My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2442

Chapter 2442 Longevity Palace

Qingfeng Li ignored the young man wearing animal skins since he wasn’t a man who would mess with other people without a reason.

However, he didn’t fear anyone or anything; he just didn’t want to have anything to do with brawny but simple-minded people.

If the White Tiger Immortal dared to mess with him, Qingfeng Li didn’t mind teaching him a lesson.

Qingfeng Li glanced at the Green Dragon Immortal and said, “Senior Green Dragon, let’s go in; the birthday banquet is about to begin.”

The Green Dragon Immortal nodded and walked to the Longevity Palace with Qingfeng Li.

The Green Dragon Immortal was also very displeased with the White Tiger Immortal.

Everyone around could see that the descendants of the four godly beasts were not friendly with each other and the relationships among them were complicated.

With a charming smile, Vermilion Bird Fairy took one step forward and was instantly before Qingfeng Li and Green Dragon Immortal, saying, “I’ll go in with you guys.”

Behind them, White Tiger and Black Tortoise Immortal had cold glints in their eyes, displeased with her behavior.

They had expressed open enmity to Qingfeng Li, but Vermilion Bird Fairy showed no respect to their declaration.

Qingfeng Li laughed bitterly and remained silent.

He couldn’t refuse Vermilion Bird Fairy to follow him if she insisted; he could only say women meant trouble.

Beautiful women, no matter they were mortals, ordinary people, self-cultivators or descendants of godly beasts, always brought unnecessary troubles to men.

However, Xie Lin, Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu by his side didn’t mind her company.

They walked closely with Vermilion Bird Fairy, talking and laughing like best friends.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu had respectively awakened the Ice Phoenix Bloodline and the Immortal King Bloodline and had cultivated to a high realm which allowed them to emit bloodline powers, which was why they had an instinctive closeness with Vermilion Bird Fairy.

The Longevity Palace was as vast as millions of acres and high buildings and ancient architectures were everywhere in the palace.

As high as the clouds, these buildings were made with all kinds of rare immortal rocks including red gold, purple diamonds, streamer stones and amethyst stones, etc.

Each of the rocks had extraordinary background while some of them were said to have come from the Universe Immortal Realm and others had only existed in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe and were extinct now.

Immortal cranes flew across the sky above the Longevity Palace one after another, letting out beautiful sounds.

On one side of the palace, there were a steaming hot spring and a beautifully-shaped rockery, giving people a relaxing and happy feeling.

On the rockery rested many immortal beasts unique in this place, and they were lucky ones in the nature.

For example, the black-feathered the Nine Serene Sparrow was as small as a fist, but its eyes were bright as stars.

A seven-colored parrot, a rare immortal beast which had been extinct in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, could speak human languages and turn into a human.

On the other side, a Nine-tailed Demon Fox had a tail with nine colors, which emitted beautiful luster.

With a slight shift, it transformed into a woman wearing a white gauze gown, giving off alluring light; the sight stunned all the self-cultivators.

While they walked, all the guests were dumbfounded with amazement.

“No wonder this is the home of Longevity Immortal. There are many more treasures in the Longevity Palace are much more than those in the Longevity Mountain outside.”

“That’s for sure. After all, Longevity Immortal has reincarnated from the Chaotic Era of the Universe and has lived until now with the nickname of Living Fossil. Even immortal emperors couldn’t outlive him and all the treasures he collected are ultimate treasures in nature.”

“I wish I could live in the Longevity Palace and my cultivation speed would certainly double.”

Some self-cultivators were talking among themselves in low voices.

They were all experienced self-cultivators who had collected dharma treasures, treasures and spirit herbs from countless planets.

However, compared with the Longevity Immortal’s treasures, their treasures were so insignificant as if they were only light of fireflies before the bright moon.

If the Longevity Immortal was an emperor, then these immortal self-cultivators were just beggars.

Besides the ordinary self-cultivators nearby, even the Green Dragon Immortal, White Tiger Immortal, Vermilion Bird Fairy, and Black Tortoise Immortal had surprise in their eyes because they saw some treasures they had never seen before.

Some of the treasures were supposed to exist only in the legends. For example, they smelled the scent of Longevity Immortal Fruit.

While he walked, Qingfeng Li was also stunned at the sight of so many treasures.

However, he thought of the Primitive Immortal Scroll, which was the No.1 ultimate treasure and the unrivalled technique the Primitive Emperor had once cultivated, and thus was more valuable than all these treasures combined.

At this thought, Qingfeng Li lifted his head slightly with pride in his heart.

Seeing the pride on Qingfeng Li’s face, bafflement entered the eyes of Vermilion Bird Fairy.

With a charming smile, Vermilion Bird Fairy lifted her slim and white hand to smooth the red hair on her forehead, looking extremely alluring and beautiful.

She asked with a smile, “Qingfeng Li, I wonder why you look so arrogant in front of so many lost treasures and extinct immortal beasts. Do you have more valuable treasures than these treasures?”

One had to admit women were more observant and sensitive and she had detected the difference immediately.

Hearing Vermilion Bird Fairy’s words, Green Dragon Immortal and other people nearby also looked toward Qingfeng Li.

Startled, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t admit he had such a treasure, otherwise the people nearby would certainly swarm over to him.

Even on the territory of Longevity Immortal, they wouldn’t let go Qingfeng Li because the Primitive Immortal Scroll was too tempting for them.

Not to mention the nearby Immortal Realm masters, even the almighty immortal kings, ancient families, descendants of Ancient Era in the Universe Sacred Realm would absolutely want to take the Primitive Immortal Scroll by force from Qingfeng Li if they knew he had it.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand with an awkward smile, saying, “I don’t have any ultimate treasures on me. I was only thinking I’m the most powerful man and my future achievements will definitely surpass that of Longevity Immortal.”

Qingfeng Li praised himself with self-confidence and blatant egotism.

“You think too highly of yourself.”

“You are boasting. You can’t possibly surpass Longevity Immortal.”

The nearby self-cultivators sneered, thinking Qingfeng Li was too arrogant and overbearing.

When they were outside of Longevity Palace, they had witnessed his arrogance while he declared that he would defeat Reincarnation Immortal, which was why they didn’t see anything strange in his words.

In their minds, Qingfeng Li was powerful but he still had a long way to go before he could be as powerful as the Green Dragon Immortal, Vermilion Bird Fairy, Reincarnation Immortal, and Longevity Immortal.

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