent flying by the Flying Snake’s tail. The Treasure-Seeking Mouse received the most severe wound and was left with only a trace of its soul.

Qingfeng Li’s face changed, and he took the soul of Treasure-Seeking Mouse into the depth of his mind, making it settle down in there.

The Dark Night Emperor also flew out of Qingfeng Li’s body to help him, but he, too, was sent flying by the Flying Snake’s tail.

The Flying Snake opened its mouth and formed a Rainbow Vortex from which a huge and violent sucking force drew everything on the ground into its mouth like a whale sucking water.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed, and he yelled, “80,000 times Gravity Technique!”

Around Qingfeng Li appeared a black huge sucking force fixing White Crane Demon Immortal, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake to the ground, so the Rainbow Vortex couldn’t swallow them.

But the surrounding self-cultivators were not so lucky.

Countless self-cultivators were sucked into the air before entering the Rainbow Vortex and then into the Flying Snake’s mouth.

The Flying Snake chewed and ground the bodies of over 1,000 self-cultivators into a bloody mess which entered its belly and became his energy.

At this moment, on the mountain top, only a dozen or so self-cultivators survived other than Qingfeng Li.

Paled-faced, the self-cultivators shook all over.

With thuds, they all knelt on the ground and said to Qingfeng Li, “Respected Sir Qingfeng Li, please help us and kill the Flying Snake. Otherwise we’ll all die.”

At this moment, Qingfeng Li wasn’t in the mood to take care of them since he himself was in mortal danger and would be killed by the Flying Snake if he wasn’t careful.

Besides, the soul of the Fire Dragon and Dark Night Emperor in his body were also severely wounded and were no match for the Flying Snake.

The Flying Snake opened its mouth again. This time, it didn’t spit out the Light of Ultimate Yin or release the black light beam; instead, it chanted a passage of curses.

The curses were very ancient, deep, mysterious, and incomprehensible since they were chaotic curses.

“Imprison the Primitive Mountain!” the Flying Snake yelled while it spat out more than ten colorful light beams.

The colorful light beams were erected around the mountain top, imprisoning the whole area.

All the chaotic presence in the area of one million kilometers around the mountain top quieted down and became motionless, even time and space were frozen.

After all, this was the Primitive Mountain where the Primitive Immortal Monarch had cultivated, and this place had its own dojo, its own superpowers and super abilities.

But now, it was imprisoned by the Flying Snake’s imprisoning superpower.

The Flying Snake was indeed powerful.

Not only the Primitive Mountain, but also Qingfeng Li, White Crane Demon Immortal, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake were imprisoned in the void and couldn’t move a muscle.

Eyes full of arrogance, conceit, and cruelty, the Flying Snake said loudly, “Qingfeng Li, you shall die. No one can break my godly beast superpower other than if the Primitive Immortal Monarch comes back to life.”

Not far from Qingfeng Li, the remaining dozen or so self-cultivators were also frozen, and their eyes were full of death and despair.

They had hoped Qingfeng Li would defeat the Flying Snake and save their lives, but now they knew it was impossible since Qingfeng Li couldn’t even save himself.

Although Qingfeng Li cultivated many powerful techniques, each of which was extraordinary, they were useless before the godly beast the Flying Snake.

The Flying Snake opened its huge blood-colored mouth, revealing its fangs.

The fangs still had traces of flesh which were remains of the self-cultivators it had just eaten.

Its mouth came to Qingfeng Li’s side instantly and bit at his head, intending to bite it off.

Qingfeng Li felt the cold killing intent and chill at his neck and smelled the pungent scent of blood.

His eyes were full of horror since he knew his head would be bitten off in the next instant and he could do nothing about it.

Even his universe black hole was no match for the Flying Snake, not to mention his other dharma treasures. With Dark Night Monarch and the soul of Fire Dragon defeated by the Flying Snake, he could do nothing but to wait and die.


At this life-and-death moment, a Black-and-White light beam shot from the distance.

The Black-and-White light beam was very fast and instantly it shot onto the body of the Flying Snake and forced it backward with a Bang.

The Flying Snake rolled on the ground and its face changed drastically.

It flew into the air and looked around, roaring, “Who dared to crash onto me, a godly beast? Do you want to die?”


Another Black-and-White light beam shot from the distance and crashed onto the body of the Flying Snake with vicious force, shredding its scales and leaving bloody scratches on its body.

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