My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2456

Chapter 2456 The Power Of The Phoenix Immortal Palm

Xue Lin slapped hard with her right palm, and with a boom, the Ultimate Yin Immortal Saber was broken into two halves by her snow-white palm while everyone watched the scene as if they were looking at a ghost.

Crack! Crack…

The Ultimate Yin Immortal Saber turned into pieces and fell to the ground, totally destroyed.

“Ahh! You damned woman destroyed my ultimate treasure, the Ultimate Yin Immortal Saber! I’ll kill you today,” the Yin Saber Immortal cussed furiously with a sinister tone.

He went totally crazy when he thought of the great amounts of mental energy and physical strength he had spent on making the Ultimate Yin Immortal Saber.

He had ventured into many dangerous places in the Universe Saint Realm and almost died at the desolation area of the universe until he collected enough Ultimate Yin Energy and condensed this immortal saber.

In the past one million years, the Yin Saber Immortal had swept across the whole Universe Saint Realm without failures.

Now seeing his Ultimate Yin Immortal Saber was destroyed here, his fury was so great that it was enough to burn up the nine heavens and ten lands and shaking everything in the universe.

Emitting intense black presence, the Yin Saber Immortal condensed energy with his palms continuously while his body released prehistoric presence. He was going to launch his most powerful technique.

“Ultimate Yin Immortal Palm!” the Yin Saber Immortal yelled and pushed out his palm which transformed into a huge palm with surging Yin presence and crashed toward Xue Lin.

Fearless, Xue Lin whipped out her own giant palm abruptly, launching Phoenix Immortal Palm.

The Phoenix Immortal Palm contained Ice Phoenix runes while Great Dao presence and chaotic laws rotated around it.

Now that she had completely awakened the Ice Phoenix Bloodline, she could launch the Ice Phoenix super powers which turned her physical body extremely hard.

Right now, she was no less powerful than a true dragon.

After all, together with the true dragons, the phoenixes were called the godly beasts in the nature in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

Boom! Boom…

With huge sounds, Xue Lin’s palm destroyed everything it touched and instantly shattered Yin Saber Immortal’s Ultimate Yin Palm.

Suppressing the sky and the earth, Xue Lin’s Ice Phoenix Palm continued forward with the energy that could destroy everything before crashing into Yin Saber Immortal, turning him into blood mist.

Containing Ice Phoenix runes and chaotic energy, her palm was extremely powerful.

Xue Lin not only destroyed Yin Saber Immortal’s physical body but scattered his soul as well. Nothing was left of him.

Within three attacks, Yin Saber Immortal was not only defeated but also was killed brutally with nothing left of his body.

The Feather Immortal, Five Elements Patriarch, Maniac Sword Immortal, and Reincarnation Immortal’s pupils contracted while horror appeared in their eyes.

None of them had expected Xue Lin’s strength had increased so much that she was no less powerful than Qingfeng Li.

Suddenly, Reincarnation Immortal smelled the presence emitted from Xue Lin and he pointed his finger at her, yelling furiously, “Damned woman, did you refine the Longevity Immortal Fruit? That’s why your strength has increased so much.”

Xue Lin’s red lips curled up slightly while she said arrogantly, “Yeah, I’ve refined the Longevity Immortal Fruit. Today, none of you can leave. Anyone who dares to try to assassinate my husband deserves to die.”

“Freeze the world!” Xue Lin said in her crisp and charming voice.

Reaching out her snow-white palms, she formed an ancient Phoenix Mudra in the air.

Her body emitted a chilling presence that spread into the air around her.

The Great Dao presence suppressed the whole world while the room and the air in it began to freeze with lots of ice blocks.

Shortly, the whole room was filled with ice blocks and everything inside was frozen.

Even the Reincarnation Immortal, Five Elements Patriarch, Feather Immortal, and Maniac Sword Immortal were frozen in the ice blocks.

Bang! Bang…

In the next moment, the Reincarnation Immortal, Maniac Sword Immortal, Five Elements Patriarch, and Feather Immortal all circulated the immortal vitality in their bodies and broke the ice blocks with dharma treasures before escaping from the ice blocks.

Although Xue Lin’s ice freezing technique was powerful, these guys were half-step Immortal King Realm masters and their strengths were no less than those of the pinnacle stage of Immortal Realm.

They had escaped but their bodies were damaged by the freezing presence.

Pale-faced, they shivered slightly, obviously a result of the chilling presence attacking their bodies.

Qingfeng Li walked to the side of Xue Lin and touched her cheek gently with his palm, saying in a low voice, “Honey, you just killed Yin Saber Immortal. Let me deal with the rest, ok?”

Xue Ling nodded and said, “Honey, I’ll block all the exits of the void to prevent them from escaping while you kill them all.”

Reincarnation Immortal sneered and said, “Qingfeng Li, do you think you can kill us now that your wife reached the half-step Immortal King Realm? Yin Saber Immortal was careless and that’s why he died. However, Maniac Sword Immortal and I are half-step immortal kings and we have Five Elements Patriarch and Feather Immortal with us; it’s hard to say who will die in this battle.”

Qingfeng Li said calmly, “I’ll fight you all together. Firstly, I don’t want to waste my time; secondly, I don’t want to kill you one by one.”

Qingfeng Li’s tone was mild and calm, but his words were extremely arrogant and overbearing, saying that he would fight four masters all at once.

Feather Immortal was the first to move, wanting to revenge on the insult he received when Qingfeng Li stepped on him.

Five Elements Patriarch had wanted to kill Qingfeng Li long ago and he wished he could cut Qingfeng Li into pieces.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Feather Immortal and Five Elements Patriarch moved before the others and launched attacks at Qingfeng Li’s heart and head.

Behind them, Maniac Sword Immortal and Reincarnation Immortal moved, too, releasing the laws of immortal Dao.

Four masters launched attacks at Qingfeng Li from four directions, trying to kill him here.

Launching Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, Qingfeng Li kicked lightly onto the ground and shot to the left, coming to Feather Immortal’s side instantly.

This time, Qingfeng Li unleashed all his force and launched the Primitive Fist he had understood from the Primitive Immortal Scroll.

This was a powerful fist technique containing the energy which could separate the sky from the earth, create the world and destroy the world.

Qingfeng Li punched out his fist which sealed the world, shattered the space and swept across everything in the world.


His Primitive Fist crashed heavily on Feather Immortal.

In the next moment, Feather Immortal exploded while his physical body and soul shattered into countless pieces and vanished.

At this sight, the expressions of the surrounding people changed drastically with shock in their eyes, more stunned than when Xue Lin killed Yin Saber Immortal.

After all, Xue Lin was a half-step immortal king and she had understood her Ice Phoenix Bloodline.

However, Qingfeng Li was only at the pinnacle stage of Immortal Realm and thus it was incredible that he possessed such powerful battle force.

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