My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2451

Chapter 2451 Physique Of Chaos

Anyone would be astonished at this sight because the musty-colored bones were the symbol of physique of chaos.

Qingfeng Li had already possessed the legendary immortal physique and he was slowly advancing toward the physique of chaos.

One day, he would have the physique of chaos and awe the whole universe.

By then, he could even explode immortal kings with one fist.

Half an hour later, the five-colored immortal rock as tall as one man shrunk to the size of a fist.

Its color had turned into misty color and the rock emitted Chaos Laws and chaotic presence while Great Dao Orders and energy permeated the whole room.

Shenxiu Zhong looked at Qingfeng Li with shock in her eyes.

She looked at him as if he was a god of the mythical times with astonishment, disbelief, and other kinds of complicated emotions in her heart.

She didn’t feel these emotions even when she was with her master Longevity Immortal.

She was totally shocked by Qingfeng Li’s method of making a Rock of Chaos with an immortal rock.

According to the legends, only some gods of the Chaotic Era could do that, but Qingfeng Li was only at the pinnacle stage of the Immortal Realm, not even a half-step immortal king. How did he manage that?

With a bitter laugh, she suddenly remembered when Qingfeng Li just arrived at Longevity Palace, he had held no regard for the Yin Saber Immortal, Maniac Sword Immortal, and Reincarnation Immortal and he had been calm when he faced the Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

It was because Qingfeng Li was sure of himself. Although he was only at the pinnacle stage of the Immortal Realm, his battle force probably far exceeded this realm.

Shenxiu Zhong had heard about Qingfeng Li recently that he had swept across the Universe Saint Realm unrivaled and he had almost killed Five Elements Patriarch.

She looked forward and found the Rock of Chaos Qingfeng Li made was twice bigger than the one Sky-Destroying Devil Master had presented.

Obviously, the bigger the Rock of Chaos was, the more powerful the Chaos Laws energy and Scripts of Orders contained in the rock were.

Holding the fist-sized Rock of Chaos in his hand, Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Shenxiu Zhong, let’s go out and give the Longevity Immortal a pleasant surprise.”

Suppressing the astonishment in her heart, Shenxiu nodded and ushered him out but her steps were not as stable as before.

Shortly, they entered the palace.

On her way, Shenxiu Zhong still looked dazed, having not recovered from her shock a moment ago.

Meanwhile in the palace, many self-cultivators were talking among themselves animatedly.

Many of them didn’t think Qingfeng Li could make it and they thought he was just bluffing.

“Just now, Qingfeng Li took such a big immortal rock to the alchemy room and it seems he wants to refine it into a Rock of Chaos. What a joke!”

“Yeah. Only gods of the Chaotic Era could make Rocks of Chaos and it can’t be accomplished by Immortal Realm masters.”

“Not to mention us immortals, even Immortal King Realm masters and the almighty immortal kings in the Immortal Realm probably can’t make Rock of Chaos.”

“Of course. If the Rocks of Chaos could be made so easily, the Longevity Immortal would make them himself and wouldn’t place such a high value on them.”

The surrounding people were all talking among themselves in low voices, disgusted by Qingfeng Li’s antics.

Of course, the mocking people included the Feather Immortal, Five Elements Patriarch, and Reincarnation Immortal.

They hated Qingfeng Li so much that they wished they could kill him immediately.

As Qingfeng Li came out, the people all looked toward him with disdain on their faces.

Killing intent burning in his eyes, Sky-Destroying Devil Master said coldly, “Qingfeng Li, if you can’t produce the Rock of Chaos, I’ll take it as a provocation to me and I’ll deal with you.”

With a slight smile, Qingfeng Li said, “Look carefully. What’s the thing in my hand?”

He opened his hand and showed them the Rock of Chaos.


With exclamations, all the self-cultivators stood up from their chairs.

They stared without blinking at the Rock of Chaos in Qingfeng Li’s hand with shock on their faces as if they were looking at a legendary god.

“How is it possible that Qingfeng Li produced a Rock of Chaos. Such rocks are the ultimate treasures of the Chaotic Era and had disappeared long ago.”

“Yeah. The Rock of Chaos the Sky-Destroying Devil Master of the Devil Land presented isn’t his own; it came from Chaos Fiend Celestial.”

“Is it possible Qingfeng Li can really make Rocks of Chaos?”

“Impossible. I won’t believe it even if you kill me.”

The surrounding self-cultivators had seen the Rock of Chaos, but they still didn’t believe Qingfeng Li could make it.

A trace of surprise appeared in the eyes of the Longevity Immortal, Sky-Destroying Devil Master, and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor while their pupils contracted.

As Immortal King Realm masters, they had come up with one explanation.

Judging from the fact that the presence of the five-colored immortal rock still lingered on Qingfeng Li’s body while the five-colored immortal rock had completely disappeared, they guessed the immortal rock had been condensed into the Rock of Chaos in front of them.

Most of the people knew little about the things in the Chaotic Era of the Universe except the Longevity Immortal, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

“Is it possible that Qingfeng Li has possession of an immortal emperor’s sutra? And the immortal emperor must be an almighty conqueror, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make the Rock of Chaos,” Sky-Destroying Devil Master thought to himself.

The Rocks of Chaos were extremely difficult to make and other than the universe gods of the Chaotic Era, only immortal emperors could make them.

However, despite the rarity of immortal emperors, only a few extremely powerful immortal emperors could make them.

With a smile, Qingfeng Li presented the Rock of Chaos in his hand to Longevity Immortal and said, “This is my birthday gift for you. With a size twice bigger than Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s Rock of Chaos, it should be more precious.”

The Longevity Immortal nodded with a smile and said, “Qingfeng Li, you are very good. You gave me a great surprise today.”

Although Longevity Immortal was an almighty immortal king who had lived through all the time of the universe, he craved the Rocks of Chaos, too.

According to the legends, the Rock of Chaos contained the secret of how to become an immortal emperor and even some secrets about the chaotic gods.

The nearby self-cultivators all looked at Qingfeng Li with envy and jealousy.

They knew that he was the winner since he had taken out a fist-sized Rock of Chaos.

With his will, Longevity Immortal took out a spirit fruit from his interspatial ring.

It was Longevity Immortal Fruit.

As big as a fist, the Longevity Immortal Fruit emitted intense fragrance and with one sniff of it, one felt so great as if one could enter the void and fly up into the Immortal Realm.

The surrounding self-cultivators looked so intoxicated as if they had smelt the most delicious scent in the world; they felt like people who suddenly saw a pond of green water and wished they could jump into it after walking for days in a desert.

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