My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2437

Chapter 2437 Birthday Banquet Of The Longevity Immortal

Chapter 2437: Birthday Banquet of the Longevity Immortal

Qingfeng nodded and said, “Let’s go. We shouldn’t deal with those people just yet. Let’s find the Imperial Palace first. Try your best to train and increase everyone’s cultivation.”

Everyone returned into the Imperial Palace and sat down with crossed legs.

Qingfeng took out some elixirs he found on the outskirts of the universe and shared it with Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, and the others.

These elixirs have already existed inside the outskirts of the universe for over ten million years and had hints of Chaos Energy. The energy poured out everywhere, as it released Great Dao Law, which Qingfeng especially gathered at the outskirts of the universe.

Everyone was very grateful to Qingfeng and had immense amounts of respect for him.

Even though they were all famous immortal masters, they still felt an incredible pressure recently.

This was because the ancient masters from several million or even ten million years ago had revived from the universal Saint Realm, and each and every one of those forces had a great background.

Some were invincible powers that ruled the universal Saint Realm five million years ago, while some suppressed the universal Saint Realm ten million years ago. Some ruled ten million stars, while some had even killed over hundreds of millions of self-cultivators.

Xue Lin’s delicate brows slightly frowned, and took out a red invitation from her arms, and handed it over. She said, “Three days ago, the Longevity Immortal’s disciple came here to send the birthday invitation. He said that half a month later, there will be a birthday banquet at the Longevity Hall on the Longevity Planet, please do come.”

Qingfeng nodded, took over the invitation, and noticed that there were Immortal Dao talisman script hand-written on it and Great Dao Laws spinning around.

After he looked over it once, he placed it into his pockets.

In the next half-month, Qingfeng and the others trained in the Imperial Palace nonstop.

Even though a big explosive sound occasionally came from the universal Saint Realm, along with big waves, Qingfeng easily blocked it with the Yin-Yang Immortal Array he arranged.

After he returned this time, Qingfeng added some Chaos Energy into the Yin-Yang Immortal Array so that he could block those half-step immortal king’s attacks.

Time flew by and half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Within this half month, the liveliest event had to be the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet.

Countless self-cultivators discussed this birthday banquet in the Universal Saint Realm and solemnly saw it as a rare banquet.

Some claimed that amongst the billion self-cultivators, only one would receive the Longevity Immortal’s invitation.

Plus, this person must be very powerful, of at least the middle-grade immortal realm.

This didn’t mean that they had to be middle-grade immortals to attend the birthday banquet. For example, those that were geniuses in their realm could receive the invitation as well.

Some could train into the master of immortal grade spiritual stone, or a master of immortal elixirs, or even the talented pianist. They could receive the Longevity Immortal’s invitation as well.

Within the various industries and realms, after they’ve reached the top, they would receive the love of everyone.

In the morning, just as the sun rose, the sunlight lit up every piece of World in the entire Crimson Fire Continent.

The world was warm all over.

Qingfeng opened his eyes and felt that his internal immortal vital essence had increased a bit.

He had already stayed for a while in the immortal peak, and after half a month of training, he had strengthened his cultivation and increased his energy.

Qingfeng stood up and looked in another direction.

Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure Hunting Rat were all training there.

The Treasure Hunting Rat had been heavily wounded in the beginning, and only had its soul left, but after Qingfeng returned, it found a new body.

Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng’s side with her alluring curves, and she said, “What are you planning to gift this time for the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet?”

Qingfeng thought for a moment and said, “The Longevity Immortal has already lived for several lifetimes, and has ruled the entire universal space. He might not like the gift, no matter what you give him. I’ll be fine as long as I’m there, and we’ll decide on the spot. If that can’t work, then I’ll form a chaotic stone for him, and I believe that he will like it.”

The others on the side nodded as well. They knew that this might be the last time Qingfeng would be in Universal Saint Realm when he leaves the Crimson Fire Continent this time.

This was because that it wouldn’t take long until the immortal realm gate to open, and then everyone would enter the immortal realm.

Before they left, Qingfeng especially called Lingyun Emperor over, and passed an invincible immortal technique onto him, which was the Yin-Yang Immortal technique.

This was a legendary invincible immortal technique, but Qingfeng still passed it onto the Lingyun Emperor.

Of course, Qingfeng didn’t forget about Qingqing Mu either, as he directly gave her plenty of immortal stones, and a set of immortal grade technique.

Qingqing Mu looked at Qingfeng as he walked away, and hints of disappointment appeared on her attractive face.

She knew that she was very different from Qingfeng, and perhaps she wouldn’t be able to catch up to him in her whole life, but hints of bright light appeared Qingqing Mu’s eyes in the next moment.

She secretly thought to himself, B**rother Li, one day I will catch up to you, just so that I can be by your side. Even if I can only take one look.

Once everything was arranged, Qingfeng led Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Little Apple, and Mengyao Xu through the void, and flew towards the Longevity Planet.

This was because that when Qingfeng was understanding the godly fire, the immortal boat was already destroyed, as Qingfeng and others sat into a battle boat.

The Lingyun Monarch constructed this battle boat with his specially gathered rare materials, and it was very powerful. It was five hundred feet long and a hundred feet wide.

Above this battle boat, there were plenty of talisman script sculpted on top, and bright civilization glowed on it.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Rounds of air-shattering sound rang within the universal Saint Realm, as plenty of flying boat, immortal boat, cars and battle boat that flew passed Qingfeng’s battle boat.

Each and every one of them released massive energy and suppressed the entire space. Plus, those that drove the cars were very powerful, and they all headed over to attend the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet.

Amongst them, Qingfeng saw an ancient immortal beast that drove a dragon car.

The coach was sculpted with ancient flowers on the surface and was passed down from the ancient era. It was very ancient, with deep mysteriousness, as it released tyrannical presence.

Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng’s side, and said, “Hubby, those people aren’t so simple. There is a great possibility that they are hidden rare powers and are now all going to the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet.”

Qingfeng nodded, and said, “Don’t bother with them just yet. As long as they don’t bother me, then you don’t need to acknowledge them.”

However, everything didn’t go as Qingfeng wanted.

Qingfeng didn’t trouble anyone else, but others always caused trouble for him.

Just then, a youth dressed in black that sat above the flying boat saw Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu while they flew, and hints of bright light appeared in their eyes.

The youth in black piloted the flying boat right off the bat and blocked Qingfeng in front of the battle boat.

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