My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2431

Chapter 2431 Mysterious Stone Tablet

Chapter 2431: Mysterious Stone Tablet

Qingfeng transferred his spirit energy into the Treasure Hunting Rat’s spirit energy and helped it recover.

Shortly afterwards, the Treasure Hunting Rat’s spirit energy opened its eyes, and it quietly said, “Thank you master, did you want me to find something for you?”

Qingfeng awkwardly smiled, as he slightly embarrassedly said, “The Black-and-White Millstone just told me that the Primitive Immortal Sutra is here, but I couldn’t find it after looking for it for quite some time. I still need you to help me find it.”

The Treasure Hunting Rat’s soul might be very weak, but it still said, “Don’t worry, master. I’ll immediately help you find the Primitive Immortal Sutra.”

The Treasure Hunting Rat’s soul flew out from the depth of Qingfeng’s mind, as it uttered an ancient chant and spell.

This was a chaotic curse, Qingfeng found it very familiar when he looked at it.

Now he understood parts of the Chaos Language.

However he could recognize one of the Treasure Hunting Rat’s words, even though he couldn’t recognize the rest of them.

Some odd talisman script formed characters, as these chaotic talisman scripts glowed in the sky nonstop and gathered into a ray of seven-coloured light.

The seven-coloured light was like a rainbow that lit up the entire Primitive Mountaintop.

The seven-coloured light glowed nonstop, and in the end, all of the light gathered onto the northeast corner of the Primitive Mountain.

Qingfeng’s eyes looked towards where the Treasure Hunting Rat’s light was and noticed that there was a stone tablet in the northeast corner.

However, this stone tablet was smooth.

One couldn’t see anything special with this, so no one has noticed it before.

The Treasure Hunting Rat said, “Master, my soul power can’t withstand it anymore. The Primitive Immortal Sutra is above that stone tablet, you can find it yourself.”

After the Treasure Hunting Rat spoke, the soul light grew more and more dull.

Qingfeng hurriedly let the Treasure Hunting Rat’s soul enter the depth of his soul to recover.

He knew that the Treasure Hunting Rat’s body has been destroyed this time, and its soul was been extremely wounded. It wouldn’t be able to recover at all for the time being, and it has wasted plenty of energy again, as it helped Qingfeng to find the Primitive Immortal Sutra a while ago.

Qingfeng arrived before the stone tablet, and closely inspected it.

This was a stone tablet with no words. The smooth stone tablet was white, and it was made from a special material.

Qingfeng has seen this material before, and it was chaotic soil.

It couldn’t be seen in the universe anymore, as it has disappeared in the galaxies of the universe.

Qingfeng reached out his hand, and softly brushed the stone tablet surface closely, but he still couldn’t find anything.

Qingfeng activated his clairvoyance ability and saw through the void. He could see through all of the three-dimensional objects, but he couldn’t see through this stone tablet.

This stone tablet surface was very smooth, without any scratches or prints.

Qingfeng refused to believe it, and he thought of methods he has used before, like burning with fire, pouring it with water, blowing with wind, and heavily knocking on it.

Qingfeng has even taken out the Thunder Immortal Sword to heavily slash it onto the stone tablet.

However, the Thunder Immortal Sword trembled with banging sounds, and his body also stepped back several times, but this stone tablet still remained unharmed without any damage.

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and White Crane Demon Immortal were all shocked.

They also came over to help Qingfeng to find the sutra on this stone tablet, but they still couldn’t find anything.

In the end, Qingfeng was absolutely speechless.

It was because it didn’t matter which technique he used, the stone tablet before them didn’t move at all. It quietly stood there as if it has existed over millennia, and Qingfeng couldn’t crack the secrets of the stone tablet at all.

At this moment, the Black-and-White Millstone in the depth of Qingfeng’s mind trembled, as it spoke mentally to Qingfeng with Chaos Language.

The Black-and-White Millstone mentally spoke, “Place the Chaos Spiritual Fruit on top of the stone tablet.”

Qingfeng nodded without any hesitation, as he directly took out the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, and placed it on top of the stone tablet.

With a ‘bang’ sound, golden light was suddenly released from the previously smooth stone tablet.

The golden light lit up the entire universal realm and brightened up the worlds nearby as well.

The countless mutants, fiendish demon, and other species all kneeled to the floor and trembled.

Under this invincible force, Qingfeng, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and White Crane Demon Immortal’s expressions also changed. Their bodies involuntarily stepped back, as they also wanted to kneel down here.

Qingfeng quietly activated his Dragon Blood and Devourer Bloodline to form a black whirlpool to stop this rush of energy, which stopped him from kneeling down.

Qingfeng would only kneel to heaven, ground, and his parents. Qingfeng wouldn’t even kneel down to the Primitive Immortal Monarch if he were in front of him.

With a naked eye, the stone tablet before him was engulfing the Chaos Spiritual Fruit energy.

Qingfeng nervously bit onto his teeth, and opened his mouth with anxiety, as his eyes filled with pain.

He arrived at the outer edges of the universe to find the heaven and ground rare treasure. He has finally acquired the Chaos Spiritual Fruit despite all the hard work that he wouldn’t ever forget.

However now, the Chaos Spiritual Fruit was engulfed by the stone tablet before him.

Qingfeng knew this stone tablet had something to do with the Primitive Immortal Sutra, even if it ate up the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, Qingfeng still couldn’t do anything. He could only give his beloved treasure away.

The Chaos Spiritual Fruit might be precious, but it still wasn’t as precious compared to the Primitive Immortal Sutra.

The Primitive Immortal Sutra was one of the Immortal Monarch Sutras in the heaven and ground, as it held invincible price.

The Primitive Immortal Monarch was one of the most outstanding Immortal Monarchs of all time, and he has once ruled the nine heavens and ten grounds, as he could rule over the three thousand universal stars.

If the Primitive Immortal Monarch stomped his feet, the Saint Realm human world, demon world, and devilish world would all tremble at the Primitive Immortal Monarch’s feet. Even the godly spirits outside of the realm were killed by the Primitive Immortal Monarch, and with that he has eased the dark chaos.

The Chaos Spiritual Fruit felt a rush of danger, as it wanted to escape the stone tablet.

However, a golden light formed a ‘suppress’ word, which was released above the stone tablet. It covered all above the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, and then it began to rip away all sorts of the prints above the Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

The demon world imprints, human world imprints, and devilish world imprints were all completely ripped out from this Chaos Spiritual Fruit. The Chaos Spiritual Fruit entered into the stone tablet, and was engulfed and absorbed by the stone tablet.

In the next moment, the stone tablet released nine-colored light above.

This nine-colored light had red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, gold, grey and white. It directly wrapped Qingfeng up and then sucked him inside.

Meanwhile, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and White Crane Demon Immortal weren’t sucked inside, as they were blocked on the outside.

Qingfeng’s body was involuntarily sucked in by the nine-colored light, and in the next moment, it arrived in a mysterious space.

This space was very mysterious, and Qingfeng has never seen it before.

The energy here was extremely dense. It didn’t belong to the Saint Realm energy, nor did it belong to the human, demon, or devil world. Instead, this was a special spatial mysterious realm.

Qingfeng saw a sutra flowing the sky within this mysterious world.

The sutra released bright golden light with three words, ‘Primitive Immortal Sutra’ written on it.

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