My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2449

Chapter 2449 Qingfeng Li Presents His Birthday Gift

Chapter 2449: Qingfeng Li Presents His Birthday Gift

The people around them were all dumbfounded with disbelief in their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

Chaos Fiend Celestial was the almighty master of the Chaotic Era of the Universe and he had ruled nine heavens and ten lands.

Countless immortal kings were killed by him and their bones piled up high into a mountain.

At that time, countless masters were scared to death when they heard the name of Chaos Fiend Celestial.

The Thunder Immortal who was in charge of the thunder punishments in the world had been killed by Chaos Fiend Celestial.

According to the legends, Chaos Fiend Devil Celestial had died 50 million years ago. How was he still alive?

Everyone was baffled.

Like the people around him, Qingfeng Li was also baffled.

In his impression, the Fiend Celestial of the Chaotic Era of the Universe had vanished long ago in the Long River of Time and couldn’t appear again. But now they heard news about the Chaos Fiend Celestial.

And he had even given Sky Destroying Devil Master a Rock of Chaos, which shocked everyone present.

With a start, Qingfeng Li suddenly thought of an ominous possibility: was it possible that Chaos Fiend Celestial had been severely wounded and desperately needed the Longevity Immortal Fruit to extend his life, which explained why he sent Sky Destroying Devil Master here.

At this thought, Qingfeng Li’s face turned cold since he would never allow such a thing to happen.

No matter it was in the distant ancient time or the present, Qingfeng Li was destined to be enemies with Chaos Fiend Celestial.

After inheriting from the Thunder Immortal, he would certainly avenge him.

If Chaos Fiend Celestial was still alive, he would kill him one day.

Looking at the Rock of Chaos before him, the Longevity Immortal was in a dilemma.

As a man who had lived through the Chaotic Era, the Prehistoric Era, and the Ancient Era of the Universe until now, he certainly knew why the Sky Destroying Devil Master had come.

On the surface, he came for the Longevity Immortal Fruit, but he certainly didn’t want it for himself but for the Chaos Fiend Celestial who was behind him.

However, Longevity Immortal had said he would give the Longevity Immortal Fruit to the person with the most precious birthday gift.

And he couldn’t go back on his words.

For a moment, the Longevity Immortal was in a dilemma.

By his side, the Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor looked cold, but he couldn’t do a thing about the situation since his space rock was obviously not as precious as the Rock of Chaos.

Instantly, all the ancient eccentrics and living fossils including Green Dragon Immortal, Reincarnation Immortal, Yin Saber Immortal, and Maniac Sword Immortal looked toward Longevity Immortal and waited for his decision.

With a bitter laugh, the Longevity Immortal said, “As you have seen, the Rock of Chaos of the Sky Destroying Devil Master is the most precious gift and the Longevity Immortal Fruit will certainly belong to him.”

A trace of exhilaration appeared in the Sky Destroying Devil Master’s eyes since he knew he would accomplish his mission.

Once he brought the Longevity Immortal Fruit back to Chaos Fiend Celestial, it would extend the latter’s life and heal the big wounds in his body.

By then he would gain favor with Chaos Fiend Celestial who would teach him a godly technique, helping him to suppress the nine heavens and ten lands of the universe.

More importantly, once the Chaos Fiend Celestial came out into the world, he would attack the Immortal Realm and occupy a lot of territory of the Immortal Realm.

“I don’t agree,” suddenly, a cold voice sounded in the crowd.

All the people changed their expressions while they looked toward the voice.

They wanted to see who was so audacious to work against Sky Destroying Devil Master by trying to take the Longevity Immortal Fruit from him.

Shua! Shua…

The nearby self-cultivators looked over and froze when they found it was Qingfeng Li.

“Is this Qingfeng Li fellow mentally diseased or something? He dares to fight with the Sky Destroying Devil Master over the Longevity Immortal Fruit; does he want to be killed?”

“Yeah. As early as in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, the Sky Destroying Devil Master was an Immortal King Realm master, and no one knows what realm he is now.”

“Just now, Qingfeng Li worked against the Reincarnation Immortal and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, and now he is pissing off Sky Destroying Devil Master. What’s his background?”

The nearby self-cultivators all talked among themselves animatedly with bafflement in their eyes.

Some of them such as the Reincarnation Immortal, Feather Immortal, Yin Saber Immortal, and Maniac Sword Immortal, looked at him with irony, disdain and anger.

Their eyes were full of surprise, knowing Qingfeng Li would certainly die for offending the Sky Destroying Devil Master.

Looking coldly at Qingfeng Li, the Sky Destroying Devil Master said chillingly, “Human, do you know who I am? You dare to fight with me over the Longevity Immortal Fruit. Don’t you know I can kill you with one slap?”

Qingfeng Li laughed and said arrogantly, “Sky Destroying Devil Master, this is the birthday banquet of the Longevity Immortal. Who do you think you are, daring to work against the Longevity Immortal? The Longevity Immortal has said that the person who has the most powerful birthday gift will get the Longevity Immortal Fruit.”

Standing high morally, Qingfeng Li’s grand speech silenced the Sky Destroying Devil Master and pleased the Longevity Immortal.

The Sky Destroying Devil Master emitted overwhelming devil presence which shook the whole starry sky of the universe.

Furious, he lashed out a huge heaven palm abruptly toward Qingfeng Li’s head, intending to slap this despicable guy to death.

A cold glint flashed in Longevity Immortal’s eyes which shot out a white light column, colliding with the Sky Destroying Devil Master’s giant palm with a huge earth-shaking sound.

In the next moment, the Longevity Immortal scattered the huge black palm.

A trace of chill entered the Longevity Immortal’s eyes when he said, “Sky Destroying Devil Master, what did you mean by that? Today is my birthday and you dare to kill people on my birthday banquet. Don’t you want the Longevity Immortal Fruit?”

The Sky Destroying Devil Master’s expression changed, knowing he had unconsciously offended the Longevity Immortal by his attempt to kill Qingfeng Li.

He cupped his hands at the Longevity Immortal in apology and said, “Sorry, I was impulsive. However, as you said, you’ll give the Longevity Immortal Fruit to the person with the most powerful birthday gift. At present, my Rock of Chaos is the most precious gift and I don’t believe Qingfeng Li will take out a more precious one.”

Then he looked at Qingfeng Li with irony and disdain in his eyes.

The Sky Destroying Devil Master continued, “Human, you’d better produce a more valuable gift than my Rock of Chaos, otherwise, I’ll still destroy you after the birthday banquet. You can’t escape from me even if you go to the nine heavens and ten earths.”

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and mocked him, “Sky Destroying Devil Master, shame on you as a devil master of the Devil Land and a notorious hero of the generation for producing such a small Rock of Chaos. Today I’ll give the Longevity Immortal a big Rock of Chaos, teaching you not to overestimate yourself.”

The Sky Destroying Devil Master laughed and said arrogantly, “Qingfeng Li, the Rocks of Chaos are unique ultimate treasures originating from the Chaotic Era and they contain the Chaos Laws. Even I, the master of the Devil Land, have only one egg-sized Rock of Chaos, how could you possibly get a bigger one?”

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