My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2432

Chapter 2432 Cultivation

Qingfeng couldn’t be more excited. He never expected that he would truly be able to find the Primitive Immortal Sutra.

This was the legendary Primitive Immortal Monarch technique, which was the Immortal Sutra that could train one into an Immortal Monarch, an existence which would threaten all of the self-cultivators in the universe.

Some self-cultivators had searched for over ten million years but still couldn’t find it.

No one ever expected that Qingfeng would win it today.

In the past, there were plenty of great and powerful immortal kings that had once arrived at the Primitive Mountaintop.

For example, the Longevity Immortal, Reincarnation Immortal, Vermillion Bird Fairy, and Green Dragon Immortal have all been here before, but they still haven’t won the Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

Back then, the Flying Snake was still very powerful, and they weren’t the Flying Snake’s opponents at all.

This time, Qingfeng was able to suppress the Flying Snake because he relied on the Black-and-White Millstone’s help. Then he was able to acquire the Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

If he didn’t have the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, then it was naturally impossible to open the white stone tablet space, and he couldn’t make any mistake along the way.

Qingfeng’s right hand grabbed towards the sky and pulled down the Primitive Immortal Sutra.

This Sutra was like a normal book, but it was made of special jade slip.

These jade slips were the jade slips left from the Chaos Era and were completely different from the jade slips nowadays. The words above were some Chaos Language as well.

Luckily, Qingfeng has been learning Chaos Language this whole time, so he was somewhat able to recognize all of it.

Of course, there were a few words that he didn’t know, and after he asked the Black-and-White Millstone, the Millstone pointed all of it for him.

It was very clear that the Black-and-White Millstone knew the Sutra before it was the Primitive Immortal Sutra. Plus, it has also chosen its current owner, which was Qingfeng.

The words, “the birth of the universe, Pan Gu opens up the sky, the first appearance of chaos, origin is the sole existence, and one is the Dao. Dao produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three flowers gather on top, as all existence fill the realm,” were written above the Primitive Immortal Sutra.

It symbolized the beginning of human Dao, demon Dao, devil Dao, ghost Dao, beat Dao, and Reincarnation Dao, along with gold, wood, water, fire, soil, wind, water, thunder, and electricity.

These were the general principles of the Primitive Immortal Sutra, and the two primitive words’ meanings were introduced above, as the writings below began to explain the Primitive Immortal Sutra training methods with great detail.

The Primitive Immortal Sutra’s training was completely different from all of the other training techniques.

The other training techniques were absorbed from the universe and went into his body. It quenched his skin, muscle, bones, veins, and organs.

Later, these energies gathered into his spirit nucleus, saint nucleus, and immortal nucleus.

When the self-cultivator was fighting with his enemy, he could use his techniques and attacks to unleash the energy stored inside his spirit nucleus, which would form a strong technique or attack, and kill the enemy.

The Primitive Immortal Sutra was different, and the Primitive Immortal Sutra’s training was the understanding of all substance of the universe. One flower contained a world, and one piece of soil hid a universe inside.

This was somewhat similar to the Buddhist’s one flower one world, but it was much stronger than the Buddhist techniques because the Primitive Immortal Sutra formed before the Buddhist ways did.

Qingfeng was now already a middle-grade immortal, and somewhat clearly knew and understood the universal scared realm’s scared realm law, immortal Dao law, heaven and ground order, talisman script great Dao energy, and gold, water, wood, fire, soil, and thunder.

So, Qingfeng could very easily see through the Primitive Immortal Sutra’s training methods.

If someone else were here, then they wouldn’t be able to understand it at all.

It was because that they weren’t as experienced in training as Qingfeng was. For example, Qingfeng acquired the Thunder Immortal inheritance, and he had an extremely deep understanding of the Thunder Dao.

Also, the Golden Energy Qingfeng trained in was energy of gold, and he has trained Yin-Yang Immortal technique, which was the energy of ultra yin, and ultra yang.

Qingfeng has also trained in Gravitational technique, Whirlwind realm, Flame realm, Killing God Law, and other techniques.

These gatherings represented the beginning of all, and various energies in the universe showed different aspects.

At the same time, Qingfeng has fought with various species and humans.

Not only were there demon beasts, there were also devil tribes, mutated tribes, demon tribes, along with legendary hell ferocious ghosts, Reincarnation Dao, immortal Dao, devil Dao, demon Dao, righteous Dao, and so on. They were all some basic proof for the Primitive Immortal Sutra he trained in now.

The Primitive Immortal Sutra needed to allow all existence, with the depth of the sea, and length of hundreds of mountain ranges, with massive space. It could gather all of the tribes, and techniques of the universe, and it could begin to train an entirely new technique.

This was the understanding of the universe, and of Dao.

At this stage, the fight between two was no longer limited to only techniques, attacks, energy, dharma treasures, or weapons. Instead it could directly activate the entire universal laws.

At this time, all of the universal skies and heavens, suns, moons, and stars could all be utilized by it.

Qingfeng looked at it once and breathed in a breathe of cold air. This was exactly the same as the legendary Chaos Era, and characters.

Back then; the legendary characters could spit out wind or fire as soon as they opened their mouths, and they could even make the stars in the sky fall down.

Qingfeng sat there with legs crossed and began to closely understand the Primtive Immortal Sutra.

He saw all sorts of elemental laws gather all around his body, and these were all of the purest and most original of all energy in the Chaos Era of the universe.

At the beginning, fire-style law gathered all around Qingfeng’s body, because his earliest trainings were in fire-style vital essence, so he understood flames the deepest.

He has even controlled the Golden Flame, and has swallowed several other kinds of flames, which led him further and further down the road of flame style.

There were plenty of heaven and ground godly fire. It was black, white, blue, purple, yellow, green or so on. Various types of flames appeared above Qingfeng’s head, and then it gathered into various sorts of flame godly law.

In the end, Qingfeng’s entire body was like a bunch of burning flame that bathed in the fiery light, as if the Fire God has Worlded.

If someone were here, then they would definitely be shocked, because normal self-cultivators that trained in fire-style vital essence could only use one type of flame.

Some ancient talented cultivators and demons could train into two types of colors of flames, and only some immortals and immortal king masters could train into three types of flames.

However now, Qingfeng had trained into ten or so types of colored flames, and these flames weren’t normal flames. They were all part of the most original flames that first appeared in the heavens and earth, as it contained primitive energy.

Situations like Qingfeng’s would only appear when one type of person was training, and that was the Immortal Monarch.

However, Qingfeng wasn’t even the Immortal Monarch right now. He was only an immortal power, and he has already understood the law that only Immortal Monarch could understand.

If this got out, then the entire universe would be shocked, and go crazy for it.

It didn’t matter how invincible and powerful various tribes were, the invincible powers would all want to capture Qingfeng, and then conduct research on him. It would provide evidence and data for them to reach new levels.

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