My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2434

Chapter 2434 Extract The Chaotic Stone

Chapter 2434: Extract the Chaotic Stone

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Not only did the Longevity Immortal shock the whole universal Saint Realm, even the demon world, devil world, and immortal realm pass around countless legends about him. He was the supreme leader of the universe.

Even though he didn’t belong to the immortal world, they claimed that he was the closest to the Immortal Monarch.

Qingfeng looked at the White Crane Demon Immortal and said, “Take care of yourself.”

The White Crane Demon Immortal nodded, and her nicely figured body soared into the sky and flew towards the demon world far away.

There was a spatial world wall between the universal outskirts and demon world.

The White Crane Demon Immortal had a mysterious treasure on her. She reached out with her long jade-like fingers and took it out, revealing a piece of talisman script.

Only someone with great strength could create such as thing, and it was her master that sculpted it for her, who was a powerful half-step demon immortal king.

A rush of sky-forcing energy released from above the seal, and this rush of energy shocked the entire heaven and earth. It immediately cracked the world wall and a large hole appeared.

The White Crane Demon Immortal’s body soared and disappeared inside the world wall, and returned to the demon world.

Qingfeng thought for a moment, and then turned around to say, “Let’s go, let’s get out of here as well.”

Qingfeng moved his intent, directly took out an immortal boat from his interspatial ring, and tossed it in front of him.

This immortal boat was several hundred feet big, with plenty of immortal Dao talisman script sculpted on its surface.

Now, Qingfeng deeply understood arrays and Immortal Dao, as he arranged several arrays above the immortal boat.

These arrays had driving and flying arrays along with the defensive array. It immediately increased the immortal boat’s speed by quite a lot, and at the same time, the defensive force was stronger as well.

Even though there were plenty of spatial and time cracks in the outskirts of the universe, but they were all easily dodged by Qingfeng’s immortal boat.

Even though some spatial pieces have clashed above the immortal boat, but the strong defensive force bounced it off.

In regards to those mutants, devil tribes, demon tribes, and strong ferocious beasts saw Qingfeng in the universal outskirts, they all dodged away after they saw him.

They knew that Qingfeng had messaged around in the universal outskirts, and he pulled out in the end. They knew that this was a devil that they couldn’t mess with.

Shortly afterwards, the immortal boat has left the universal outskirts, and then it flew into the universal Saint Realm.

On the immortal boat, Black Puppy asked, “Qingfeng, which law did you acquire? How come I feel that you’ve become much stronger than before? It feels like I’m facing a god when I face you, as if I can’t fight you off at all.”

Qingfeng slightly smiled, as lightly spun around his index right finger, and a bunch of flames appeared above his index finger.

The bunch of flames were initially gold. Then it turned black, red, blue, purple, teal, orange, green, and white.

The bunch of flame skipped around nonstop, and it continuously changed into twelve types of colors.

In the end, Qingfeng gathered the twelve types of colored flames into one, and it turned into a massive flame that was like a godly presence.

Splatter! Splatter!

Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake both kneeled to the ground in fear, as they trembled all over.

They looked at this twelve-colored godly flame as if they faced an ancient godly spirit.

Black Puppy stutteringly said, “Qingfeng, you’ve acquired the godly fire. This is the flame that only Immortal Monarchs could acquire. Your training hasn’t reached immortal king yet, so how could you acquire this godly fire?”

Qingfeng lightly smiled, and said, “You must’ve forgotten that I control the Golden Flame, and it has been evolving all this time. Plus, the Golden Flame has already engulfed the other ten or so types of flames, and it has made the flame temperature much higher.”

“Now, I’ve acquired the Primitive Immortal Sutra as well. This is the Primitive Immortal Monarch’s technique, Suppresses the Past and Brightens the Present, and shocks the nine skies and ten grounds. Even though I’ve only trained a bit of it, I’ve also easily controlled the heaven and ground godly fire.”

Huff, huff, huff, huff…

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake both breathed in a breath of cold air.

Even though they were beast ancestors, they felt a basic instinctive fear towards Qingfeng’s flame.

This was the strongest flame in the heaven and ground, and the flame of all gods.

Just as this flame appeared, the immortals could be burned away into ashes.

Suddenly, the Sky-Devouring Snake’s two eyes rolled around and thought of the Desolation Era legends. Hints of bright light appeared in its eyes, with great excitement.

The Sky-Devouring Snake said, “Qingfeng, let me tell you some good news. The legends said that after the Immortal Monarch has acquired the godly fire in the Desolation Era, it could train into chaotic stone. The chaotic stone contained chaotic law with great strength and is the rare treasure that all self-cultivators dream of.”

“However, the chaotic stone was extremely difficult to train. There were two options, one was the birth of heaven and ground, and this birth needed at least over a hundred million years. Even if the time was enough, it would already be acquired by invincible powers, so the quantity was extremely limited, like phoenix furs or vermillion horns.”

“There was also another way, which was to extract. It could extract some immortal stones into chaotic stone, but one had to control godly fire. However, those that controlled the godly fire were mostly immortal kings or Immortal Monarchs.”

“Qingfeng, you’ve controlled the godly fire now, and you could extract the chaotic stone. By then, all of the self-cultivators of the universal heaven and ground would try to buy this from you. You’ll be very wealthy.”

Qingfeng’s face filled with joy, and hints of excitement appeared in his eyes, as he asked, “Sky-Devouring Snake, do you know how one could train the chaotic stone?”

The Sky-Devouring Snake didn’t waste any time, as it directly took out a fist-sized immortal tone, passed it to Qingfeng, and said, “Use your twelve-colored godly fire to extract it, then take out hints of chaotic energy that is contained inside.”

Qingfeng nodded, as he took over the immortal stone Sky-Devouring Snake passed over, and then he moved the godly fire in his right index finger and began to quench this piece of immortal stone.

This piece of immortal stone was the size of a fist, as immortal realm law filled above it, and Great Dao energy flowed around.

However just as the godly fire burned, this immortal energy completely disappeared, and the Great Dao law directly collapsed as well.

This piece of immortal stone shrunk at a great speed, as it shrunk from the size of a fist into the size of a goose egg, duck egg, chicken egg, coin, and then finally the size of a yellow bean.

Even though this piece of immortal stone was only the size of a piece of yellow bean in the end, but a rush of blurred light was still released from above.

This type of light was simple and unadorned, as if all of the grime had been taken out, and the most original energy was left. This was a piece of small chaotic stone.

A ray of light flashed past Qingfeng’s eye, as he could clearly feel a rush of chaotic energy from above this chaotic stone. This was the energy of the beginning of all, and the birth of all existence.

Qingfeng tossed the chaotic stone to Sky-Devouring Snake, and said, “This is all thanks to you, this is your reward.”

Sky-Devouring Snake took over the chaotic stone, as his face filled with gratitude, and thanked Qingfeng nonstop.

Even though they were beast ancestors and had seen a lot of the treasures in the universe, this was the first time that they ever saw a chaotic stone.

The Sky-Devouring Snake didn’t hesitate at all, as it directly placed the chaotic stone into its mouth. It then sat there with legs crossed and began to extract the origin chaotic energy that was released above the chaotic stone.

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