My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2440

Chapter 2440 The Green Dragon Immortal

Qingfeng Li was dumbfounded; he had had so many changing encounters in the past and possessed the ultimate treasure of the chaos. He even had to cultivate the Primitive Immortal Scroll to reach pinnacle-tier immortal level.

However, this woman successfully reached pinnacle-tier immortal level at a young age; this means that the Longevity Immortal also possessed the ultimate treasure of the chaos.

Otherwise, this woman would not have been able to cultivate so quickly.

Shenxiu Zhong was there to greet the guests because everyone who came here was of extreme importance. Some were even more powerful than she was.

Qingfeng Li and the others were at the end of the line, so her attention wasn’t on them.

Right now, Shenxiu Zhong’s heart was beating fast as she looked at all the supreme powerhouses.

Although she was the first disciple of the Longevity Immortal, all the guests here today were powerful and prestigious.

For example, there was an elder towards the east of the crowd. He was clothed in black and looked energetic. His eyes gleamed with planets, the moon, and stars.

This was no simple black-clothed elder; he was the Yin Saber Immortal.

He was a renowned Half-Step Immortal King, one of the almighty powerhouses from the ancient era of the universe, three million years ago.

Another elder walked stood to the west of the crowd. He stood tall, had sword-like brows and a twinkling gaze. His hair was snowy white, and he was wearing a green robe that made him look like a fairy.

This green-robed elder was an important figure as well. He stood there like a sword, splitting open the heavens and earth, shattering all beings. His name was the Maniac Sword Immortal.

He was also an almighty powerhouse from the ancient era of the universe three million years ago. He was dubbed ‘the number one sword’ and was sworn enemies with the Yin Saber Immortal.

A while ago, a battle broke out in the universe saint realm. The sword and saber energies cut through the skies and destroyed the sun, moon, and stars. That chaos marked the battle between the Maniac Sword Immortal and the Yin Saber Immortal.

They were sworn enemies three million years ago during the ancient era of the universe. This time, they began battling again, after climbing out of their graves.

At this moment, the two immortals looked at each other furiously, both exuding murderous energy. If they weren’t at Longevity Mountain, they would’ve broken into battle a long time ago.

Shenxiu Zhong smiled bitterly as she said, “Elders Yin Saber Immortal and Maniac Sword Immortal, please head into the Longevity hall, our master’s birthday celebration is beginning soon, no battles are allowed here.”


The two immortals sneered at each other with hatred and murderous intent in their eyes then, they headed inside to the Longevity Hall.

After the Yin Saber Immortal and Maniac Sword Immortal went into, some other powerhouses who hated Qingfeng Li. appeared.

Qingfeng Li saw the Feather Immortal, Five Elements patriarch, and the Reincarnation Immortal.

The self-cultivators all backed down upon seeing them.

Of course, they knew how powerful the Reincarnation Immortal was; they also knew about the undying animosity and hatred between them and Qingfeng Li.

Shenxiu Zhong laughed bitterly again, her pretty face filled with awkwardness.

She walked up again and said, “Elder Reincarnation, today is my master’s birthday celebration, and battling isn’t allowed. Please head in.”

The Reincarnation Immortal glanced at Shenxiu Zhong, and then back at Qingfeng Li. He said with an icy tone, “Today I will save face for the Longevity Immortal. After the birthday celebration, I will be sure to kill you.”

The Feather Immortal and Five Elements patriarch looked murderously at Qingfeng Li as well. Then, they followed closely after the Reincarnation Immortal into the Longevity Hall.

Qingfeng Li stood there calmly, his face unrevealing of happiness of sadness. He seemed ambivalent towards their murderous intent.

To him, the Reincarnation Immortal didn’t have to be feared. Qingfeng Li possessed the Primitive Immortal Score and was of peak-level Immortal level. He was more than powerful enough to battle a Half-Step Immortal King.

Shenxiu Zhong’s swayed her sexy hips as she walked up to Qingfeng Li. She said, “I’m sorry, they must’ve scared you.”

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it, he’s just a Reincarnation Immortal, I don’t give a sh*t about him.”

Qingfeng Li’s words were arrogant and domineering, as if the whole world was under him.

Upon hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Shenxiu Zhong looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

She didn’t understand why he would say something like that; didn’t he know how powerful and horrifying the Reincarnation Immortal was?

No one in the universe saint realm, aside from Qingfeng Li, had the guts to say that they ‘didn’t give a sh*t’ about the Reincarnation Immortal.

At a loss for words, Shenxiu Zhong shook her head. What Qingfeng Li said was beyond her imagination.

“Hahaha, little dude, you sure are ambitious. I loved what you said.” Suddenly, laughter erupted from behind them.

Everyone heard his laughter, as it shook the skies and echoed within the Longevity Mountain.

A fit, middle-aged man wearing a green robe walked towards them from afar. His eyes shone like a torch.

This middle-aged man appeared like a heavenly dragon out of nowhere. His steps crushed the land beneath him, and the sun, moon and stars shattered behind him. His appearance caused immortal corpses to emerge, and monsters to crave blood.

This middle-aged man’s arrival caused chaos amongst the crowds. Old demons, monsters, as well as the self-cultivators all looked at him with an array of either admiration, fear, or surprise in their eyes.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed slightly upon seeing this man.

He felt an earth-shattering energy from this middle-aged man. He was just as strong, if not stronger than the Reincarnation Immortal, and his energy was strong enough to shatter the universe.

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly as he thought, I have no idea who this middle-aged man is, why would he compliment me?

Shenxiu Zhong walked up to this man and politely bowed down to him. She said, “Green Dragon Immortal, my master is honored by your presence. Please head in.”

Qingfeng Li’s heart sunk as he came to the realization that this middle-aged man was the Green Dragon Immortal, an ultimate powerhouse in this universe.

In the universe saint realm, there were four godly beast sects. The head of each sect – the Green Dragon Immortal, White Tiger Immortal, Red Sparrow Immortal, and Black Tortoise Immortal – each wielded earth-shattering power.

Legend had it that they are the descendants of godly beasts from the era of the abandoned universe; others say that they were doppelgangers of the godly beasts, who existed in the immortal realm.

Of course, nothing had been proven. However, no one dared to question their powers.

Back then, a Half-Step Immortal King fell into the devil path. He began causing chaos in the universe saint realm, killing billions of self-cultivators.

The universe saint realm filled with shrieks and howls and was littered with corpses. No one could defeat the deviled Half-Step Immortal King.

In the end, the Green Dragon Immortal stepped up and crushed him with a whip of his palm.

From then onwards, everyone in this realm admired the Green Dragon Immortal’s powers.

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