My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2460

Chapter 2460 Fighting With Immortal King

Chapter 2460: Fighting with Immortal King

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In the Universe Saint Realm calendar year 9950, the almighty master Reincarnation Immortal who controlled the Saint Realm was killed by Qingfeng Li.

It shocked the whole Universe Saint Realm while everyone was stunned.

“Did you hear that Reincarnation Immortal was killed by Qingfeng Li and his physical body and soul were all turned into dust?”

“Of course I did. It’s said that Reincarnation Immortal’s natal dharma treasure, the Reincarnation Immortal Plate, was also shattered by Qingfeng Li.”

“The Reincarnation Immortal Plate is an immortal king-grade dharma treasure. How come Qingfeng Li is so powerful?”

“It’s said that Qingfeng Li cultivated an immortal emperor scroll. I don’t know if it’s true, but he is so powerful that he can challenge people higher than his realm.”

In each corner and each place in the Universe Saint Realm, including the tea houses, restaurants, families and sects, everyone even the beggars were talking about Qingfeng Li.

Reincarnation Immortal had conquered the Universe Saint Realm for five million years, responsible for the reincarnation of all the self-cultivators in the Saint Realm.

Except Longevity Immortal, he was the ultimate master of the Universe Saint Realm, in the same category of the godly beasts such as Green Dragon Immortal.

Strictly speaking, Longevity Immortal belonged to the Chaos Era of the Universe instead of the current universe, which meant that Reincarnation Immortal was undoubtedly the No. 1 master in the current universe.

However, Reincarnation Immortal, the No.1 master, had been killed by Qingfeng Li.

In the hearts of many self-cultivators, Qingfeng Li was elevated to an extremely high place.

Some admired him; some envied him; some were jealous of him; some mocked him, and some were furious. There were all kinds of emotions toward him.

In the Longevity Palace, although Qingfeng Li had killed Reincarnation Immortal, he had consumed lots of immortal vital strength. He felt empty and his steps faltered.

His stared at the place ahead of him, looking cold and gloomy.

In the void before him, Qingfeng Li felt two world-aweing presences which were Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

They had arrived and stared at Qingfeng Li in the void not far from him, ready to attack any moment.

Xue Lin’s charming face turned pale and she strode to Qingfeng Li’s side.

She had also felt the difference in the air, and she focused her gaze, seeing Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master, two almighty masters.

Qingfeng could kill Reincarnation Immortal, Yin Saber Immortal and Maniac Sword Immortal because they were all half-step immortal kings.

However, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master were different since the former was the emperor of the Demon Land while the other was the master of the Devil Land.

They had both reached the Immortal King Realm, sweeping across the Demon Land and Devil Land unrivalled respectively.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master shifted forward and instantly came before Qingfeng Li, releasing overwhelming demon and devil presences.

The green demon presence pierced the sky, shattered the earth and broke the void.

The black devil presence shot up into the clouds with surges of black mist, piercing big holes in the sky and the earth.

The immortal king realm suppressions spread over and left cracks in the whole room while everything in it was shattered.

Feeling the overwhelming pressures from the immortal king suppressions, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin found their blood circulations slowed down while their bodies couldn’t move.

Circulating the Primitive Immortal Scroll in his body, Qingfeng Li emitted chaotic strength and chaos presence and regained the control of his body.

Qingfeng Li decided to launch attacks first instead of waiting to be attacked.

Circulating the primitive strength in his body, he swung out his right fist launching the Primitive Fist.

A moment ago, he had killed Reincarnation Immortal with this technique.

The moment the Primitive Fist appeared, it suppressed the nine heavens and blocked the immortal king suppressions instantly.

The Primitive Fist swept across the world and shattered the time and the space with its violent energy before coming to the side of Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor instantly.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor stood there calmly and looked at Qingfeng Li with mockery in his eyes, showing no concern at the sight of his fist technique.

He lightly extended his right hand which transformed into a demon vitality claw, catching Qingfeng Li’s fist.

However, in the next moment, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor’s expression changed since he had felt a world-breaking energy from Qingfeng Li’s fist.

His claw exploded, and his overwhelming demon presence was instantly scattered while five clear fingerprints were left in his palm.

Deng! Deng!

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor retreated two steps with a pale face while a trace of astonishment appeared in his eyes.

It must be noted that, as an Immortal King Realm master, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor had swept across the Demon Land unrivaled and had suppressed countless demon immortals and half-step Immortal Realm masters.

But now he was forced back two steps, which was a great disgrace.

Sky-Destroying Devil Master looked at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor in surprise and asked, “What’s wrong? Did Qingfeng Li, a mere pinnacle stage master of Immortal Realm, defeat you?”

With a snort, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor said, “Who said that he defeated me? I was careless and was forced back two steps by the huge energy in his fist technique. Don’t you see I’m intact?”

A trace of astonishment appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes since he had exploded Five Elements Patriarch and Reincarnation Immortal into blood mist with the Primitive Fist.

But his Primitive Fist couldn’t kill Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor.

As an Immortal King Realm master, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor was so powerful that it was no wonder that he had swept across the nine heavens and ten lands.

With a faint smile, Sky-Destroying Devil Master said, “I’ll test Qingfeng Li’s strength and see how powerful his fist technique is.”

He released the overwhelming devil presence which shocked heaven.

He swung out his palm which transformed into a heaven devil palm covering the sky and the Sun and sweeping across nine heavens. It slapped toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was cautious since he had gotten a taste of the strength of an Immortal King Realm master through the exchange of attacks with Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, knowing it was so strong that it far surpassed his level.

If Qingfeng Li launched other techniques, he was absolutely no match for them; only the Primitive Fist, the ultimate fist technique of Primitive Immortal Emperor, could force back the immoral kings.

However, the Primitive Fist couldn’t possibly kill immortal kings.

Again, Qingfeng Li swung out his fist and condensed the Primitive Fist which crashed forward.

His Primitive Fist and Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s heaven devil palm collided with each other with a huge earth-shaking sound, shattering the whole world and space.

Deng! Deng…

In the next moment, Qingfeng Li and Sky-Destroying Devil Master both retreated two steps.

They broke even in pure strength.

Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s pupil contracted while he said with a frown, “Physique of chaos. You have cultivated the legendary Physique of chaos. I’ve felt a mysterious force in your fist technique. What’s your fist technique and why is it so powerful?”

Qingfeng Li didn’t speak; he just looked at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master quietly, circulating the energy in his body silently

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