My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2427

Chapter 2427 The Pieces Of The God List

Chapter 2427: The Pieces of the God List

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The scales of the Flying Snake were shredded, and blood gushed out from the wounds beneath the scales, splashing all over the top of the Primitive Mountain.

A trace of ecstasy entered Qingfeng Li’s eyes.

He was very familiar with this Black-and-White light beam and knew it was shot from the Black-and-White Millstone.

When Qingfeng Li and the others had arrived at the foot of the Primitive Mountain, the Black-and-White Millstone had flown out from the depths of his mind and disappeared into the mountain.

No had imagined the Black-and-White Millstone would save Qingfeng Li’s life at this critical moment.

Boom! Boom…

From the distance came a whistling sound that resonated all over the top of the Primitive Mountain.

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, the Black-and-White Millstone appeared beside Qingfeng Li and its body was still shivering.

The current Black-and-White Millstone was even more radiant than before with its black color having become more intense, representing the Ultimate Yin Energy, and its white color more dazzling, representing the Ultimate Yang Energy. The two light beams illuminated the whole mountain top.

Looking at the Black-and-White Millstone, the Flying Snake had a trace of terror in its eyes as its body shivered with extreme fear.

The Flying Snake said in astonishment, “God List! How is it possible? You were shattered by the Chaos Fiend Celestial in the Chaos Era of the Universe. Does it mean that the Primitive Immortal Monarch has come back to life?”

Hearing the Flying Snake’s words, the dozen or so self-cultivators nearby looked stunned and they began to talk among themselves.

“What did I hear? The Flying Snake just said that the Black-and-White Millstone is the God List.”

“The God List was the ultimate godly thing in the Chaos Era of the Universe. It was made by the Primitive Immortal Monarch and could confer titles of the gods in the whole universe.”

“Impossible. I read the ancient scrolls from the Chaos Era and it said the God List had been shattered in the war of the Chaos Era. How can the Black-and-White Millstone be the God List, which should consist of nine colors.”

“How is it not possible? The Black-and-White Millstone should be the black and white pieces left by the God List.”

The nearby self-cultivators talked animatedly among themselves.

Their voices were very loud and when Qingfeng Li heard them, he was stunned.

He recalled how he acquired the Black-and-White Millstone and realized that it was indeed a super awesome godly object and possibly the legendary God List.

Of course, the God List was a godly object which had disappeared long ago in the long river of the Chaos Era of the Universe and only a few pieces were left.

It was extremely fortunate that Qingfeng Li got two colors.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li finally understood why Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse had admired the Black-and-White Millstone so much.

It was because this ultimate treasure from the Chaos Era was personally made by the Primitive Immortal Monarch and it had sealed countless god spirits, containing extremely powerful presence.

Making sure that the Black-and-White Millstone was the pieces left from the God List of the Chaos Era, the Flying Sake turned to flee without hesitation.

It knew that although it was a godly beast of the Chaos Era, it had only one-tenth of its pinnacle attacking force in the Chaos Era due to its severe wounds, and thus it was no match for the pieces of the God List.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, the God List had suppressed countless godly beasts including Phoenixes, Rocs, the Green Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, etc.

Seeing the Flying Snake was trying to flee, the Black-and-White Millstone released black and white light beams which formed a Tai Chi Eight Trigram pattern.

This Tai Chi Eight Trigram pattern rotated continuously in the air before forming a character “Suppress”.

Made up of the Laws of the Chaos and Great Dao Sealed Scriptures of Order, the character “Suppress” crashed toward the Flying Snake.


The Flying Snake let out shrill screams while its body of tens of millions of meters shrunk fast to millions of meters, hundreds of thousands of meters, tens of thousands of meters, thousands of meters to finally dozens of centimeters long until it exploded into pieces.

After its body exploded, the soul of the Flying Snake flew out and it was a godly beast Flying Snake soul.

It tried to enter the void to flee, but the Black-and-White Millstone released an Eight Trigram sucking force, swallowing it into the vortex of the Black-and-White Millstone.

With the naked eye, the people could see a distinct mark appeared on the Black-and-White Millstone and it was the pattern of the Flying Snake.

Qingfeng Li knew that the physical body of the Flying Snake had been destroyed and its soul was sealed in the Black-and-White Millstone.

By now, the Flying Snake completely vanished from the Primitive Mountain and all the chaotic energy and chaotic presence also vanished. So did the danger.

The dozen or so survivors of self-cultivators cried and laughed like crazy people.

After all, they had experienced unimaginable disasters and almost died at the hands of the legendary Flying Snake and then survived unexpectedly. Everyone was extremely excited.

Then the Black-and-White Millstone turned into a Black-and-White light beam and entered the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind.

Suppressing the Flying Snake had consumed lots of its energy and it needed time to recover. Qingfeng Li didn’t disturb it and let it rest.

He turned his gaze toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit in front of him.

The purpose of his journey here was to get the Chaos Spirit Fruit and now it was before him.

Not far from him the dozen or so self-cultivators also looked toward the Chaos Spirit Fruit with heat, greed, and eagerness in their eyes.

After all, it was a miraculous spirit fruit that could extend a human’s life by one million years while increasing their cultivation strength by one major realm.

More importantly, the spirit fruit contained the Laws of the Chaos Era and one could cultivate chaotic techniques with them to elevate one’s physique.

Qingfeng Li looked at the dozen or so self-cultivators and said, “The Chaos Spirit Fruit is mine. If you dare to fight me over it, I don’t mind killing you. If you want to live, you must leave the Primitive Mountain.”

The dozen or so self-cultivators looked around at the dead self-cultivators and looked at each other with a struggle in their eyes.

To tell the truth, they didn’t want to leave here since the Chaos Spirit Fruit was before their eyes. However, thinking of Qingfeng Li’s great power, they decided to retreat.

A moment ago, they had witnessed the fierce fight between Qingfeng Li and the godly beast Flying Snake which couldn’t have defeated Qingfeng Li if it hadn’t launched the imprisoning super power.

Finally, the dozen or so self-cultivators cast a furious glance at the Chaos Spirit Fruit and left the top of the Primitive Mountain reluctantly.

They knew that if they stayed, they would definitely be killed by Qingfeng Li. To live, they must leave.

However, it was not a futile journey for them since they had witnessed the legendary chaotic godly beast the Flying Snake and saw the Chaos Spirit Fruit, despite the fact that their families and friends had all died here.

Qingfeng Li took one step forward and instantly came to the side of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

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