My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2457

Chapter 2457 Twelve Colored Godly Flame

The Reincarnation Immortal yelled, “Guys, don’t hold back! We must unleash our strongest attacks to kill Qingfeng Li, who’s a demonic monster. We can’t let him leave here alive today, otherwise we’ll die at his hand one day.”

The Maniac Sword Immortal and Five Elements Patriarch heard his words and nodded.

Qingfeng Li’s talents were so great, and his strength had grown so fast that they got scared.

Qingfeng Li’s strength increased many times faster than theirs and he would definitely become an almighty immortal king and probably even an immortal emperor.

They must kill this genius in the cradle.

“Six Path Reincarnation Technique!” The Reincarnation Immortal yelled while he circulated the reincarnation immortal strength in his body, emitting reincarnation presence all over his body.

Above his head appeared six huge black holes representing the Heaven Path, Human Path, Immortal Path, Devil Path, Demon Path, and Animal Path respectively.

Like universe black holes, these huge black holes could suck in all the people of the Universe Saint Realm and send them into the next life cycle.

If the Reincarnation Immortal wanted you to become a human, you would become a human; if he wanted you to become an immortal, you would become an immortal; if he wanted you to become a pig in the next life, you would become a pig.

Everyone’s next life was controlled by the Reincarnation Immortal.

That was why he had become the top master of the Universe Saint Realm.


The Maniac Sword Immortal took out a wide long sword.

Different from the ordinary swords, this sword was one-palm wide and over two meters long, just like the ebony iron sword.

Called the Ultimate Yang Immortal Sword, it was as red as fire, made with Ultimate Yang Immortal Rocks mingled with some other immortal materials in the heat of tens of thousands of degrees.

When he lifted the sword, the body of the sword looked like a mini sun, emitting great heat which melted all the ice blocks around in the room.

With a yell, the Maniac Sword Immortal said furiously, “Maniac Sword Technique.”

He swung out the wide sword which shattered the sky and the earth.

The space around it was split into two halves instantly and even the Hell was cracked, showing the great attacking force of the sword.

In the other direction, the Five Elements Patriarch also launched his greatest technique.

He took out five array flags of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth and tossed them around Qingfeng Li, forming the five elements immortal array.

The old array flags had been destroyed by Qingfeng Li and Five Elements Patriarch had made new ones which possessed greater power and instantly trapped Qingfeng Li inside.

The three men’ attacks suppressed the world while they crashed toward Qingfeng Li at the same time.

Each attack could open cracks in the surrounding space and leave faults in the Long River of Time.

Trapped in the five elements immortal array, Qingfeng Li didn’t show any panic.

Circulating the Clairvoyance ability in his right eye, he immediately saw the loophole of the array was in the third water array flag.

He opened his mouth and spat out Golden Flame.

The Golden Flame had been condensed into a godly flame of twelve colors and it could be released from any part of his body.

Each of these godly flames contained the energy which could burn up the world with extremely high temperature.

The moment the godly flame appeared on the third water array flag, it burned this flag into grey mist which vanished immediately.

Meanwhile, the twelve-colored godly flame spread outward with huge cracking sounds.

Under the astonished gaze of Five Elements Patriarch, his five array flags of gold, wood, water, fire and earth were all burned up by the godly flame with nothing left.

Qingfeng Li waved his right hand and summoned the twelve-colored godly flame back into his hand.

“Go and break the six path black holes,” Qingfeng Li yelled.

Wit a flick of his finger, he shot out the twelve-colored godly flame toward the six black holes above Reincarnation Immortal’s head.

The godly flame was so powerful that it suppressed the world, burned up the universe void before it appeared instantly above the black hole representing the Animal Path. With huge cracking sounds, it instantly burned the black hole of Animal Path into nothing.


Reincarnation Immortal opened his mouth and spat out a big mouthful of blood and his whole body shivered.

His six black holes represented the six paths of reincarnation in the Universe Saint Realm.

But now, they were instantly burned up by Qingfeng Li’s nature godly flame as if they had met their nemesis.

A trace of shock appeared in Reincarnation Immortal’s eyes while he said, “Nature’s twelve-colored godly flame! How is it possible that you have understood one of the most powerful godly flames in the whole universe?”

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said, “Of course I can. It’s your honor to be killed by the nature’s godly flame.”

He maneuvered the nature’s godly flame and continued to burn the other reincarnation black holes released by Reincarnation Immortal.

Crack! Crack…

With huge sounds, the other five black holes representing Heaven Path, Human Path, Devil Path, Immortal Path and Demon Path were all burned up with nothing left.

During the process, Reincarnation Immortal spewed blood continuously, not able to withstand the power of the nature’s godly flame.

The Ultimate Yang Immortal Sword of Maniac Sword Immortal tore through the sky and its sword aura lit up the nine heavens before it came before Qingfeng Li instantly.

Casually, Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and unleashed the strength of the dragon bone.

Dragon scales grew on his finger while he caught the Ultimate Yang Immortal Sword instantly.

Tightening the grip of his right hand, Qingfeng Li broke the Ultimate Yang Immortal Sword into two halves under the astonished gaze of Maniac Sword Immortal.

Qingfeng Li pointed out his finger, launching the godly dragon force.

Dragon songs came from his finger, resonating across the whole universe.

They stunned everything in the world and excited the universe.

When the godly dragon flew, the world was astonished, and it dimmed at the pointing of the finger.

Qingfeng Li’s finger broke the Chaotic Universe, went through the Prehistoric Universe and came to the Ancient Universe before appearing at Maniac Sword Immortal’s forehead in the blink of an eye.


Qingfeng Li’s finger pierced a huge hole in Maniac Sword Immortal’s forehead, destroying both his physical body and his soul.


Maniac Sword Immortal’s body dropped dead to the ground heavily while his soul was also killed by Qingfeng Li’s godly dragon bone.

At this sight, Reincarnation Immortal and Five Elements Patriarch paled with fear.

After their partner died, they would be the next.

Maniac Immortal was a half-step immortal king with world-awing strength.

However, he couldn’t withstand one attack from Qingfeng Li.

“Qingfeng Li is only at the pinnacle stage of Immortal Realm and I wonder why his battle force is so powerful,” frowning slightly, Five Elements Patriarch said.

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