My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2444

Chapter 2444 The Birthday Gifts

Besides Qingfeng Li, the other masters nearby were also looking at Yin Saber Immortal.

Besides their wishes to please Longevity Immortal, they came to the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet for two purposes.

One was to gain the Longevity Immortal Fruit which could extend their lives and improve their physiques.

The other was to prepare for the opening of the Immortal Realm gates. They wanted to enter the Immortal Realm early to cultivate the almighty immortal techniques, so they would live forever and awe the whole world.

Taking the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock from Yin Saber Immortal, Shenxiu Zhong’s eyes lit up and said, “Thank you for your gift, Yin Saber Immortal. Please take a seat here.”

She took Yin Saber Immortal to the first row on the left and seated him in the first chair.

Seeing Yin Saber Immortal took that seat, the others all looked displeased.

The Maniac Sword Immortal, Green Dragon Immortal, Vermilion Bird Fairy, White Tiger Immortal, Black Tortoise Immortal, and Reincarnation Immortal were especially displeased.

They were masters in the same level as Yin Saber Immortal, but the latter took a good seat after presenting an ultimate treasure.

Glancing at their faces, Shenxiu Zhong knew the reason for their displeasure.

To quench their wrath, she smiled charmingly and said, “My master knew that everyone here is half-step immortal king realm master with great power and no matter who takes the first seat, the others will feel displeased.

“To solve the problem, my master set a rule that the first person presents his/her gift will take the first seat in the first row and anyone presenting a more valuable gift will take this place. In this way, no one will have objections.”

Sure enough, the self-cultivators nodded silently at Shenxiu Zhong’s words and thought this method was fair.

After all, there was more than ten half-step immortal kings each of which had superpowers and their strengths were so close that none would submit to another.

However, they couldn’t fight here and destroy the whole Longevity Palace in the process, ruining the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet.

Besides, the gate of the Immortal Realm was about to open, and their fight would only benefit those from other worlds of the universe.

Not able to contain himself, Maniac Sword Immortal was the first to stand up.

He had been a rival of Yin Saber Immortal for three million years and he certainly didn’t like the fact that his rival had gained upper hand over him.

With his will, Maniac Sword Immortal took out a red stone from his interspatial ring.

The moment the stone appeared, it instantly increased the temperature of the palace by hundreds of degrees.

The air began to melt instantly, and all the self-cultivators had sweat on their foreheads.

The fist-sized stone had a pattern of the Sun engraved on the surface and it emitted intense energy of heat.

Some self-cultivators nearby were sharp-eyed and instantly saw the nature of the stone, exclaiming, “Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock!”

The other self-cultivators began to talk among themselves with shock in their eyes.

“What a surprise that Maniac Sword Immortal should have taken out the Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock, which is no less valuable than the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock.”

“From the looks of it, these half-step Immortal King Realm masters are all taking out their ultimate treasures in their efforts to get the Longevity Immortal Fruit.”

“Yeah. According to the legends, adding one Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock while making a weapon would increase the power of the weapon by ten times. This fist-sized immortal rock is enough to make an Immortal King Realm weapon.”

The surrounding self-cultivators were all looking at the rock eagerly, but they knew that no one but Longevity Immortal could make Maniac Sword Immortal take out the Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock.

Shenxiu Zhong’s eyes lit up again while she walked forward and took the Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock from Maniac Sword Immortal, saying, “Thank you for giving the Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock to my master. Please come here and take a seat.”

However, Maniac Sword Immortal didn’t move, and he stood where he was while he looked at Shenxiu Zhong and said, “With Yin Saber Immortal sitting in the first chair on the left, do you want me to take the second chair. I don’t think so.”

Sitting in the first chair on the left, Yin Saber Immortal frowned slightly and said coldly, “What do you mean, Maniac Sword Immortal? Your Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock is as valuable as my Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock and why do you think you can sit before me? After all, you presented the gift later than I did.”

With a sneer, Maniac Sword Immortal said in disdain, “You are wrong. My Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock is a bit larger than your Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock, which means my treasure is more valuable than yours and I naturally should sit before you.”

Hearing their words, the people around them were speechless.

The competition between Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock and Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock involved the fight between two immortal emperors in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

These two immortal emperors had once ruled the 100 million planets in the whole universe and they were Ultimate Yin Immortal Emperor and Ultimate Yang Immortal Emperor.

Each of them thought he was the orthodox force and had argued about it without any result.

Now, their descendants were also archrivals because of it.

Finally, Green Dragon Immortal said, “Shenxiu Zhong, you measure the volumes of these two rocks and the bigger one is naturally more valuable, and its owner will take the first chair on the left.”

Shenxiu Zhong nodded and thought it was a good idea. She placed the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock and Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock together on the table and measured them carefully.

After measuring, she found the Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock was indeed one centimeter bigger than the Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock.

Shenxiu Zhong looked at Yin Saber Immortal and said with an apologetic smile, “Sorry, Senior Yin Saber Immortal, your Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock is a bit smaller. Please take the second seat.”

Yin Saber Immortal snorted but couldn’t argue his case anymore in front of so many people. He could only glare at Maniac Sword Immortal.

He knew that Maniac Sword Immortal had purposefully let him present the treasure first and then humiliated him by taking out an Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock a little bit larger than his rock.

Instantly, Yin Saber Immortal looked at Maniac Sword Immortal with intense killing intent.

Ignoring his murderous gaze, Maniac Sword Immortal took the first seat on the left, replacing Yin Saber Immortal with exhilaration.

Although they were ancient men who had lived millions of years, they were still extremely pleased to see their rival went into their traps.

Green Dragon Immortal took one step forward and said, “Shenxiu Zhong, today I present a dragon pearl to Longevity Immortal as a gift to celebrate his birthday.”

With a slight shift of his right hand, Green Dragon Immortal took out a dragon pearl as big as a duck egg.

The dragon pearl was pure green, emitting green light while a green dragon presence was circulating continuously inside the pearl.


At this sight, the surrounding self-cultivators gasped with shock.

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