My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2435

Chapter 2435 Horrors Of The Laws Of Chaos

Chapter 2435: Horrors of the Laws of Chaos

Chaos Energy was the energy that first formed at the beginning of the universe. It contained the most primitive, oldest, and most original Great Dao Law and order talisman scripts.

The energy increased nonstop inside of the Sky-Devouring Snake’s body, and its demonic immortal law increased nonstop as well.

Bang, bang!

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s internal demonic nucleus cracked, as two crisp sounds came out, and it directly reached the peak of the demonic immortal realm.

Qingfeng saw that the Sky-Devouring Snake had already reached peak demonic immortal with just a yellow bean-sized chaotic stone, and he became overwhelmed with excitement.

Hints of bright light appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes, as he secretly thought to himself, no wonder this is the rare treasure of Chaos Era, it truly is too powerful.

If Sky-Devouring Snake was absorbing the immortal stone, then it wouldn’t be able to reach the demonic immortal peak at all. It relied on the chaotic law inside of the chaotic stone.

If one wanted to refine out the Chaos Energy inside of the immortal stone, then it had to have the help of the godly fire. No other flames would work aside from the godly fire.

This meant that only Qingfeng could refine the chaotic stone in the entire universal Saint Realm now, because he controlled the godly fire, and others couldn’t.

Not even the Reincarnation Immortal, Longevity Immortal, Green Dragon Immortal, and some other rare powers could do so.

Black Puppy looked at Sky-Devouring Snake with admiration, as two of them were beast ancestors.

However now, the Sky-Devouring Snake’s training was much higher than its, and its body filled with a rush of chaotic presence.

Suddenly, Black Puppy felt a rush of danger.

It noticed that the Sky-Devouring Snake looked at it with hostility.

The Sky-Devouring Snake looked at Black Puppy before it, and coldly laughed, “You little black dog, you were more powerful than me before, and has bullied me, beat me into a head full of bumps, but now it is my turn to take revenge.”

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s body turned into a whirlwind and immediately arrived at Black Puppy’s side.

Before Black Puppy could respond, the Sky-Devouring Snake’s tail heavily waved up, and drew a curve that shook the void.

Chaos Energy filled the Sky-Devouring Snake’s tail, and crumbled the universal sky, as it whipped towards Black Puppy’s head.

Black Puppy naturally wouldn’t give up, as it released its internal demonic immortal force as well, and an immortal Dao law formed above its body.

However, these immortal Dao laws were directly cracked when it touched the chaotic law.

All of the substances that existed began from chaos, so the chaos was the most original, most powerful, and strongest energy in the realm.

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s tail heavily clashed onto Black Puppy’s head, as it immediately punched a big bump onto its head. It rose to the size of a fist and looked incredibly absurd.

Of course, Black Puppy wouldn’t be taken advantage of, as it immediately cursed, “You trashy little snake, you’re now bullying me because you’re more powerful. Just you wait. Wait until Qingfeng gives me a chaotic stone, and increase my training, I definitely wouldn’t let you off the hook.”

The Sky-Devouring Snake immediately grew upset when it heard Black Puppy.

It waved its tail nonstop, as Great Dao Law filled throughout, and charged towards Black Puppy’s whole body.

Bang, bang, bang…

Shortly afterwards, the Sky-Devouring Snake continuously launched ten or so attacks, and filled Black Puppy’s body with big bumps all over. A whole area rose up like a pig’s head.

Qingfeng was now in the process of understanding the chaotic stone formed from the immortal stone and didn’t notice the two beast ancestors’ fight over there at all.

Qingfeng’s mind was completely entrenched in the previous training, even though he was training the immortal stone, but he always had a deeper understanding of the chaotic law.

His flame rolled and danced around his ten fingers nonstop, with red, black, blue, purple, white, and green…

Various kinds of flames intertwined nonstop, with sudden brightness, and sudden darkness, with the essence of all existence, and light that glowed throughout as it lit up the whole world.

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake fought for a bit and then stopped because it noticed that Qingfeng released flame all over his body.

Now, not only did his fingers release flame. His hair, eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears, chest, legs, feet, and even his butt unleashed flames.

There was godly fire everywhere, as it burned up Qingfeng nonstop.

It was as if Qingfeng formed into a torch that burned heavily, as if it was the sun in the sky, but also like the lava that erupted underneath a mountain.

In the end, this godly flame burned up the entire universal skies, as even immortal boat burned up. This scared Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake.

They knew that Qingfeng must have understood a technique with deeper profoundness now, and it might be the elevation of the godly fire.

However given this, this godly fire would destroy the entire immortal boat, and even Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake would be engulfed by his godly fire as well.

Both Sky-Devouring Snake and Black Puppy’s expressions changed dramatically, as it loudly said, “Qingfeng, hurry up and stop, don’t unleash the flame anymore, or else, everyone will be doomed.”

However, Qingfeng remained still, as his mind was completely drawn in by the chaotic law, and he didn’t know about what was happening outside and didn’t hear Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake’s call.

Black Puppy’s expressions grew tense, as it said, “You trashy little snake, you must pull Qingfeng could from the training state, because only the Immortal Monarch could understand the godly fire, and Qingfeng isn’t powerful enough. If he had to train for a million years, then he will definitely die in the universal saint void.”

The Sky-Devouring Snake nodded, and said, “Blackie, we’ll temporarily stop fighting now, and you’ll wait here. I’ll use my soul to enter the godly fire world, and awaken Qingfeng.”

Black Puppy nodded, and it also knew that this was a bit serious, so it hurriedly said, “Hurry up and get in, don’t waste any time.”

The Sky-Devouring Snake sat down, coiled up, and hands held together, as it posed an ancient spell.

Its soul directly flew out from the depth of its mind, and its physical body remained in the same spot.

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s soul formed into a ray of light that released mysterious chaotic breath.

If this happened before, then the Sky-Devouring Snake wouldn’t dare to do this, because in the past, its soul would burn up into ashes as soon as it touched the godly fire.

However things were different now, and Sky-Devouring Snake has now absorbed the chaotic stone Qingfeng gave it, and its own soul and body has already been tainted with a bunch of chaotic air.

Now, its soul and body filled with chaotic Great Dao, and could easily touch the godly fire.

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s soul moved very fast, as it immediately entered into the godly fire.

However, the godly fire’s flame temperature has reached several hundred thousand degrees Celsius, and Sky-Devouring Snake’s soul was covered with sweat all over, and nearly collapsed.

The Sky-Devouring Snake’s soul hurriedly tried to find Qingfeng within the godly fire and has finally found Qingfeng in the middle of the flame.

Qingfeng quietly stood there, as chaotic breath filled all around him, and Great Dao law spun all around.

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