My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2443

Chapter 2443 The Birthday Banquet Begins

The Vermilion Bird Fairy’s beautiful eyelashes fluttered, and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing and saying, “Qingfeng Li, you’re such an arrogant guy, boasting that you can defeat the Longevity Immortal in the future. Even I can’t say that.”

By their side, the Green Dragon Immortal was also speechless. Glancing at Qingfeng Li, he said, “Little guy, despite your great talent and power, you must be humble.”

Behind them, the young man in animal skin and Black Tortoise snorted, looking at Qingfeng Li mockingly, thinking that he was a boaster.

Seeing their mocking expressions, Qingfeng Li was happy, knowing he had covered himself well.

On his person, there were many treasures, such as the Thunder Immortal Sword, Black-white Millstone, Devouring Bloodline, and Dragon Blood, all of which he wasn’t afraid of showing to the others.

What he was most afraid of was that people would know he had the possession of the Primitive Immortal Scroll. If that secret was out, he would be hunted down by countless self-cultivators.

By then, not only he would be in danger, but Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu as well would be threatened.

Comparatively, it was nothing to be insulted and mocked by these idiots.

After Qingfeng Li had finished the cultivation of the Primitive Immortal Scroll, he would rule the whole Immortal Realm and Saint Realm, awing all nine heavens and ten lands.

Shortly, Shenxiu Zhong ushered them into the Longevity Palace.

This was a huge palace with an area of one million square meters and the walls of the palace were all built with longevity immortal rocks.

Coming from the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, the rocks were tens of thousands of times harder than meteorite rocks. Having vanished from the mortal world long ago, they were hard to find in the Universe Saint Realm.

It was astonishing that the Longevity Immortal would be so extravagant to build the magnificent high palace with the legendary longevity immortal rocks.

The palace was surrounded by golden columns each of which was thousands of meters tall and so thick that it needed scores of people to encircle the girth arm to arm.

On the surface of the columns engraved all kinds of patterns including birds, animals, plum flowers, orchids, bamboos, chrysanthemums and scenes of rivers, mountains, lakes, oceans and volcano lava.

Everything in nature and every race in the universe were demonstrated here to some degree.

Seeing the building of the Longevity Palace and the display inside, Qingfeng Li inhaled sharply and thought, “No wonder he is the Longevity Immortal; he has great visions and great ambitions.”

Ordinary cultivators build palaces with immortal rocks or array to attract nature immortal essence and injected it into their bodies, accelerating their cultivation speeds.

However, Longevity Immortal did the opposite by engraving everything in the nature and every race in the universe in the walls of his palace and understanding laws from them.

These laws were the most original energy of the universe and the beginning of everything, which was a bit similar to Qingfeng Li’s Primitive Immortal Scroll.

Of course, the understanding ability of Longevity Immortal was not as powerful as that of Primitive Immortal Emperor, otherwise he would have become an immortal emperor long ago, suppressing nine heavens and ten lands and awing the whole universe.

In the palace, two rows of tables and chairs were placed along the walls. Made with white immortal jade, the tables were so smooth they had people’s reflections on them. On their jade white surfaces engraved beautiful flowery patterns which emitted immortal presence.

The chairs were also made with immortal jade and fragrance floated from the jade when people sat on them. Usually only trees and flowers emitted such fragrance and the jades which could release fragrance were all immortal rocks with special background.

On the white jade tables were immortal peaches, purple spirit grapes, yellow spirit bananas, magma pears and old five-grain immortal wine with an age of three million years.

The five-grain immortal wine was brewed for three million years with nine spirit herbs of the nature, a rare concoction no immortals in the Universe Saint Realm except Longevity Immortal had ever tasted before.

The people attending the birthday banquet of Longevity Immortal included men and women of all ages.

The youngest was a three-year boy which pretty face and pink cheeks.

Of course, he wasn’t really three years old, but an old eccentric man of millions of years. He had sealed himself in a rock fetus and had just woken from the reincarnation.

He looked young, but the immortal presence emitted from him suppressed the sky and the earth, awed the void, making the surrounding people dare not disregard him.

Glancing around the people before him, Shenxiu Zhong said, “My master is in the critical moment of understanding and will be out of the seclusion very soon. He asked me to entertain you before he comes out and this is the place of my master’s birthday banquet.”

At this moment, Yin Saber Immortal said, “Shenxiu Zhong, I’m very happy to attend Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet. I brought an Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock to him as the birthday gift, and I hope it will help him break through to a higher realm of cultivation.”

With a slight smile, Yin Saber Immortal took out a fist-sized rock.

The moment the rock appeared, the temperature around it instantly dropped about 100 degrees to hundreds of degrees below zero.

It was fortunate that the surrounding self-cultivators were all immortal masters. If they were ordinary self-cultivators, they would be frozen to death.

Except the freezing chill, Ultimate Yin Energy rotated above the rock and the Laws of Great Dao were humming continuously, resonating with the whole nature.

The surrounding self-cultivators all looked at it with appreciation and heat in their eyes.

“It’s surprising that Yin Saber Immortal is so generous that he made a gift of Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock.”

“Yeah. As one of the ultimate treasures of the nature, it’s said in the legend that only Ultimate Immortal King had such rocks. I didn’t know that Yin Saber Immortal had acquired one, too.”

“What’s the big deal of that? It’s said that any one who gains the favor of Longevity Immortal will get the Longevity Immortal Fruit.”

The nearby self-cultivators were talking among themselves. While most of them were exclaiming about Yin Saber Immortal’s generosity with the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock, some people understood Yin Saber Immortal’s aim was the Longevity Immortal Fruit.

Not far from them, Qingfeng Li was also stunned at this sight.

Since he cultivated Ultimate Yin Energy and Ultimate Yang Energy, which combined into Yin Yang Immortal Technique, he clearly sensed the terrifying Yin Energy contained in the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock was a perfect match to his Yin Yang Immortal technique.

Qingfeng Li had an urge to take the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock from him by force.

However, he quenched this urge finally because he couldn’t make trouble in the territory of Longevity Immortal at the risk of the latter’s wrath.

Although Qingfeng Li was not afraid of Reincarnation Immortal, he didn’t know if he could defeat Longevity Immortal, the almighty master who had lived permanently.

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