My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2438

Chapter 2438 Yin Blade Immortal

Chapter 2438: Yin Blade Immortal

Qingfeng Li frowned, and seeing the flying ship blocking his way, a hint of dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes.

He could clearly feel that this young man in black was here to look for trouble. Otherwise, he wouldn’t block his way for no reason.

Xu Cheng coldly said, “F*ck off!”

And those two worlds shook the heavens and earth.

The young man in black was angry. Chilling light flashed past his eyes, but when he saw the beauty in front of him, he knew he had to maintain his calm, so he temporarily suppressed his anger.

The young man in black loudly said, “The two women beside you are very beautiful, and they also have magical bloodline within them. I think you should give them to me.”

One must say, this young man in black was incredibly arrogant, he just directly went to grab someone else’s woman.

Some of the passerby cultivators saw this scene and they were immediately scared and hid away as far as they could.

It was because they recognized who this young man was. He was the disciple of a very powerful individual.

“Did you see that? That young man in black is the disciple of Yin Blade Immortal, Aotian Yin. And he’s also the most cherished disciple of Yin Blade Immortal.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect at all that Yin Blade Immortal, someone from the ancient universe era 3 million years ago, to actually climb out from his tomb.”

“Yeah, and during the recent period, Yin Blade Immortal had killed too many people for cultivation purpose, and he already achieved half-step immortal king level, just a shy away from Immortal King.”

“Aotian Yin is really a horrible guy. Using his master Yin Blade Immortal’s influence, he had been going around and robbing women from other people.”

The surrounding cultivators were all talking, and they were very unsatisfied with Aotian Yin.

Of course, they could only whisper and not let Aotian Yin hear it. They also don’t dare to get close to Aotian Yin, afraid of being hurt by him.

Qingfeng Li’s hearing was especially good. Although standing very far away, he could hear very clearly.

From the mouths of the people around them, he knew that this man in black’s background isn’t simple.

He had also heard about Yin Blade Immortalbefore.

In the ancient universe era, Yin Blade Immortal was an amazing supreme powerhouse, and he had defeated countless geniuses in the universe’s saint realm. He was a super powerhouse ranked in the top 10 of the immortal list.

Aotian Yin were also feeling great. He naturally heard other people’s discussion of him as well. Not only did he not feel embarrassed, he was even feeling very proud and happy.

Aotian Yin said with excitement as his nostrils pointed towards Qingfeng, “Did you hear that? I’m thedisciple of Yin Blade Immortal. My master is already a half-step immortal king. Just hurry up and give me the beauties by your side, or else, not only will I kill you today, I will still take them.”

Qingfeng Li stood above the battleship and his face changed. He was burning with rage.

Not only was Qingfeng furious, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and the others were all furious, feeling that this Aotian Yin was just too despicable.

Black Puppy directly replied, “The dumbass in front of us, what are you saying? We don’t understand. If you haven’t learned to talk, you should go back to your mother’s womb and start again.”

Aotian Yin was immediately furious, and he shouted in fury, “You little bastard dog, how dare you say that about me? Watch how I slap you to death!”

Aotian Yin reached out with his hand and slapped forward, and it immediately transformed into a giant palm of over 5 million feet long. It traversed the starry sky, crushed the void and directly came after Black Puppy.

The people around all exclaimed, “Aotian Yin is at the peak of immortal realm, he’s indeed powerful. This dog is in danger now.”

Black Puppy didn’t hestitate at all. It lept forward and directly shot out two rays of black light from its eyes.

Those light was even capable of freezing time. Aotian Yin’s body immediately froze and couldn’t move at all, and even his attack was frozen in the void.

Then, Black Puppy slapped out with its paw and smacked it onto Aotian Yin’s face.


With a loud and crips sound, a fine dog paw print appeared on Aotian Yin’s face.

The other cultivators were all shocked to see this scene. They didn’t expect at all to see that this Aotian Yin was actually bullied by a dog. Just moments before, he was still so arrogant and domineering, but now, he was even worse than a dog.

Of course, those guys didn’t know Black Puppy’s power before, or they wouldn’t have thought this way.

Xue Lin looked at Black Puppy and said, “Well done, Blackie, towards people like you, you should really teach them a lesson.

Aotian Yin was completely furious, feeling that he was about to go mad any second.

He felt that he had been greatly humiliated. If the news of this were to spread, then he would become the laughing stock of the entire universe’s saint realm.

Aotian Yin roared towards the sky as his body ascended into the air. He came directly up to Qingfeng Li’s battleship.

Aotian Yin wanted to redeem himself for the face he just lost and he directly pulled out a big blade from his body.

This blade was blood red, and it was stained with the blood of millions of human cultivators, engraved with countless runes and sealed with countless souls.

Aotian Yin slashed forward fiercely with the balde towards Qingfeng’s battleship.

Some of the cultivators recognized this blade and their face all changed. They shouted in surprised, “Unbelievable, Aotian Yin actually obtained this kind of treasure!”

Other people responded, “What do you know? This balde is called Yin Immortal Blade, and it’s a blade once used by Yin Immortal. It’s passed down to his disciple by him.

Faced with the Yin Immortal Blade, Qingfeng Li appeared very calm and wasn’t scared at all.

He grabbed forward with his right hand, and under everyone’s shocking eyes, he directly grabbed onto the Yin Immortal Blade. The edge collided with his hand, but he wasn’t hurt at all.

Right now, Qingfeng Li had mastered the first chapter of the Primitive Immortal Scroll. His entire body was emitting the auroa of chaos, invincible and indestructible.

Primitive Immortal Scroll was an technique exponentially more powerful than Mortal Purgatory Body, and it obviously wasn’t afraid of Yin Immortal Blade.


With a crack, Qingfeng Li directly broke Yin Immortal Blade, and it stunned the young man in blade.

Qingfeng Li sneered. “I told you earlier to f*ck off and you didn’t, so now I will just kill you.”

He directly slapped down from the sky onto Aotian Yin’s body.


Aotian Yin exploded like a water balloon, disappearing into the air.

Behind where Aotian Yin originally was, there was Aotian Yin’s flying ship and there were dozens of powerful cultivators. Seeing that their young master was already killed by Qingfeng Li, they all roared, wanting to come over and avenge. Flying swords, slashing blades, and all kinds of techniques began flying at Qingfeng Li.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li just stood there, unmoved. He opened his mouth and exhaled a breath of golden energy.

The energy aura crossed the sky with surging immortal energy and directly sliced through the enemy flying ship. All the cultivators on it were sliced into halves and disappeared into blood mist.

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