My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2430

Chapter 2430 Primitive Immortal Fairy Sutra

Chapter 2430: Primitive Immortal Fairy Sutra

The Conqueror Third Master Li raised his head towards the sky and roared. Two several ten-million-meter-long massive fists forcefully ripped forward on both sides.

With a ‘clash’ sound, and under everyone’s view, the Conqueror directly ripped the massive planet into two halves.

Countless pieces flew off with the wind, and it shook the entire immortal realm.

This time, the Conqueror actively attacked, towards the White Tiger Immortal King before him.

Every fist he unleashed shook the sky and shattered the stone. The immortal realm space couldn’t withstand his fist either, as lines and lines of openings cracked open.

The immortal realm spatial law was more than ten thousand times stronger than the scared realm, but it still trembled under the Conqueror’s fist.

The White Tiger Immortal King also stepped back nonstop at the Conqueror’s attack, as his body trembled nonstop, and blood spat out fresh blood nonstop.


Once the Conqueror launched the hundredth fist, it directly clashed onto the White Tiger Immortal King’s heart.

With a loud ‘rumble’ sound, the White Tiger Immortal King’s heart suddenly exploded, and turned into pieces.

The Conqueror used the opportunity to unleash his 101th fist, and it directly shattered the White Tiger Immortal King’s body, and it turned into countless pieces, and disappeared within the universal immortal realm.

White Tiger Immortal King, dead.


The entire universal Saint Realm was filled with silence.

The White Tiger Immortal King was one of the Primordial Dragon Monarch’s top ten overlords. He ruled fifty states of the immortal realm, and reigned the realm, as he rarely met someone that could be his opponent.

Over ten million years, the White Tiger Immortal King has made the entire universal immortal realm tremble.

However today, the White Tiger Immortal King was shattered by the Conqueror Third Master Li’s fist, and brutally died here. This shocked the entire universal immortal realm.

The Conqueror Third Master Li loudly shouted, and led his followers continue forward to the Godly Dragon State.

He wanted to rip apart the Primordial Dragon Monarch’s body to save the Phoenix Fairy.

The entire universal immortal realm was in shock, as everyone was shocked by the Conqueror Third Master Li’s powers.

At once, the universal immortal realm spread around the Conqueror’s legends. They called him one of the powers that had the greatest possibility to challenge the Primordial Dragon Monarch and had the possibility to become the Immortal Monarch in the future.

At the top of the universal Saint Realm Primitive Mountain, Qingfeng sat there with legs crossed, and his fist closely held the Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

Just a moment ago, Qingfeng felt that he has controlled the entire universal world, and his soul even temporarily touched the universal Saint Realm, demonic realm, devilish realm, and even the universal immortal realm.

He just touched these, and the feeling it gave him dispersed at once, and then it disappeared without a trace.

Qingfeng even felt slight hints of a tall shadow that slashed a planet into half.

Qingfeng deeply took a breath in and tossed aside the scenery that was just inside his mind, and he quietly sat there with concentrated energy.

He now had to train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit in front of him, and absorb the universal force above him, which would increase his abilities at a great speed.

Since then, he would no longer fear Reincarnation Immortal.

It wouldn’t take long until the immortal realm gate opens. Then, Qingfeng would be able to enter into the universal immortal realm and save his father and mother.

Qingfeng activated his internal Sky Immortal Chant, and it flowed with golden energy talisman script. It formed a ‘sky’ word chant, as it flowed above the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, and began to train.

However, in the next moment, Qingfeng’s chant was directly bounced back, as his Sky Immortal Chant didn’t cause any effect at all.

Qingfeng slightly frowned, as hints of confusion appeared in his eyes, and he said, “What’s with the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, why can’t I absorb it?”

Qingfeng refused to give up, as he launched Sky Immortal Chant once again.

However, it had no effect.

Without any other option, Qingfeng unleashed other techniques. There were Yin-Yang Immortal Chant, Thunder Immortal Chant, Killing God Chant, Golden Age Chant, and other techniques. However, all of these techniques couldn’t train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit before him.

In the end, Qingfeng truly didn’t have any other option left.

If Qingfeng couldn’t train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit before him, then his cultivation wouldn’t increase.

Qingfeng could only ask for help from the Dark Night Monarch, and Fiery Dragon soul inside the depth of his mind, but sadly, both Dark Night Monarch and Fiery Dragon soul were all deep asleep.

They’ve just been deeply wounded when they were saving Qingfeng a while ago and have wasted incredible amounts of spirit energy, and they were already in rest mode.

Qingfeng didn’t have any other option, as he turned to look at the Black-and-White Millstone.

In Qingfeng’s mind, the Black-and-White Millstone was an incredibly mysterious rare treasure, and the opponent was the God List’s piece with a great origin.

The Chaotic Millstone was a precious treasure the Primitive Immortal Monarch once created, and it should know how to train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

Qingfeng has learned some Chaos Language, even though he didn’t learn a lot, but he could still easily hold simple conversations.

Qingfeng secretly sent a mental message to the Black-and-White Millstone and asked, “How could I train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit?”

Even though the Black-and-White Millstone couldn’t speak, it could unleash mental waves.

There were a few words above the mental sound waves, and it read above, “To train the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, you must acquire the Primitive Immortal Chant.”

Qingfeng frowned and was speechless.

The Primitive Immortal Chant was the essence of Primitive Immortal Monarch, and the Immortal Monarch possessed the great superpower, great law, and great energy that rarely anyone could acquire over all of the centuries.

Now, the Black-and-White Millstone told him to train, but where should he go to find the Primitive Immortal Chant?

The Black-and-White Millstone seemed to have realized Qingfeng’s confusion, and words displayed up above again, “Primitive Immortal Chant is above the Primitive Mountain. You could find it if you inspect it closely, and it needs luck.”

Qingfeng’s face filled with joy, and hints of excitement appeared in his eyes.

He never expected that the Primitive Immortal Chant would be on the Primitive Mountaintop, and this wasn’t something that he would ever dream of.

Qingfeng’s vision inspected all around the Primitive Mountaintop nonstop, from the west to the east, from the south to the north, and searched all of the positions, and still couldn’t find the Primitive Immortal Chant.

However, Qingfeng didn’t give up, because he knew that the Black-and-White Millstone wouldn’t lie to him and would definitely help him.

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake’s faces filled with doubt when they saw Qingfeng run around nonstop around the Mountaintop.

Black Puppy walked over, and quietly asked, “Qingfeng, what are you looking for?”

Qingfeng said, “The Primitive Immortal Chant is here in the Primitive Mountain, and we’ve to closely search for it.”

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and White Crane Demon Immortal’s faces filled with excitement after they heard Qingfeng.

They also began to search nonstop around the Primitive Mountaintop, but still couldn’t find anything.

Suddenly, Black Puppy thought of something, and said, “Qingfeng, let the Treasure Hunting Rat give it a try. It’s adored by the heavens and earth and is incredibly sensitive to rare treasure energy. The Chaos Spiritual Fruit and Primitive Mountain were found by it.”

Qingfeng nodded, but he then said, “The Treasure Hunting Rat’s body is already destroyed now, and only has its soul left. It’s stored inside my mind, and I’ll try to communicate with it.”

Qingfeng’s spirit energy entered into the depth of his mind and noticed that the Treasure Hunting Rat’s soul was very weak, as it hid in the corner of his mind, and trembled.

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