My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2436

Chapter 2436 Revival Of The Powerful

Chapter 2436: Revival of the Powerful

Countless flame spun all around Qingfeng’s body as it poured out nonstop, and it was as if he was a man of fire.

The Sky-Devouring Snake activated its soul energy, as it loudly shouted, “Qingfeng, hurry on out, don’t train the godly fire anymore, you’re not powerful enough.”

Qingfeng’s godly soul has already fallen into the chaotic godly fire, as it suddenly felt that there was someone outside that called for his soul.

Then, he returned to his original body with difficulty and opened his eyes. He immediately noticed the Sky-Devouring Snake and Black Puppy’s considerate eyes.

Qingfeng was still a bit scared when he thought of what just happened.

He was completely entrenched within the chaotic godly fire, but he didn’t feel it at all.

If this continued, then his entire body would be completely burned up by the godly fire in the end.

Qingfeng looked around and noticed that the entire immortal boat was already completely destroyed and was burned into grimes. Even the Sky-Devouring Snake and Black Puppy’s skin cracked as well from the burn.

Black Puppy was especially miserable, as it lost plenty of its fur from the fire, and seemed a bit bare.

There were a lot of big bumps on its body, which were all from Sky-Devouring Snake’s previous attacks.

Hints of apology appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes, as he said, “Blackie, Sky-Devouring Snake, I’ve troubled you guys.”

Black Puppy’s expression turned tense, and it said, “Qingfeng, don’t train this chaotic flame anymore. Even though you’ve succeeded in the last training, but it was due to the Primitive Immortal Sutra’s help. If the Primitive Immortal Sutra wasn’t around, then you’re definitely asking for death if you try to train those chaotic godly fire.”

“Only the top powers and Immortal Monarchs amongst the immortal kings could control the chaotic godly fire, not even the Reincarnation Immortal could control it.”

Qingfeng nodded, and said, “I understand, if I try to understand this godly fire again, then I will use the Primitive Immortal Sutra as support.”

Qingfeng looked at the universal Saint Realm far away, and said, “Let’s go, even though the immortal boat is destroyed, but we’ve already reached the universal Saint Realm, and we can freely fly off.”

Qingfeng, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake formed into three rays of light that flew towards the Crimson Fire Continent.

They moved very fast, and shortly afterwards, they landed in the space outside of the Crimson Fire Continent.

At this moment, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, and the others were all inside the Imperial Palace as they anxiously waited for Qingfeng.

Even though the Reincarnation Immortal had attacked the Crimson Fire Continent last time and destroyed the entire Imperial Palace and most of the area of the Continent, after the reconstruction of the Lingyun Emperor, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu and other self-cultivators of the Crimson Fire Continent, the Continent was reformed back together.

The Imperial Palace was rebuilt again and was grander than before. All of it was made of immortal stones, reaching great heights as gold light glowed throughout.

Plus, plenty of immortal grade arrays were arranged all around the imperial palace. Not even the peak immortal could attack through it.

Suddenly, a hint of joy appeared on Xue Lin’s attractive face.

She felt something deep down, as she raised her head, and looked towards the sky. She immediately noticed Qingfeng, and immediately grew excited.

Over this period, and after Qingfeng left, she has thought about him nonstop, and missed him everyday, in fear that something might happen to Qingfeng.

It was because they knew that there was plenty of danger hidden within the universal Saint Realm, like the Longevity Immortal, Reincarnation Immoral, and the invincible ruler in the Yin-Yang planet.

Of course, they knew of these, but they haven’t even heard of some hidden enemies.

Over this period of time, along with the approach of the Longevity Immortal’s birthday, some old creatures that haven’t appeared for a while all appeared one by one, because some of them have received the Longevity Immortal’s invitation.

The Longevity Immortal would have a birthday banquet every five million years, and they said that there would be Longevity Immortal Fruit at the feast, which was equivalent to the Hepan Peach Fruit and Chaos Spiritual Fruit.

Countless old creatures, old demons, and even some powers left from the Desolation Era of the universe also woke up.

Xue Lin’s body moved, and disappeared within the Imperial Palace, as she flew into the sky, and rushed into Qingfeng’s arms. She tightly held him, as if she was scared to lose him.

Qingfeng lightly smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xue, and the others also flew to Qingfeng’s side, and each and every one of their faces seemed very excited.

Over this period, everyone was worried about Qingfeng.

It was because explosive sounds were occasionally heard within the universal Saint Realm, as countless planets turned into ashes nonstop. Especially over the outskirts of the universe, fierce turbulence occurred over there, and it shocked the heaven and sky.

Many of the planets in the universal Saint Realm were destroyed by the earthquake wave, and the Crimson Fire Continent was destroyed as well, and the Imperial Palace was destroyed as well. This was already the third time that Xue Lin and the others rebuilt the Imperial Palace.

Qingfeng found out about the reason why it happened from Xue Lin and others’ words. This was the earthquake that occurred in the universe when he was training for the Chaos Spiritual Fruit, and touched the spatial walls of the human, demon, and devilish world, along with the immortal realm.

However, the earthquake wave Qingfeng unleashed was more spread out, and the energy was much stronger.

Of course, Qingfeng also found out about terrible news from Xue Lin and others’ words, which was that some of the dead from the ancient universal era and Desolation Era had been revived.

They were buried in their own family cemeteries or sect cemeteries, yet they weren’t truly dead; instead they hid away to prolong their lives. When they woke up once again, it would be for the activation of the immortal realm gate.

Of course, there was another reason, which was that they wanted to acquire the Longevity Immortal’s Longevity Immortal Fruit, which was a powerful immortal substance, and everyone wanted to steal it.

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

While Qingfeng, Xue Lin, and others spoke, a round of loud explosive sound came from the depth of the universal Saint Realm.

The sound tore through nine skies, and deep down towards the nine depths, as rounds and rounds of explosions were unleashed in the air.

One could see that there was a ray of sword light that tore through, and directly sliced through the universal Saint Realm, and sliced the void into ashes.

In another direction, there was a ray of black blade light that tore through, and it sliced the sun, moon, and stars.

The black blade light clashed onto the sword light and released a wave that wherever it passed, all existent substances in the realm were destroyed.

At this scene, Qingfeng’s expression changed, as he hurriedly activated his internal immortal vital essence, and an invincible defensive light beam formed above the Crimson Fire Continent, as it finally blocked the wild energy wave.

Qingfeng thought to himself, so it’s a half-step immortal king power, not so bad. Plus, there is a rush of Chaos Energy, and they are the invincible powers of the Chaos Era.

Xue Lin bitterly laughed on the side, and side, “Hubby, these things happen quite often. There had been shocking fighting energy that came from the universal Saint Realm from time to time.”

“After these wild universal era and ancient era masters awakened, they fought with each other to the death. Some were great enemies from before, and now they’ve begun to fight nonstop again.”

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