My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2429

Chapter 2429 The Conqueror Of Immortal Realmthird Master Li

Chapter 2429: The Conqueror of Immortal Realm—Third Master Li

In the Godly Dragon State, the Primordial Dragon Monarch was a reincarnator.

He was born in the Chaos Era of the Universe while the second reincarnation was in the Desolation Era of the Universe and the third happened in the Ancient Era of the Universe. Now was his fourth reincarnation.

It’s said that the Primordial Dragon Monarch wanted to become the fourth Immortal Monarch.

Once becoming the Immortal Monarch, he could rule all the 3,000 states of the Immortal Realm and sweep across the Universe Immortal Realm.

Of course, besides the Primordial Dragon Monarch, many other people also wanted to become the Immortal Monarch, including the descendants of the Vermilion Bird Immortal Monarch, the Black Tortoise Immortal Monarch and the Kun Roc Immortal Monarch, and some other major races and forces.

Each of the races came from the Chaos Era of the Universe, such as the Giant Race, Sun Chasing Race, Dark Gold Race, Hou Yi Race, Gold Race, Wood Race, Water Race, Fire Race and Earth Race.

In some races, there had appeared more than one Immortal Monarchs, in some cases two or even three Immortal Monarchs, in the long river of history.

They ruled the nine heavens and ten earths, and everyone in the whole universe submitted to them.

After his incarnation, the Primordial Dragon Monarch wanted to become the conqueror of this generation and made other states submit to him. To achieve that, he turned his gaze toward the Phoenix State.

In the Phoenix State there was a rare genius and this person was the Phoenix Fairy.

As the reincarnator of the second Fire Phoenix in the world, the Phoenix Fairy had once been the empress in the distant Chaos Era.

Of course, the current Phoenix Fairy was the Conqueror Third Master Li’s woman, Qingfeng Li’s mother.

Knowing the Primordial Dragon Monarch wanted to take the Phoenix Fairy from him to get her Phoenix Bloodline, the Conqueror Third Master Li was naturally furious, and he launched attacks at the Godly Dragon State.

The whole Universe Immortal Realm was stunned at the turn of events.

After all, as one of the top ten forces in the Universe Immortal Realm, the Godly Dragon State ruled five hundred big states with countless masters including hundreds of Immortal King Realm masters.

Despite the great power of the Godly Dragon State, the Conqueror Third Master Li broke 50 states in one breath and awed the whole Universe Immortal Realm.

Each day, the Universe Immortal Realm was filled with fires, Great Dao Laws and all kinds of super powers while the Conqueror Third Master Li led his subordinates attacking the Godly Dragon State.

In the sky of the distant Universe Immortal Realm, a man standing as high as the sky looked down on the world overbearingly.

He was tall with a straight back, sword-shaped eyebrows and bright eyes.

He swung out a huge immortal sword across the space and shattered the sky and the earth.

He even hacked off more than ten stars in the sky and split the Sun into two halves with his sword.

Wherever the immortal sword went, it dazzled the world, and nothing could stop it.

This magnificent man was the Conqueror Third Master Li.

However, a huge white tiger appeared before him.

The white tiger was as big as two planets while one of its eyeballs was the same size of the Earth. It swallowed the whole world into its mouth in one bite.

While the white tiger fought with the tall conqueror, the whole space of the Universe Immortal Realm shook.

When the earthquake from the Universe’s Saint Realm spread to the Universe Immortal Realm, all the people were stunned.

They knew that this earthquake was not caused by the Conqueror Third Master Li but someone from the Universe’s Saint Realm where the fluctuations came from.

All the people in the Universe Immortal Realm talked among themselves with astonishment in their eyes.

“What’s happening? Is someone in the Universe’s Saint Realm trying to break into the Universe Immortal Realm as the Conqueror Third Master Li did?”

“Impossible. With the gates of the Universe Immortal Realm closed, anyone who wants to enter here must open the immortal realm space and no one could do that except the Conqueror Third Master Li in the past ten million years.”

“Then how do you explain the earthquake waves? The boundary walls of our Immortal Realm are extremely hard and even the Immortal Kings can’t easily break them. Why are they cracking now?”

“I guess someone in the Universe’s Saint Realm got a great treasure, at least an ultimate treasure in the Chaos Era, and triggered the universe vibrations which spread to our Universe Immortal Realm.”

The self-cultivators were all talking among themselves while some of them made speculations.

The Conqueror Third Master Li who had been fighting with the White Tiger Immortal King suddenly sensed some fluctuations in the ground and the void of the Immoral Realm.

In the earthquake waves, he sensed a familiar presence and his eyes lit up.

He thought to himself, “I sensed Qingfeng’s presence in the earthquake. Is it possible that my son Qingfeng is attacking the boundary walls of the Universe Immortal Realm? But it’s not possible since Qingfeng is only the king of the ordinary people and he can’t have cultivated to the Immortal Realm so soon.”

It must be noted that the Conqueror Third Master Li was an extremely fortunate man to have cultivated to the Immortal King Realm.

He had acquired an Immortal Monarch technique which came from someone with great energy and great super powers. Besides, the Conqueror had been the junior master of the ancient Celestial Temple.

With so many great chances and so much good luck, the Conqueror Third Master Li experienced great hardships before cultivating into an Immortal King.

“Qingfeng has cultivated so fast, which means he has also acquired great chances and good luck.”

While he was deep in thought, the White Tiger Immortal King opposite to him reached out its paw and grabbed a planet from the sky before crashing it at the Conqueror viciously.

The nearby self-cultivators in the Immortal Realm gasped at the sight and flew quickly backward to get far away from this place.

After all, the battle between the Conqueror and the White Tiger Immortal Tiger was so fierce that they even took planets as weapons, which few people could do in the whole history.

Hearing the whistling sounds from the sky of the Immortal Realm, the Conqueror Third Master Li roused himself from his deep thoughts.

He looked up at the sky and saw a huge planet.

With a length of hundreds of millions of meters, the planet covered the sky when it crashed toward him, intending to turn him into a meat pie.

The Conqueror Third Master Li let out a roar which shook the world and shattered the void.

His body grew quickly into a height of tens of millions of meters and he raised his palms and caught the planet.

The nearby self-cultivators talked among themselves with astonishment in their eyes.

“The Conqueror Third Master Li is so powerful that he caught the planet with hands. Only he dared to do such a thing.”

“Of course. One year ago, he broke the Immortal Realm’s boundary wall which is no less than a planet. No wonder he dares to call out the Primordial Dragon Monarch.”

“The Conqueror is the most magnificent man I’ve ever seen. I think this time the Primordial Dragon Monarch will meet his match.”

The nearby Immortal Realm self-cultivators talked among themselves with astonishment in their eyes.

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