My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2448

Chapter 2448 Sky Destroying Devil Master

Chapter 2448: Sky-Destroying Devil Master

Although the Longevity Immortal was millions of years old, he still looked to be in his twenties.

After reaching the Immortal King Realm, they could sustain their youth permanently.

With a slight smile, Longevity Immortal said, “You’ve come, too, Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor. As I said, today I’ll give the Longevity Immortal Fruit to the person with the best birthday gift.”

Standing in the distance, Qingfeng Li listened to the conversation between the Longevity Immortal and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and pondered.

He looked at Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor and was startled to know that the latter had also come for the Longevity Immortal Fruit.

This time Qingfeng Li had come to the Longevity Immortal’s birthday banquet for the Longevity Immortal Fruit and he was determined to get it.

Of course, he didn’t want it for himself, but for Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s baby needed lots of nutrients to sustain and the Longevity Immortal Fruit would provide the best nutrients, fully activating her bloodline while giving the baby great talents before it was even born.

The Heaven suppressing Demon Emperor looked at the Longevity Immortal and said coolly, “This is my gift, a space rock, with which you can travel freely through tree lands including Universe Saint Realm, the Demon Land, and the Devil Land.”

Around them, people’s jaws dropped in shock.


The whole Longevity Palace was silent.

No one talked since the treasure Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor took out was too precious for them to speak.

According to the legends, the space rock only existed in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe and it was so rare that only one existed in the whole Universe Saint Realm, the Demon Land, and the Devil Land.

No one had expected that the Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor had acquired such an ultimate treasure.

With the space rock, one could travel through the space boundary walls and could even open the boundary wall of the Universe Immortal Realm, not to mention the Universe Saint Realm, the Demon Land, and the Devil Land.

All the people looked at the rock with heat and eagerness in their eyes.

They had cultivated all their lives with the purpose of living permanently and entering the Immortal Realm.

However, the gate of the Immortal Realm only opened once every one-million-years and some of them couldn’t live that long.

Now, a space rock was before them. With this rock, they could enter the Immortal Realm with some special method.

This time, even the Longevity Immortal looked surprised.

He said, “What a surprise that you got a space rock, which makes me see you in a new light. No wonder you are the proud emperor who suppresses the whole Demon Land.”

In the distance, the Reincarnation Immortal and Green Dragon Immortal laughed bitterly.

Respectively, they had taken out the Reincarnation Token and the Dragon Pearl which were both ultimate treasures in nature. They had thought they would win without a doubt and get the Longevity Immortal Fruit.

To their astonishment, the Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor came and presented the legendary treasure—space rock, which was certainly more precious than their Reincarnation Token and Dragon Pearl.

The Longevity Immortal’s eyes also lit up and he said to the people in the palace, “Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor’s space rock is indeed a rare ultimate treasure and he deserves to be the first place. I’ll give him the Longevity Immortal Fruit.”

“No! The Longevity Immortal Fruit is mine,” suddenly, a cold, arrogant, overbearing voice came from the distant space.

In this space, the black mist surged up as if it would destroy the whole universe and turn it into a happy land for devils.

Instantly, the vast black mist began to condense into a middle-aged man.

He was very big with wide shoulders and heavy back; standing with his head touching the sky, he suppressed the heaven while the sun and the moon rotated in his eyes.

Below him, the self-cultivators began to retreat with pale faces, not able to withstand this overwhelming devil presence.

For them, the black-clothed middle-aged man was like an almighty devil god that couldn’t be defeated.

At the sight of the middle-aged man emitting an overwhelming devil presence, Qingfeng Li’s expression changed slightly because he found this middle-aged man looked a bit like the Emperor of the Devil Race.

However, he was more powerful, more violent and more invincible than the Emperor of the Devil Race.

Qingfeng Li knew that this man was definitely an almighty master from the Devil Land, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to work against Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor by demanding for the Longevity Immortal Fruit.

In the next moment, the Heaven Suppressing Demon Emperor’s face turned cold while he said, “What do you mean, Sky Destroying Devil Master. Do you dare to fight with me over the Longevity Immortal Fruit?”

Hearing the name of the Sky Destroying Devil Master, the self-cultivators below him changed expressions drastically and a trace of horror appeared in their eyes.

Some of them even shed bloody tears with shock and even the Yin Saber Immortal and Maniac Sword Immortal were dumbfounded.

As the Ruler of the Devil Land, Sky Destroying Devil Master was a powerful master of devils and he suppressed nine heavens and ten lands.

In the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, he had attacked the Universe Saint Realm and killed countless masters.

According to the legends, he had died long ago, and no one had expected that he was still alive.

In the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, he had reached the Devil Immortal King Realm and he must have reached a higher realm after so many years.

Sky Destroying Devil Master looked at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor with cold glint in his eyes. Obviously, these two men were old enemies.

Sky Destroying Devil Master said bluntly, “Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, you are so naïve that you think you can obtain the Longevity Immortal Fruit with a mere space rock. I’ll show you my gift.”

With his will, Sky Destroying Devil Master took out a rock from his interspatial ring.

The rock was misty-colored releasing a chaotic presence.

It was only as big as an egg, but its presence swept across the seven limbos and left cracks in the whole Universe Saint Realm which looked like it would collapse any second.

A trace of surprise appeared in Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor’s eyes while he said, “Impossible! This is Chaotic Rock, an ultimate treasure of the Chaotic Era, and it was extinct long ago. How did you get it?”

The nearby self-cultivators had disbelief on their faces because all the Chaotic Rocks had disappeared with countless almighty masters in the chaotic war spreading to the whole chaotic universe in the Chaotic Era of the Universe.

After the war, the whole universe became a wasteland and after 50 million years of rest, humans began to appear gradually, and the world entered the Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

That war was also called the Sorrow of Chaos.

Obviously knowing more stuff than the others, Longevity Immortal rolled his eyes and said, “Sky Destroying Devil Master, this Chaotic Rock is not yours. Although you are the Ruler of the Devil Land and govern the devils of the world, you are not qualified to get this Chaotic Rock. If I’m right, the Chaos Fiend Celestial gave it to you.”

This time, Sky Destroying Devil Master’s expression changed slightly.

The black mist on his body surged continuously, emitting an overwhelming devil presence. Obviously, the Longevity Immortal’s guess hit the target.

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