My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2428

Chapter 2428 The Universe Earthquake

Chapter 2428: The Universe Earthquake

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Now, the Chaos Spirit Fruit was completely mature, emitting intense fragrance.

Its fragrance floated in the air of the whole Primitive Mountain top and anyone who smelled it felt the pores all over their bodies opened while their strengths increased as if they could open the void and fly up with the colorful clouds.

Qingfeng Li observed carefully the Chaos Spirit Fruit and looked around, sensing no dangers.

Now that the Chaos Spirit Fruit was completely mature, it wouldn’t absorb energy from the self-cultivators.

The Flying Snake had vanished from the area around the Chaos Spirit Fruit and thus wouldn’t devour self-cultivators. It was very safe.

Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and grabbed the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

The moment his palm touched the fruit, he felt as if he was touching the whole world including the Human World, the Demon World, and the Devil World in the universe.

On the Chaos Spirit Fruit, there were three marks representing the three worlds.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, there had been no divisions of Human World, Demon World, Devil World, Ghost World, Immortal Realm, and God World, until the separation of the chaos.

Qingfeng Li tightened his grip and plucked the Chaos Spirit Fruit from the tree with his right hand.

At this moment, the Human World in the Universe’s Saint Realm, the Devil World, and the Demon World shook slightly while the whole universe shook continuously.

All the stars and planets were shaking and breaking; some ancient mountains and rivers exploded; some stars shattered in the sky.

Even the Sun and the Moon became unstable, as if they would explode at any moment. The whole universe was in an upheaval.

In the Universe’s Saint Realm, the Longevity Immortal had been cultivating in seclusion in his Longevity Mountain, and suddenly he felt the whole Longevity Planet began to shake, which stunned him.

It must be noted that his Longevity Planet was condensed by the longevity rocks from the Immortal Realm and they were so hard that they could resist ground-shattering earthquakes and even attacks from other immortal kings.

But now, the Longevity Planet was cracking and splitting open while many self-cultivators on the planet were wounded by the loose rocks.

The Longevity Immortal showed his hand and activated his great superpower which covered the whole Longevity Planet, reversing the time, the space, the mountains and the rivers and thus settling down the violent shaking.

However, the planets around the Longevity Planet were not so lucky.

These planets were split into two halves with sand and rocks flying around while humans were also split into two halves. It was a pathetic sight.

Even the Longevity Immortal, the No.1 immortal on the Longevity Planet of the Universe’s Saint Realm couldn’t withstand this force, not to mention the other planets.

The Green Dragon Immortal, Black Tortoise Immortal, Vermilion Bird Fairy and White Tiger Immortal, etc. were also severely damaged while their planets shook.

However, they imprisoned their planets with great godly techniques and super powers.

On Yin-Yang Planet, Red Lotus Immortal Queen and another Ultimate Ruler launched the chaotic energy and great super powers and imprisoned Yin-Yang Planet.

In the distance, the Crimson Fire Continent was splitting continuously and the whole continent was in tatters, even the royal palace of the Country of Lingyun was on the verge of collapsing.

At this critical moment, Xue Lin launched her Ice Phoenix super power and Ruyan Liu launched her immortal king super power to stop the splitting of the Crimson Fire Continent.

Despite their efforts, some high mountains and long rivers on the Crimson Fire Continent were ruined and one whole continent was divided into seven continents and four oceans.

Finally, the whole royal palace collapsed and vanished while Lingyun King and his officials fled from the royal palace to hide in another place.

The same thing happened in the Demon World and the Devil World.

In the Demon World, mountains of millions of meters high exploded while demon planets shattered one after another like radiant fireworks in the shrill screams of the demon race.

The Devil World was more pathetic since Qingfeng Li had purposefully pressed on the mini version of the Devil World with his finger while he held the Chaos Spirit Fruit in his hand.

In the Devil World, half of devils died in this uproar.

Countless devils of the Devil World were shattered by this earthquake or the fallen meteorite rocks from other planets. They were all crying and screaming pitifully.

“Oh, my god! What sins have the people of our Devil World conducted that the whole Devil World is shaking, and countless people died or are injured.”

“How can the universe be quaking like this? I’ve never seen such a thing before.”

“Hurry up and ask help from Chaos Fiend Celestial; only he can protect us.”

Countless self-cultivators of the Devil Race kowtowed continuously before a huge statue.

With a height of tens of millions of meters, the devil statue was very huge, shooting up high into the heavens of the Devil World.

The devil statue was made of special godly devil rocks and on the surface of the statue was engraved the picture of the Chaos Fiend Celestial in the Chaos Era.


From the devil statue released threads of black light.

Containing the Fiend Celestial presence, the black light instantly engulfed the whole Devil World and protected the people on the Devil World from being destroyed by the earthquake. Instantly, cheers rose in the whole Devil World.

Of course, this shaking was not limited in the Universe’s Saint Realm, the Demon World and the Devil World; it even spread to the Universe Immortal Realm.

The Universe Immortal Realm was as big as one trillion square kilometers, 100 million times bigger than the size of the Earth.

On the vast territory of the Universe Immortal Realm were 3,000 states and 3,000 Great Daos.

Each state controlled one major world of planets and one Great Dao.

At this moment in the Universe Immortal Realm, everyone in the pubs, auctions, families and sects on the 3,000 great states and 3,000 Great Daos was talking about the Conqueror Third Master Li.

The Conqueror Third Master Li had arrived at the Universe Immortal Realm one year ago. A dominant and aggressive man, he didn’t enter the Immortal Realm through the gate of the Universe’s Saint Realm or other space coordinate tunnel; instead, he broke in through the boundary wall of the Immortal Realm.

Even since he entered the Universe Immortal Realm, the Conqueror Third Master Li had caused an upheaval in all directions.

The first thing his did was attacking the Godly Dragon State, which was one of the top ten super states in the Universe Immortal Realm while most of the rest states and world of planets belonged to it.

There were lots of godly dragons in the Godly Dragon State which was the habitat of the Dragon Clan. More importantly, Primordial Dragon Monarch was in this state.

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