My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2461

Chapter 2461 The Immortal Realm Gate Opened

Chapter 2461: The Immortal Realm Gate Opened

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Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master looked at Qingfeng Li with heat in their eyes.

They knew Qingfeng Li had an almighty immortal-grade technique and wanted to kill him and take the technique from him.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master walked forward, each releasing overwhelming presence and Great Dao Laws while the stars glittered in the sky, lighting up the world.

Looking at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master, Qingfeng Li tensed up, facing his archenemies.

In his body, the Primitive Immortal Scroll was circulating continuously while a surge of primitive strength rushed out from his body, releasing a chaotic presence.

Meanwhile, he condensed twelve godly flames above his head.

The godly flames burned the void and left cracks in the universe around them while the world around them exploded.

Xue Lin released the Ice Phoenix Bloodline from her body and formed an Ice Phoenix totem above her head.

A large number of ancient characters rotated around her body continuously, releasing half-step immortal king presence, which made her look more dignified and celestial-like.

Meanwhile, from the other room, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, Sky Swallowing Snake, and Treasure Seeking Rat also rushed over, launching their own attacks.

They knew that Sky-Destroying Devil Master and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor were their enemies and that they were extremely powerful.

Without hesitation, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master unleashed the Heaven Suppression Demon Palm and Sky-Destroying Devil Fist respectively.

The moment the palm and the fist appeared, they covered the whole universe space.

The whole Universe Saint Realm trembled continuously and cracked as if the Universe Saint Realm would explode in the next moment.

A trace of madness appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes since he knew it was a life-and-death moment.

Without hesitation, he launched the twelve-colored godly flame and swung out the Primitive Fist at the same time, shaking the world with its violent energy.

By his side, Xue Lin blinked her eyes from which she shot out the Phoenix Light.

The Phoenix Light broke the universal time and space, pierced the void, leaving huge holes in everything in the world.

Everything around them including time and space began to crack as if they would vanish at any moment.

Once their attacks collided with each other, the force would certainly destroy the Universe Saint Realm.

The planets not far from them had shown signs of collapsing.

It was fortunate that they were in the Longevity Palace which was built with Longevity Immortal Rocks made personally by Longevity Immortal; together with the arrays, the Longevity Palace could withstand these forces.

Despite it, cracks began to appear in the Longevity Immortal Rocks, and they spread outward like spider webs as if the rocks would break any moment.

Suddenly, a sigh rose from the very depth of Longevity Mountain.

This sigh came from the permanent universe and contained unimaginable power.

A giant snow-white palm came over them with extremely ancient and permanent force.

The palm scattered all the attacks, no matter it was from the Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, Sky-Destroying Devil Master, Qingeng Li or Xue Lin.

All of them’s body trembled.

The palm that had appeared suddenly contained such a powerful attacking force that it shocked the universe starry sky and silenced the whole world.

In the next moment, Longevity Immortal appeared beside them.

Looking at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Master Devil coldly, Longevity Immortal said, “An emperor of the Demon Land and a master of the Devil Land attacked people in my Longevity Palace. Do you have so little respect for me?”

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s expressions changed when they said, “Longevity Immortal, you told us that you wouldn’t mind if we kill Qingfeng Li after your birthday banquet. Why are you blocking us?”

Longevity Immortal shook his head and said, “I did say that. However, Qingfeng Li is still in the Longevity Palace and I won’t mind what you do after he leaves the Longevity Palace.”

With a snort, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor said with resentment, “If Qingfeng Li stays in the Longevity Palace all his life, then I can’t kill him all his life?”

Sky-Destroying Devil Master also said, “Longevity Immortal, despite you great power which blocked our attacks, if Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and I joined hands and fought out with you, I’m afraid the whole Universe Saint Realm would be destroyed including all the planets, self-cultivators and humans. Is it what you want?”

“Do you want the whole Universe Saint Realm destroyed for a mere Qingfeng Li? Do you think it’s worth it?”

“You should know that one of us is the emperor of the Demon Land while the other is the master of the Devil Land, which means that we don’t care if the Human Land of the Universe Saint Realm is all destroyed. If all the humans die, it’s what you deserve, and you must think carefully before you act.”

Threatening! Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master were threatening Longevity Immortal.

Chill appeared in Longevity Immortal’s eyes and he said coldly, “Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, Sky-Destroying Devil Master, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you are the emperor of the Demon Land and the master and the Devil Land. I, Longevity Immortal, have some influence in the territory of the Universe Saint Realm.”

Hearing their threats, Longevity Immortal was furious.

Without hesitation, he took one step forward and released an overwhelming, sky-suppressing presence.

The presence shook the heaven, shattered the earth and vibrated the time and the space.

All the planets in the Universe Saint Realm trembled continuously and huge amounts of force went toward Longevity Immortal.

The expressions of Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master changed while astonishment appeared in their eyes.

They sensed from Longevity Immortal a vibrant immortal force that was greater than theirs.

Although they were all Immortal King Realm masters, obviously the technique that Longevity Immortal cultivated was more complicated and more powerful than theirs.

Coming from the extremely ancient Chaos Era of the Universe, Longevity was invincible.

However, as the emperor of Demon Land and the master of the Devil Land respectively, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master were naturally not ordinary people.

They were not afraid of Longevity Immortal since they could summon the clone of the Demon God and the clone of Chaos Fiend Celestial who could definitely block Longevity Immortal.


They were ready to battle when suddenly a bright light appeared above the Universe Saint Realm.

Containing 3,000 colors, the bright light lit up the universe, shook the starry sky and the land, making the whole Universe Saint Realm look translucent.

Behind the bright light was an overwhelming immortal presence which was 100 times more intense that that of the Universe Saint Realm.

After smelling it, all the people felt the pores in the body opened, wishing to fly up into the Immortal Realm.

After the flash of the colorful light, there appeared a colorful gate.

The gate was as high as tens of thousands of meters with a great width, just like the legendary South Heaven Gate.

On the gate was a bronze rectangle plaque with two big characters “Immortal Realm” which glittered with mysterious presence rotating around them. The handwriting was so magnificent as if two immortal dragons were dancing across the heaven.

“Look! Look! The gate of the Immortal Realm is open, and I must fly up into it this time.”

“I’m surprised that the gate of the Immortal Realm opens above the Longevity Immortal Planet.”

All the self-cultivators in the Universe Saint Realm were talking among themselves animatedly with astonishment in their eyes.

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