My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2450

Chapter 2450 Making Rock Of Chaos

The people around them also shook their heads. They had thought Qingfeng Li would take out some other awesome ultimate treasure and found that he would also present Rock of Chaos.

It was impossible. After all, even the Green Dragon Immortal and Reincarnation Immortal didn’t have a Rock of Chaos.

Faced with the doubt and disdain from the surrounding people, Qingfeng Li remained calm and ignored them.

For Qingfeng Li, he knew he had to prove himself by action since no one would believe him no matter what he said.

When he took out the Rock of Chaos, they would certainly shut up obediently.

Looking at the Longevity Immortal, Qingfeng Li asked, “Do you have immortal rocks?”

Longevity Immortal’s expression changed slightly and said, “Of course. I have lots of immortal rocks, enough to pile up into a large hill. Why did you ask?”

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Can you loan me an immortal rock as big as a boulder?”

Baffled, Longevity Immortal nodded his agreement, wanting to see how Qingfeng Li would produce a Rock of Chaos.

He gave a signal to Shenxiu Zhong, ordering her to take the immortal rock from the Treasure Palace.

Shortly, she came back with a huge immortal rock.

As tall as a man, this immortal rock was five-colored with steaming immortal aura and Great Dao presence.

At the sight of such a huge immortal rock, the surrounding self-cultivators all gasped.

Usually, an immortal rock was as big as a fist or no bigger than a plate while some rare ones were as big as a basin. As high as one meter, this immortal rock was a rarity in the world of self-cultivators.

This five-colored immortal rock was part of the Longevity Immortal’s collections and was a rarity in the world of self-cultivators. Only he could collect such an extravagant rock.

Qingfeng Li walked forward and grabbed the immortal rock with his right hand.

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, Qingfeng Li lifted the immortal rock which was as high as one man and placed it on his palm with ease.

The immortal rock weighed at least 100 million pounds but in Qingfeng Li’s hand, it looked as light as a feather.

Qingfeng Li turned his head and said, “Longevity Immortal, can you give me a room? It’ll take only half an hour and I’ll give you a huge surprise.”

The Longevity Immortal had a vague understanding of his intention and he said, “Okay. Shenxiu, take Qingfeng Li to my alchemy room and no one is allowed to disturb him.”

Shenxiu Zhong’s charming face looked baffled since she didn’t understand why her master would let Qingfeng Li use the important alchemy room.

However, she was very obedient to her master. With a sway of her slim waist, she led Qingfeng Li into the alchemy room on one side.

At this sight, the other cultivator all looked baffled, wondering what Qingfeng Li was up to.

A cold glint flashed in the Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s eyes when he said coldly, “Qingfeng Li, after half an hour, if you can’t produce the Rock of Chaos or try to run with this immortal rock, the Longevity Immortal will kill you even if I don’t.”

Qingfeng Li ignored his words as if they were empty air, which infuriated Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

Shortly, Qingfeng Li followed Shenxiu Zhong into the room on the left.

The room was very big, with an area of 1,000 square meters, and in the room were all kinds of rare spirit herbs, each of which was an ultimate treasure of nature.

In the middle of the room was a huge alchemy furnace with a height of scores of meters and a diameter of over ten meters. It needed 50 people to hold it arm to arm.

On the alchemy furnace were engraved all kinds of patterns such as green dragon, vermilion bird, black tortoise, white tiger, and weird rocks and woods, mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests.

Qingfeng Li inhaled deeply and thought the Longevity Immortal’s alchemy room was indeed extraordinary.

In this alchemy room, he also sensed the presence of Immortal King grade elixirs, which were the ultimate elixirs of the world.

Shenxiu Zhong looked at Qingfeng Li curiously while her slim and long eyelashes fluttered, asking, “What do you want to do? Do you intend to make the Rock of Chaos with the immortal rock? It’s impossible and no one in the past could do that.”

With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li said, “The fact that no one could do that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. I’ll show you how the immortal rock turns into a Rock of Chaos.”

Placing the five-colored immortal rock as tall as one man on the ground before him, Qingfeng Li sat down cross-legged while silently chanting the Primitive Immortal Scroll.

Ancient chaotic symbols flew out from Qingfeng Li’s body one after another.

These symbols were deep, complicated and incomprehensible.

An ancient and worldly presence came out as if they returned to the bleak and vast Chaotic Era.

These ancient symbols entered the five-colored immortal rock and instantly created a chemical reaction, making the five-colored immortal rock emit steaming mist.

Meanwhile, the surface of the immortal rock began to shrink, and the impurities began to ooze out, as if the rock was turning into a jade.

Puchi! Puchi…

Shortly, half of the skin of the five-colored immortal rock came off while the remaining part continued to shed.

Shenxiu Zhong was dumbfounded at this sight, her eyes full of shock.

After all, this was an immortal rock instead of an ordinary stone. Even with dharma treasures, Shenxiu Zhong couldn’t break this immortal rock into two halves.

However, the immortal rock was now shedding layer by layer while the impurities oozed out continuously.

It seemed to be a tall tale that there were impurities in the immortal rocks, but the truth presented itself before her eyes.

If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, Shenxiu Zhong would never believe it.

At this moment, Shenxiu Zhong looked at Qingfeng Li with amazement as if he was a chaotic god.

The Primitive Immortal Scroll in Qingfeng Li’s body circulated faster and faster while his Primitive Immortal Scroll resonated with the five-colored immortal rock, driving all the impurities from the rock.

With the ancient Chaos Laws contained in the Primitive Immortal Scroll, Qingfeng Li began to refine the rock.

This was a compressing process. Stones could become diamonds and gold after being compressed for tens of thousands of years.

Likewise, the spirit rocks in the universe had experienced condensation of millions and sometimes tens of millions of years before becoming powerful immortal rocks.

Each immortal rock had absorbed the essence from nature, the Sun and the Moon before they could emit vibrant energy.

Now, Qingfeng Li was compressing the immortal rock further and refined it with chaotic energy laws, turning it into a Rock of Chaos.

In this process, Qingfeng Li was also a beneficiary since he gained a deeper understanding of the Primitive Immortal Scroll and improved his physique.

In the past, his bones had been golden, but now they began to turn into a misty color, the color of the chaotic bones.

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