My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2462

Chapter 2462 Leaping Past The Immortal Gate

When the gate of the Immortal Realm opened, all the self-cultivators looked at it with eagerness, hope and all kinds of other complicated emotions.

Inside the Longevity Palace, Longevity Immortal, Sky-Destroying Devil Master, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin all looked up toward the Immortal Realm gate above their heads.

At this moment, excitement filled their eyes.

The reason that they had cultivated for so long was to enter the Immortal Realm, which was the dream of all self-cultivators.

Swoosh! Swoosh…

Many super masters, saints, immortals, half-step immortal kings rushed up from all planets.

Some of them were close to it and instantly came before the gate of the Immortal Realm in the sky.

However, in the next moment, the gate of the Immortal Realm shot out 3,000 light beams of different colors, instantly crashed them down.

3,000 light beams represented 3,000 Great Daos and 3,000 states of the Universe Immortal Realm.

In the vast universe, there were 100 million planets and 3,000 Great Daos among them.

Gold, wood, water, fire and earth; wind, rain, thunder and lightning; high mountains and lakes; plants, animals, demon beasts; swords, sabers, spears and clubs; all kinds of natural objects could cultivate into Dao.

They must enter the 3,000 Great Daos before they could enter the 3,000 states of the Immortal Realm.

“Leaping into the Immortal Gate! Those people tried to leap into the Immortal Gate.”

“However, their strengths are not enough or they are not acknowledged by the 3,000 Great Daos in the Universe Immortal Realm, which is why they were crashed down directly.”

“It’s really difficult to leap into the Immortal Gate. It opens every million years but only a few could leap into it.”

“Yeah. I’m at pinnacle stage of Saint Realm and failed just now.”

“Not to mention you, I just saw an Immortal Realm master was rejected for some reason. He cultivates demon Dao and was supposed to enter the Demon State.”

The first group rushing over here began to talk among themselves animated with regret and reluctance in their eyes.

They flew up again, rushing into the 3,000 light beams at the Immortal Gate.

However, without exception, they were crashed down again.

Longevity Immortal’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t have time to mind the conflict among Qingfeng Li and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

Like a roc spreading wings and soaring in the ninth heaven, he flew up into the air and rushed toward the Immortal Realm gate in the center of the sky.

Coming from the ancient universe times, Longevity Immortal’s aim was to enter the Immortal Realm.

In the next moment, he and Shenxiu Zhong appeared before the gate of the Immortal Realm.

Longevity Immortal wanted to enter the Immortal Realm together with his disciple Shenxiu Zhong.

According to the legends, the first person who succeeded in leaping into the Immortal Gate would receive special treatment.


Longevity Immortal flew across the universe void with Shenxiu Zhong, trying to enter the Immortal Realm.

However, one of the Great Dao among the 3,000 Great Daos rushed over to them instantly.

It was a Long Sword Great Dao with sword auras sweeping across the starry sky of the universe.

Sword Dao was the ultimate form of swords in the world.

One long sword tore open the heaven and hacked the space of the Universe Saint Realm into two halves before slashing toward Longevity Immortal, trying to block him from the Immortal Realm.

Longevity Immortal’s expression changed, and he shot up, releasing an energy aura with his right forefinger.

The energy aura transformed into a long sword and crashed with the sword of Immortal Dao with huge earth-shaking sounds.

In the next moment, the Sword of Immortal Dao was shattered.

Swoosh! Swoosh…

From the Sword Dao in the Immortal Realm shot out thousands of golden sword beams trying to block Longevity Immortal from entering the Immortal Realm.

Casually, Longevity opened his mouth and spat out a sword energy beam.

The sword energy beam swept across eight limbos and nine heavens, destroying everything wherever it went, including the time, the space and the Long River of Time and crashed heavily onto the golden Sword Dao, shattering it instantly.

With nothing blocking him, Longevity Immortal rushed into the gate of the Immortal Realm instantly and disappeared behind it.

Seeing the Longevity Immortal became the first one who rushed into the Immortal Realm, the other self-cultivators all looked envious.

“As the No.1 master of the Universe Saint Realm, Longevity Immortal becomes the first person who leapt into the Immortal Gate.”

“Longevity Immortal shall gain great luck and will become an immortal king in the future.”

“As Longevity Immortal’s disciple, Shenxiu Zhong is so lucky that she just entered the Immortal Realm directly.”

The surrounding self-cultivators talked among themselves animatedly, eyes full of amazement.

Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu were also excited.

They, too, flew up, trying to enter the gate of the Immortal Realm.

However, in the next moment, two figures blocked Qingfeng Li and his companions’ way and they were Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed, and he said loudly, “Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, Sky-Destroying Devil Master, what do you mean? The Immortal Realm gate is open, and we must hurry up and enter it. However, you’re blocking our way and don’t you want to enter the Immortal Realm?”

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master laughed and said, “Of course we want to enter the Immortal Realm, but we’ll kill you first. A moment ago, you were protected by Longevity Immortal, but now that he has entered the Immortal Realm, no one can protect you. You are dead.”

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master walked forward, emitting overwhelming demon presence and sky-shaking devil presence, which shattered the whole void in the Universe Saint Realm.

The surrounding self-cultivators all retreated to the distance, not daring to be close to them.

Meanwhile, the self-cultivators looked at Qingfeng Li with sympathy on their faces.

Qingfeng Li had offended two immortal kings, one the emperor of the Demon Realm and the other the master of the Devil Realm, which meant that no one in the nine heavens and ten lands could save him.

Swoosh! Swoosh…

From the distance flew several figures who were Moon Fairy, Moon Saintess and Red Lotus Immortal Queen from Yin Yang Planet.

They were close with Qingfeng Li and hoped Qingfeng Li would enter the Immortal Realm to revenge for them and bring their planet back into the Immortal Realm.

Seeing Qingfeng Li was in a mortal danger, they naturally came to help him.

Qingfeng Li looked touched, not expecting so many people would come to help him at this life-and-death moment.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen said, “Qingfeng Li, hurry up and enter the Immortal Realm and I’ll block them for you.”

Heaven Suppression Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master laughed and said, “As a mere half-step immoral king, you are overestimating yourself to try to block us, the Immortal King Realm masters. We’ll show you the gap between you and us.”

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor pushed out a palm and the green demon presence permeated the whole void, suppressing the starry sky of the universe.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen yelled and launched Red Lotus Flame which formed a giant heaven claw and collided with her opponent’s palm.

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