My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2439

Chapter 2439 Shenxiu Zhong

Chapter 2439: Shenxiu Zhong

Upon seeing Qingfeng Li murder Aotian Yin, the self-cultivators around him sucked in a breath of cold air, and hid far away from him, too afraid to come close.

After someone recognized Qingfeng Li, shocked filled his eyes as he said quietly, “A good show’s about to begin here at the universe saint realm. The Yin Saber Immortal will never forgive Qingfeng Li for killing his disciple.”

Another person retorted, “So what? Qingfeng Li isn’t even afraid of the Reincarnation Immortal, let alone the Yin Saber Immortal.”

The self-cultivators all had a feeling that a catastrophe was coming for them, and Qingfeng Li would be standing in the middle of that chaos.

Qingfeng Li didn’t even look at the self-cultivators around him. He turned around and said to his people, “Let’s go, we need to attend the birthday party of the Longevity Immortal.”

The spaceship cut threw the skies like a bird flapping its wings. It sped through the universe and headed towards the Longevity Planet.

As for what happened just now, Qingfeng Li saw it as no more than an interlude.

He had cultivated to pinnacle tier of the immortal realm and could engage in cross-realm battles. Therefore, he was not at all afraid of those of the Half-Step Immortal King Realm.

Qingfeng Li’s battleship accelerated at great speed; soon, the group arrived outside the Longevity Planet.

The planet was large and grand. Its splendor lit up the skies, exuded rows and rows of heavenly laws.

Those were longevity laws and contained marvelous vital energy and power. The Longevity Planet was 1,000 times larger than the Crimson Fire Continent on the Fire Planet.

The home of the Longevity Immortal was sure unique beyond compare.

Qingfeng Li did a rough estimate and realized that it was even bigger than the Yin Yang Planet.

Yin Yang Planet fell from the Immortal Land and was ruled by Red Lotus Immortal Queen as well as another powerhouse. However, their planet was small compared with the Longevity Planet.

Qingfeng Li looked at the planet before him and felt the power of the Longevity Immortal. No wonder he was powerful enough to emerge from the chaotic ancient universe.

“This is such a boundless planet,” Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu both exclaimed in surprise.

They were both born proud and had seen countless planets. Even so, they were in awe of the Longevity Planet.

By this time, countless spaceships, battleships, horse carriages, dragon carriages, tiger carriages, and fairy boats hovered above the atmosphere of the Longevity Planet.

Each and every one of them were extremely important and powerful figures.

Above them was an energy that shook the skies and the earth frightening the entire universe. They contained those of Half-Step Immortal King, or Immortal Powerhouses.

Qingfeng Li was shocked; Qingfeng Li was already a rare immortal powerhouse of the universe scared realm, let alone those of Half-Step Immortal King.

However, dozens of Half-Step Immortal Kings appeared, putting him in complete shock.

However, Qingfeng Li also knew that most of these Half-Step Immortal Kings were not of the universe saint realm. Rather, they were from the ancient or wild eras of the universe.

They hid themselves in their graves in hope that one day, the universe scared realm would open, and they would be able to reach Immortal Land.

Swoosh, swoosh…

The spaceships, battleships and horse carriages of the sort accelerated at great speed; they cut through the skies and immediately headed towards the Longevity Planet, landing on the Longevity Continent.

Qingfeng Li accelerated his own battleship, following close behind the others.

However, it was very obvious that Qingfeng Li’s battleship was slower, compared to the others’ battleships and horse carriages.

After all, the others’ vehicles were all ancient treasures, cultivated by supreme powerhouses.

Although Qingfeng Li’s battleship was powerful, the Lingyun Emperor didn’t use extremely valuable materials, so it wasn’t as fast as those made from ancient or wild era-materials.

The good news was, Qingfeng Li’s immortal vitality was powerful, so he could control the speed of the battleship, and was able to closely follow behind them.

Soon, they landed on the Longevity Mountain of the Longevity Planet.

The Longevity Mountain was the tallest mountain on the planet, as high as 10 million meters. It was incredibly majestic, with rolling mountain ranges all around.

The tip of the Longevity Mountain shot threw the skies and stood tall and straight. It exuded a mystical energy, lighting up heaven and earth. The moon, sun, and stars all dropped down, catching the attention of the entire universe.

Immortal birds and animals would occasionally fly through the tall mountain ranges.

There were cranes, golden birds, sparrows as well as other rare animals, such as red dragons, three-eyed tigers, and sky-swallowing pythons.

They were all extremely rare animals, most of which were already extinct from the universe saint realm. Yet, they reemerged in the Longevity Mountain, after one million years.

Aside from rare animals, there were also magical planets and herbs inside the mountain – Nine Days Vines, Butterfly Fairy Flowers, Yin Yang Grass, Purple Gold Fruit… treasures piled up like mountains, and could be seen everywhere on the tip of the mountain ranges.

Even well-informed geniuses and powerful chiefs sucked in a breath of cold air, exclaiming at the sight before them.

“No wonder this place is the number 1 sacred mountain of the universe saint realm. There are so many treasures on it,” everyone exclaimed.

Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and Mengyao Xu walked alongside Qingfeng Li as their beautiful eyes scanned their surroundings.

White fairy cranes, aromatic elixirs and blooming fairy fruits all grabbed their attention.

Xue Lin said quietly, “Honey, this is truly wonderland. Compared to this place, the Crimson Fire Continent is so poor.”

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said, “Of course, the Longevity Immortal has always been mysterious. He explored the entire universe and is the closest to becoming an Immortal Emperor. I don’t know why he never became one, but many of the same era have.”

When they almost arrived at the foot of the Longevity Mountain, people parked their horse carriages, spaceships, and battleships outside, because they needed to walk into the great hall.

A woman stood at the bottom of the Longevity Mountain, greeting all guests and friends.

She was incredibly beautiful, and her face was as perfect and as clean as jade. Her long hair flowed down seductively, and her body curved at all the right places.

She was wearing a white dress and stood there like a blooming white snow lotus. She was proud, and she felt like a breath of fresh air.

From the others’ conversations, Qingfeng Li found out that this woman was Shenxiu Zhong, the head disciple of the Longevity Immortal. She looked as pretty as a fairy and was one of the ten beauties of the universe’s saint realm.

Qingfeng Li used his spirit energy and detected that this woman was powerful.

She had cultivated to that of pinnacle-realm immortal, but like Qingfeng Li, she was also in her twenties.

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