My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2445

Chapter 2445 Reincarnation Token

They were astonished that the Green Dragon Immortal was so generous that he would take out a dragon pearl.

Everyone knew that in the True Dragon Clan, the most important thing was the dragon pearl which condensed the life time’s understanding and essence of a true dragon.

Watching from behind, Qingfeng Li also gasped.

He finally understood that these half-step immortal kings were offering their most precious treasures to gain the opportunity of acquiring the Longevity Immortal Fruit and entering the Immortal Realm.

Even Qingfeng Li, who had seen all kinds of ultimate treasures originating from nature, was astonished at Green Dragon Immortal’s extravagant gift, not to mention the surrounding self-cultivators who were dumbfounded at the sight of the dragon pearl and couldn’t regain their composure.

“My God! I’ve lived over one million years and it’s my fist time to see a dragon pearl. It’s so beautiful and contains such huge amounts of energy.”

“I feel that if I could refine this dragon pearl, I would have cultivated to the half-step Immortal King Realm.”

“In your dreams! I’m afraid no one but Longevity Immortal is able to make Green Dragon Immortal take out the dragon pearl.”

“This dragon pearl is a rarity in the nature. I think the Longevity Immortal Fruit will probably go to Green Dragon Immortal.”

The surrounding self-cultivators talked among themselves animatedly with amazement in their eyes.

They looked at so many ultimate treasures with eagerness in their eyes but dared not to grab them.

They knew the great power of Green Dragon Immortal who had once swallowed one whole planet into his belly to refine and could break the universe’s star river with one hair of his.

Stupefied, Shenxiu Zhong didn’t regain her composure until a long moment later because she was really shocked by the dragon pearl presented by Green Dragon Immortal.

She had not expected he would offer such a precious treasure which was absolutely one of the rarities in nature.

Inhaling deeply, Shenxiu Zhong quenched her astonishment and walked over to bow to him, saying, “Thank you for the dragon pearl, Green Dragon Immortal. Please take the first seat on the right.”

In the Longevity Palace, there were one row of chairs on each sides. Now the first seat on the left was taken by Maniac Sword Immortal and the first seat on the left was taken by Green Dragon Immortal.

The left row was reserved for human self-cultivators while the right row was for godly beasts and immortal beasts. After all, humans were born enemies of godly beasts, immortal beasts and demon beasts.

Of course, some of the two groups were friends but it was very rare. Mostly, they were archenemies.

Humans took the immortal beasts as demon beasts and pets and even ate them.

Likewise, demon beasts would swallow human self-cultivators as a source of energy.

Seeing Green Dragon Immortal took the first seat on the right, White Tiger Immortal, Black Tortoise Immortal frowned with displeasure in their eyes.

Although they were all godly beasts, they competed fiercely for the No.1 place of the godly beasts.

Thinking back on the dragon pearl that Green Dragon Immortal had offered, they were struck with another wave of anger.

To defeat Green Dragon Immortal, White Tiger Immortal and Black Tortoise Immortal had to offer their lives to the Longevity Immortal, otherwise it was an impossible task.

Even if they took out White Tiger pearl and Black Tortoise pearl, these two pearls were inferior to the dragon pearl.

However, as the top godly beasts, White Tiger Immortal and Black Tortoise Immortal also presented extraordinary gifts.

One of them took out the White Tiger Immortal Technique while the other offered a Black Tortoise Egg.

As the godly technique for the White Tiger godly beast’s clan, the White Tiger Immortal Technique contained great power.

White Tiger Immortal presented it to the Longevity Immortal as a reference technique to help the latter become an immortal emperor, which was an investment for the future.

If Longevity Immortal became an immortal emperor in the future, he would take care of White Tiger Immortal.

The Black Tortoise Egg that Black Tortoise Immortal presented was also extraordinary. Once the egg hatched, it would become a baby black tortoise, a godly beast, which was a fervent dream for most self-cultivators.

Shenxiu Zhong thanked White Tiger Immortal and Black Tortoise Immortal before leading them to the second and the third seats respectively after Green Dragon Immortal.

Qingfeng Li glanced at Vermilion Bird Fairy by his side and asked, “As one of the four godly beast bloodlines, why didn’t you go up and present you gift?”

Vermilion Bird Fairy glanced at Qingfeng Li and said, “The dragon pearl Green Dragon Immortal presented is too powerful and I can’t compete with it with my gift. There is no difference between the second place and the third place. I’m okay with the fourth place.”

Vermilion Bird Fairy took one step forward and offered a Vermilion Bird Godly Feather which was red all over like a flame.

The Vermilion Bird Godly Feather could separate the sky from the earth and break open everything.

It’s said than it could even easily break a planet and the universe void.

After Vermilion Bird Fairy handed her treasure to Shenxiu Zhong, the latter thanked her and led her to the fourth seat on the right.

The next person presented the birthday gift was Reincarnation Immortal who was a powerful half-step immortal king who was in charge of the incarnation of the Universe Saint Realm.

However, he had been low-profiled except only one time when he tried to kill Qingfeng Li, which had caused a big upheaval in the whole Universe Saint Realm.

Despite his low profile, he wouldn’t allow Yin Saber Immortal or Maniac Sword Immortal to take the first seat on the left row since it concerned his honor and the elevation into the Immortal Realm.

As the person who was responsible for human reincarnation, he certainly wanted to become the No.1.

Without any hesitation, Reincarnation Immortal took out a token.

Made with special reincarnation rocks, the token was as big as a palm and had two characters written on it: Reincarnation Token.

At the sight of the token, the surrounding self-cultivators gasped again, even more astonished than when they saw the dragon pearl.

“It’s astonishing that Reincarnation Immortal should have taken out the Reincarnation token. It’s extraordinary.”

“You know, there’s only one Reincarnation Token in the whole Universe Saint Realm and the Reincarnation Token represented Reincarnation Immortal himself.”

“It’s said that with this token, one can choose to enter Heaven Path, Human Path, Devil Path, Immortal Path, Demon Path or Animal Path after death.”

“If I had this Reincarnation Token, I would choose to become an immortal emperor’s son, the most powerful second generation of the world.”

The surrounding self-cultivators talked animatedly among themselves and some of them even considered to grab this Reincarnation Token.

However, remembering they were in the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet, they had to quench this urge, which showed the great temptation of the Reincarnation Token.

Stupefied, Shenxiu Zhong was astonished that Reincarnation Immortal had offered such an ultimate treasure. She was so shocked that no word could describe the astonishment she felt.

Reaching out her snow-white palm, she patted her chest and took one step forward, saying, “Thank you for your gift, Reincarnation Immortal. Please take the first seat on the left.”

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