My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2446

Chapter 2446 The Arrival Of Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor

Finally, Shenxiu Zhong led Reincarnation Immortal to the first seat on the left, opposite to Green Dragon Immortal sitting in the first chair on the right.

Although Yin Saber Immortal and Maniac Sword Immortal had respectively taken out an Ultimate Yin Immortal Rock and Ultimate Yang Immortal Rock, the two rocks were obviously less valuable than the Reincarnation Token.

Willingly, they retreated and sat in the second and the third chairs respectively.

Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng Li’s side and said in a low voice, “Honey, the birthday gifts they presented are so powerful. What should we offer?”

With a small smile, Qingfeng Li said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it. In a moment, I’ll replace the Reincarnation Immortal and take the first seat on the left. Anyway, I don’t like to see this guy.”

Qingfeng Li’s voice was loud and all the other self-cultivators near him heard him clearly.


All of them looked toward Qingfeng Li, thinking he was boasting.

“This Qingfeng Li is really brazen and ignorant. How can he beat the Reincarnation Immortal?”

“Yeah. The Reincarnation Immortal presented the Reincarnation Token as the birthday present and nothing in the whole Universe Saint Realm is more precious than that.”

“Except the Green Dragon’s dragon pearl, nothing can compete with the Reincarnation Token, including immortal techniques.”

The nearby self-cultivators talked animatedly among themselves as they looked at Qingfeng Li with displeasure in their eyes.

In fact, most of the self-cultivators sitting nearby were displeased with Qingfeng Li.

They were ancient living fossils that had lived at least hundreds of thousands of years, with most of them having lived millions of years.

Some of them had even crawled out from tombs of the Prehistoric Era and Ancient Era of the Universe.

At that time, they were all famous masters and could shake the whole world by stomping once.

However, after they arrived at this place, they found Qingfeng Li had stolen their thunder.

Besides, they had heard that Qingfeng Li had killed saint sons and saintesses, destroyed ancient monster spirits and living fossils, and even wounded the Five Elements Patriarch, awing the whole Universe Saint Realm.

The saint sons and saintesses Qingfeng Li had killed were mostly the descendants of the nearby powerful self-cultivators, which was why they held grudges against Qingfeng Li.

However, they were on the Longevity Planet and didn’t want to fight him here, otherwise they would have attacked him together long ago.

Qingfeng Li ignored their mocking and disdainful words because he had indeed an awesome ultimate treasure he had not used, which was the Primitive Immortal Scroll.

He decided to use the Primitive Immortal Scroll to make a chaotic rock.

Once the chaotic rock appeared, it would be so awe inspiring that the Reincarnation Token and dragon pearl would give way to it.

Qingfeng Li was about to declare the birthday gift he would present when a wave of terrifying fluctuations came from the distance.

The fluctuations suppressed nine heavens and ten lands, shook the whole universe and even the Longevity Mountain shook slightly. However, everything settled down immediately.

From the distance flew in two persons who swept across the universe as if they had come from the distant past or the future.

The person in the front was a young man with a tall figure, sword-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes, and a demonic face. With his green hair flying in the air, he stood there emitting a demonic presence.

Everyone was astonished that he dared to fly on the Longevity Mountain; even the Reincarnation Immortal had to walk up.

Behind the green-haired young man was a woman with a charming face, snow-white skin, and an exquisite figure, emitting an alluring presence. She was White Crane Demon Immortal.

Qingfeng Li froze for a moment, astonished that White Crane Demon Immortal had also arrived.

When he parted ways with White Crane Demon Immortal at the Primitive Mountain, she had told him that she would attend the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet and she had indeed come.

As one member of the Demon Land, White Crane Demon Immortal had to cross the boundary wall between the Demon Land and the Human Land to get here, which was extremely difficult and couldn’t be achieved without the strength above the half-step Immortal King Realm.

Last time White Crane Demon Immortal entered the Universe Limbo because a crack appeared in the tunnel connecting three lands in the limbo, otherwise she couldn’t have passed the boundary wall with her strength.

Qingfeng Li knew that White Crane Demon Immortal could only have been able to come here because of the green-haired young man.

The young man was extraordinary and Qingfeng Li sensed from him an overwhelming presence.

Shenxiu Zhong’s pretty eyebrows furrowed slightly while she looked at the green-haired young man in the sky in a daze.

She found she had never seen this green-haired young man before and didn’t know why he was here.

Of course, the many self-cultivators didn’t know the green-haired young man, either, because he didn’t belong to the Universe Saint Realm, but had come from another world.

However, some people, such as th eReincarnation Immortal and Green Dragon Immortal who were powerful almighty masters, had seen people from foreign lands.

The Green Dragon Immortal stood up and nodded, saying, “What a surprise to see the Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor from the Demon Land here. I think we’ve not seen each other for one million years, right?”


The self-cultivators nearby gasped and their faces paled with shock.

“What did I hear? The Green Dragon Immortal said he was Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, the ultimate master of the Demon Land. How come he is here?”

“Here is the Human Land. Is it possible that Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor broke the universe boundary wall? Then he’s extremely powerful since only people above Immortal King Realm can do that.”

“Is it possible that the green-haired young man is Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, an immortal king?”

The nearby self-cultivators all inhaled sharply, and they couldn’t conceal the shock in their eyes.

According to the rules and restrictions in the universe, the immortal kings were no allowed to stay in any other worlds except the Immortal Realm.

For example, in the Universe Saint Realm, half-step Immortal King Realm was the top existence and anyone higher than this realm would be punished by the laws of the Universe Saint Realm for staying here.

As to Immortal King Realm masters, there was only Longevity Immortal so far.

Of course, Longevity Immortal was a special existence since he had jumped out of the five elements reincarnation.

Born in the Chaotic Era and going through the Prehistoric Era and Ancient Era of the Universe until now, Longevity had reincarnated.

It was understandable that he had cultivated to the Immortal King Realm, but people couldn’t understand why the Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor was also an Immortal King Realm master.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor nodded at Green Dragon Immortal who was his old acquaintance.

One was the almighty emperor of the Demon Race while the other was a top godly beast; They had a history in their previous lives and were friendly with each other.

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